What is UPS? UPS Power Supply System

Hello everyone, I am Diego He from Tycoun Energy. Warmly welcome you to watch this video. Today I am also very happy to introduce UPS lithium batteries to you. Ok so, let’s enter today’s topic.

1.What is UPS?

The full name of UPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is an energy conversion device that uses battery chemical energy as backup energy to continuously provide (AC) electrical energy to user equipment when the utility grid is out of power or power failures.

2.Why to use UPS?

For precision load equipment, such as large data center, telecommunication mobile billing centers, computer networks of financial systems such as bank securities, medical equipment, industrial control instruments, etc. The power problem will cause data loss, equipment breakdown or crashes and stop working, which will affect the normal work of users.

3.Who uses UPS?

Generally speaking, the below industries may use UPS system. They are Banking, Securities, Insurance, Financial, Public Security, Postal, education, railway and Electric power Systems.

4.UPS power supply system

So, for a whole UPS power supply system, there is mainly three parts. The first one is the front and the end power distribution, composed of the utility grid, generator, power distribution cabinet. The second is the UPS machine. The third part is storage battery.
So let’s move to the storage battery.

5.Storage battery

The storage battery is the important part that guarantees the uninterrupted power supply of the UPS equipment, and the requirements of the load equipment for the power supply quality determine the requirements for the battery;
From the consideration of investment economy, the battery should have a long lifetime. The lifetime of the battery is related to the working environment of the battery and the frequency of charging and discharging. The higher the frequency, the shorter the battery life.

6.VRLA battery

In the market, generally speaking, VRLA batteries account for a large proportion, followed by lithium-ion batteries. VRLA is what we usually call a lead-acid battery, which contains two plates and electrolyte. Next, we will focus on lithium-ion battery. The following is my personal opinion.

7.Lithium battery

I do believe one day the lithium battery can have a good performance with UPS. And UPS machine can develop well with lithium battery.

With the fast development of lithium battery, it has become more and more widely used. Since lithium battery have superior performance in many aspects than lead-acid battery, using lithium battery as UPS battery will greatly improve the performance indicators of UPS. Lithium battery have the advantages of long life, high capacity, and less pollution. It is expected to replace lead-acid battery as an important part of the UPS power supply system. Currently such as Schneider, Huawei and other famous UPS manufacturer speed up the layout of UPS lithium battery.

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