Lithium Ion replace Lead acid battery

We can series or parallel the 12V battery pack, and any V & Ah you want to design. More used for 12V 5Ah to 200Ah.

As a professional lithium battery suppliers, we endeavor provide fast and knowledgeable service.

Lithium Ion replace Lead acid battery

Why change the Lead-acid to Lithium battery?

For the lead-acid materials, it’s not environmental-friendly. Also the cycles life only 300 – 500. Lead -acid battery is three stage charging.
For the lithium battery, it’s more environmental, and the cycles times can reach as high as 6000 times. It’s very safe and environmental protection. Besides, there is one thing that the lithium battery have and lead acid battery don’t—the BMS.

The BMS is “ battery management system’.  And the big advantage is that the BMS can monitoring the battery pack safety, checking for the shorts, loose connections, breakdown in wire insulation, and check the defective battery cells that need to replaced. So it’s very important for battery back  to lithium ion replace lead acid .

you should lithium ion replace lead acid battery
lithium ion replace lead acid battery

Why lithium ion replace lead acid battery is a wise chocie?

Long Lifecycle

As lithium cells are more comfortable in terms of storing electric charge as compared to liquid that is used in lead-acid batteries.

Safe & Secure

Lithium-ion battery is made out of best practices with the help of battery management system to make sure that you can easily use it in any type of weather condition.

Fast Charging & Continuous Power

Lithium batteries are developed in such a way that they will take less charging time as compared to lead acid batteries and have a continuous amount of power providing for many hours.

Digital Display & Low Cut-off Voltage

Most of the batteries don’t have a feature to know that if they are fully charged or not, and lithium battery solved this fixed digital display problem. And the cut-off voltage for lithium-ion battery is very low, like 3 to 4% per month.

Light & Small

Lithium ion batteries have large density, it lighter in weight and smaller in volume.

36v 100ah lithium ion battery manufacturers

Is it easy to use & mount lithium battery?

As the compact size and light weight of the lithium battery make it portable to use anywhere according to your required space and area.

Because there is no use of any liquid during the manufacturing of lithium-ion battery, so it can be mounted in any desired position of your choice.

BMS system makes the battery secure and safe to use in any condition but you have to be careful in terms of high temperature.

Different applications of lithium ion battery

There are many applications in which a lithium-ion battery is used because of its longer lasting time and continuous amount of energy providing cells. for example,you can choice differents lithium ion replace lead acid battery in the following application scenarios according to voltage level.

12v lithium ion battery:Trolling Motor & Fish Finder,Outdoor Activities, mobile radio,Uber scooter,tool trailer,sailboat,solar lights.

24v lithium ion battery:12 volt lighting, waterproof cooler container, 12v monitor, laptop, little Power Wheels Ford Truck, RV, microwave relay, van, camping, ride-on car, etc.

36v lithium ion battery:Marine, RV, Golf, Solar, Off Grid, Propulsion, Communication, Traffic, IT, Financial, UPS, Solar, Radio, Electric Power, Data Centre, Aviation, Home, Electrocar.

48v lithium ion battery:Off-grid solar system, High Drain Devices, Solar/Wind Devices, e-scooters, e-bikes, solar applications, robots, solar energy storage, solar power system, UPS supply,engine starting , electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter, golf trolley/carts, power tools, etc.

72v lithium ion battery:EV, E-bicycle, e-Rickshaw, marine, UPS, Energy storage system, RV, etc.

lithium ion replace lead acid battery

Why Us!

14 years of professional lithium ion battery Manufacturers

Certification of a full set of lithium batteries

Only use AAA lithium ion battery cells

Just-in-time manufacturing and Delivery


We only select the industry benchmark CATL, EVE cells, 15 QC inspection process, 80% DOD, 12V lithium battery & 48 battery can reach 6000 cycles.


For the lithium ion battery sample, within 7-10 days, and the bulk production within 15-45 days.Some products, e.g. 12v 100ah we have enough stock for RTS(Ready to Ship)

After sale service

Return available in 10 days in case of quality issue of the lithium ion battery. 10 years warranty. Sales strategy for the lithium ion battery available to help our clients to sell better.

Guide for lithium ion battery

ensures battery is safe to use and all the type of necessary requirement is done during the production of the battery.

ensures battery is not containing any dangerous or hazardous substance that can harm you or your product. Basically, it means Restriction on Certain Hazardous Substance.

EMC Test
help to find you about the battery’s output result with the help of electromagnetic compatibility in which testing on the functionality of your equipment is done by checking that how much it disturbs the surrounding environment.
understand about the voltage level and capacity of electric power
Are you comfortable enough to use this battery for your required application.

check the energy density level
The energy density of a lithium battery is always higher than other lead-acid batteries
lithium cells are maintenance-free and protected by a battery management system with modern use of technology while most of lead-acid batteries required maintenance after some time period.
providing the best lithium ion battery

Professional lithium battery PACK factory, OEM & ODM product development, our customers come from all over the world

As a professional China lithium battery companies, TAKOMA® Adopt AAA Lithium ion battery cells design and production, provides upstream suppliers consultant for your lithium ion battery pack solutions.
Safety lithium battery pack high cost-effective, up to 10% – 25% cost savings.

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