Wall Power Lithium battery

For the Wall Power Lithium battery, we have 48V with 50Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah.

As a professional wall power lithium battery suppliers, we endeavor provide fast and knowledgeable service, we can get all the materials.

Power Wall Lithium Battery

For the wall-power style, It’s very suitable for the solar battery home storage system, it can put on the wall, Save the space, and safety. Providing 48v lithium ion battery,50Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah.

Power Wall Lithium Battery
Power Wall Lithium Battery factory

Advantages of Power Wall Lithium ion battery

power wall lithium ion battery:

1. Features such as small size, simple structure, wall-mounted installation, and not occupying space;
2. Hang up the lithium battery, which is beautiful and saves space;
3. Strong customizability, shell design can be made according to room or space environment;
4. The wall-mounted lithium battery structure can also be DIY;
5. It can be used with inverters, and integrated inverters can also be made into all-in-one machines;
6. General lithium battery options: 48V100AH, 48V150AH, 48V200AH;
7. Mainly used for home energy storage systems, RV photovoltaic power generation systems, etc.;
8. Multiple units can be used in series and in parallel;
9. You can use 18650 batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries;

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Our Power Wall Lithium ion Battery Key Benefits

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