In our this episode we will visit our factory mwith our special guest.

Before we start our tour , let me introduce you about our company and our production range.

TYCORUN Energy  is a Chinese high-tech  lithium ion battery manufacturing company that provides reliable and safe customized solutions for special lithium battery systems and lithium battery products for global users. TAKOMA has an expert group with much experience in lithium battery design as well as R&D. we also have a group of professional experts will respond timely to any type of inquiry you have .


Okay , then let’s start our tour!


Polish customer Damian visited the factory

Damian, got to know that the Polish government has recently issued a new government subsidy for Solar energy system. His friend wants to invest in photovoltaic solar energy system. He needs a complete MW-level power generation system solution. At the same time, Damian wants to buy some lithium batteries because his family’s solar energy System storage, Damian is also an influencer on internet with a large number of fans. He chose the category of new energy as his new media to play interactive content. He referred to the various production lines of our factory and made live video recordings.


So, at the beginning we took Damian to our factory testing room. In Testing room we can see how the batteries test before shipment, we will test every single battery before shipment to ensure the safety and reliability. There are several different procedures here to test, for example, electrical properties tester ,product performance tester, and also the tester for vibration etc.  right now we are going to introduce one by one.


The first machine that we are introducing is to test the battery storage and battery voltage, it is called electrical properties tester.


Now it is for second machine, this machine is also very essential for test.

It tests the main safety of the battery for example like short circuit and overcharge control. As you know if a battery is overcharged in a bad quality is really dangerous.


Next machine beside that is a special tester for crush and puncture, if a battery is qualified from this test it means that this battery is very durable and is not going to explode when it happens external damage.


Another those three machines are for testing the battery durability in different atmosphere and in severe weather like wet and high temperature, It is called Constant Temperature and Humidity Tester.

We will put the battery inside of the machine and will see how it works in those special occasions.

And another one of the most important machine to test our battery is Vibration tester, this machines tests Resistance to fall, Resistance to puncture so on. Because some of our clients they worry that during the long shopping process the battery will get damage, but don’t worry our batteries have processed professional tests before shipment. Tycorun Energy always give you best solution with high quality and professional technics.

In a conclusion, around the world many countries are suggesting people to use solar energy system and there are related  corresponding subsidies for people who use solar energy system. Because it is good in environmental protection and more profitable than traditional power supply.

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