In today’s video,Nora and Mishu from Guangzhou Tycorun is going to introduce our trend product 200w portable power station:T200 with 222wh capacity.

Portable power station–T200, weighing only 2.4kg, equipped with totally 8 DC outputs, 1 AC output, 1 recharge input, workable with solar panels, car charge, AC. No more worries about forgetting to charge your camera when you are enjoying taking photos for your beloved when camping. After photo taking, time for leisure. Enjoy playing your favorite games to your heart’s content.

Need to have OT for a while with AC? No worry, anywhere, anytime you want. DC/AC power at your side on the sea, in your hiking, any outdoor activity, you name it.

Till the night falls, lights on; danger encountered? SOS light on. Besides, we offer more choices: 150w, 200w, 500w, 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, powering any of your power-consuming equipments. Industry style, practical style, cute style, the choice is yours. Takoma portable power supply 200w lithium battery pack, anywhere, anytime!


0:00-1:00 ➜ Specs about Portable Power Station

1:01-1:49  ➜ What’s the application you can use with T200

1:50-2:19 ➜ How do we charge Portable Power Pack

2:20-3:19 ➜ The safety about the lithium ion battery

3:20-4:00 ➜ Company advantage about Guangzhou Tycorun,lithium battery products manufacturer

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