Rack-Mounted Lithium Ion Battery

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Advantages of rack-mounted lithium ion batteries

1. Rack-mounted lithium batteries can be installed flexibly and can be placed in professional cabinets, usually 3U-5U high cabinets, which can be flexibly increased or decreased according to the demand for power consumption.

2. Rack-mounted lithium ion battery structure: it can be made into a three-level management structure of master, slave and slave;

3. The mainstream of commonly used single rack-mounted lithium battery PACK products are: 48V100AH, 48V50AH, 48V150AH, which can be connected in series to form high-voltage battery packs, such as 192V, 384V, etc.;

4. Rack-mounted lithium ion battery application fields: UPS power supply, 5G base station power supply, large energy storage, photovoltaic power generation system, containerized PCS system, computer room system integration, data center, industrial equipment, communication base station, aerospace, integrated power distribution , Through stringing, WM-level large-scale energy storage system can be realized. The inverter can also be integrated into an all-in-one machine. It can also be combined with Building Integrated PV (BIPV) to form a power generation system.

Rack-mounted lithium batteries

UPS power - the most commonly used application of rack-mounted lithium ion batteries

Rack-mounted lithium batteries are generally used in UPS power systems, and they have the following advantages when used in UPS power systems

1. Rack-mounted lithium battery power supply generally needs to be equipped with a lithium battery pack of the same size as the host, with a height of 1U, 3U, 5U, and high efficiency.

2. The UPS uses rack-mounted lithium batteries as the backup battery, which is easy to install, use and maintain; use a short cable to connect the UPS host and the battery, which has high safety. 

3. Rack-mounted UPS lithium battery can quickly discharge at a maximum of 2.5C, and can be charged at 0.5C under a dedicated charger to fully charge the battery in a short time.

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Professionals from lithium ion battery manufacturers advise you that you need to provide the following information when buying lithium batteries. you need to provide the following information:
Commonly used certifications for lithium batteries are dedicated for transportation and certification of product quality. Not too many lithium ion battery manufacturers will apply for those certifications because of the high cost. Fortunately we have some of them and in the future we will apply all of them for our worldwide market. The certifications as per below:
Transportation unique qualification: generally MSDS, UN38.3, report for sea as well as air transportation of goods

MSDS is a chemical safety and security technical spec, a file utilized by chemical producers and importers to clarify the physical as well as chemical residential properties of chemicals as well as the possible damage to the health of users.

The UN38.3 is specifically created by the United Nations for the transport of lithium battery by sea or by air.
Identification and classification report for sea and air transport of goods: It is a report that needs to be provided when batteries and products with batteries are transported by air or by sea.
Product quality certification: Different countries have different product quality certifications. Commonly are:
European Union: CE, ROHS
North America: FCC, UL
India: BIS certification
Lithium battery is widely used in many industries, ranging from powering the vehicles, scooters, bicycles to energy storage in home use, commercial use and outdoor power supply, etc. Generally speaking, lithium ion battery manufacturers make 2 kinds of lithium batteries: ternary lithium battery is applied for powering to move because of its high energy density and discharge rate, while LFP lithium battery is more popular with energy storage for its stable chemistry components and longer cycles. Some of the most popular application of lithium battery cover EV, RV, golf cart, forklift, camping power supply, kayak, scooter, solar power system, home Energy storage system, UPS Data center, telecom and IT backup, Industrial Equipment, etc.
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