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12v lithium ion truck battery manufacturers

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Batteries are vital parts of trucks and cars, they provide the needed power for all electric components to work!

There are criteria by which to choose a battery for any type of vehicle. Trucks are bigger than ordinary cars; thus the need for more powerful engines, which then need stronger batteries. These technological marvels need electricity from a steady source in order to start properly.  Truck battery provide them with the power they need. When we talk about power battery, must know TOP 10 Lithium Iron Phosphate Power Battery Manufacturers in China.

In general, trucks are designed to travel long distances and through different conditions; bad weather, extreme temperatures, mud, rough roads, and even flooded areas. These extreme conditions call for heavy-duty truck battery, made to survive the worst and avoid failures.

Electric trucks aren’t so different either, they employ the same types of batteries, the main difference being in their capacities. For these kinds of Electric truck it provides electric energy for the driving motor of the electric truck, and the electric motor converts the electric energy of the power supply into mechanical energy. High-performance lithium-ion batteries open up broad prospects for the development of electric trucks.

What is the difference between a car battery and a truck battery

Truck battery charge faster than standard car batteries, making them more powerful and reliable, especially for extended periods of use. Longer battery life.

There is a huge difference between a car battery and a truck battery. The major difference between both types of vehicles is their sizes, though comes the need for different specs that meets the requirements of each one.

Current: In terms of current, truck battery have thicker plates while those designed for cars have thinner ones. The functioning of the battery power supply is also different; in a car, the alternator generates all of the electricity once started. For trucks, the truck battery maintain a steady power supply for a while even when the engine is running.

Battery ratings: The specific power of the battery is also one of the important indicators to evaluate the performance of the battery.
When making a choice, car owners tend to buy batteries with the highest cold cranking rates. On the other hand, truckers chose more durable batteries.

What is the difference between a car battery and a truck battery

What type of battery does a truck use

In order to power their products, truck lithium battery manufacturers rely on 3 types of batteries:

1.Lead-acid batteries are the most common types of batteries, the electric charge is stored in lead-acid.

2.AGM, Absorbent Glass Mat, are advanced Lead-acid batteries with a technology allowing them to be recycled.

3.Lithium-ion batteries are the most recent and known for their good performances: stable power and high capacity. Compared to other types, lithium-ion batteries are more durable and environmentally friendly which makes them the best option even for electric vehicles. Battery manufacturers are employing them more in their products.

Is a truck battery 12v

Depending on their engines, vehicles require different battery configurations. In general, trucks especially with diesel engines need high power to operate. In order to reduce the truck battery price, battery manufacturers tend to employ two 12v truck battery because they are less expensive.

These batteries are connected together to form packs of 24 or 36 v depending on the vehicle they are used on. Electric trucks can be equipped with auxiliary 12 v truck battery just to run some accessories, it reduces energy consumption and extends range.

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How long should a truck battery last

Truck batteries are similar to car batteries in terms of lifespan. They can last between 3 to 5 years. This duration isn’t conventional, batteries can live longer or shorter than that depending on many factors like.

Maintenance which should be done properly, and by professionals to maintain a good functioning of all parts. Climate, hot and low temperatures can affect battery life and significantly reduce it. Bad user habits and the way they drive can have an impact on battery life.

Experts recommend usual checks of battery health to determine their state. A significant drop in a truck battery voltage can be a sign of trouble and the battery has to be replaced to avoid electrical failures.

On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries specially designed for electric vehicles are made to last ways longer than that. They can last for 4000 life cycles without being replaced. They are more likely to be recycled and have a low impact on the environment.

How long should a truck battery last

How do I know what kind of battery my truck needs

To replace a truck battery there are many ways to know the right one. The owner’s manual contains a full section about batteries in which it describes the specs you need and precautions to take. The easiest way is to check the specs written on the old battery if they are not erased.

Another option is to ask Professional lithium battery manufacturers like us, tycorun energy lithium battery manufacturers, dealing with these products, they may know the right option.

How do I choose a truck battery

Batteries aren’t designed to last forever, they have a life-cycle and they should be replaced when it comes to an end otherwise they can ensure their role. In order to make the right choice when buying new ones, there are a few things to consider.

Size: it’s a very important parameter that you have to know before buying a truck battery. To be secured in the vehicle, batteries are placed in trays, that’s the main reason you have to know the exact size you require. A large battery won’t fit in place and a small one would move and that could loosen the connections or even damage it. Size is mentioned on the old battery or can be found in the manual.

Brand: famous battery manufacturers have strict standards and provide heavy-duty truck battery which will be the best way to guarantee quality and avoid failures.

Battery reserve capacity: in case of a failure in the alternator this parameter is your lifesaver as it will keep the vehicle running providing it with the electricity it needs.

Cold cranking for low temperature environments: this parameter is very important as it represents the power the battery supplies during the start, the higher the rate the better.

Besides all mentioned factors you may need to check the age of the battery, it’s better to buy a recent one. Production dates are mentioned on batteries so look for a new one as it will last longer.

How do I choose a truck battery

Are lithium truck battery worth it

Lithium-ion batteries are used in electric vehicles and a variety of other products. When it comes to gas engine vehicles like cars and trucks, the lead-acid models are more common but that will change soon. Lithium-ion batteries have extraordinary specs, compared to lead-acid batteries, they last longer and provide more stable power.

They have very low self-discharge rates, they are very reliable and rechargeable, unlike lead-acid batteries. Their specs make them a very good fit for trucks. Truck battery require greater vibration resistance, durability, longer cycle life and greater charge acceptance. Lithium-ion batteries are robust, maintenance-free, and have high energy density, making them well-suited to these truck battery needs.

What is the most powerful truck battery

The best truck battery are Lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate have a lot of cycles and the manufacturing cost is lower than that of ternary lithium batteries such as nickel cobalt manganese.

The low temperature performance is significantly better than that of lead-acid batteries, and lithium batteries are more suitable for use in northern or cold storage. They can provide reliable energy in high and low temperature conditions.

And has satisfactory seismic performance. Can be installed anywhere without worrying about electrolyte leakage or spillage.

The most powerful electric lithium truck battery has 180KWh.

What is the most powerful truck battery

How much does a truck battery cost

The typical battery truck price depends on the type of the battery and its specs. A lead-acid battery can cost between 125 $ and 135 $. The AGM (Absorbent Glass Metal) technology is about 200$ because they are more developed than ordinary lead-acid and has better specs.

Lithium-ion truck battery cost higher price than them, but it can be used for a long time, and it is more cost-effective in the long run. Even their cost is relatively high, it’s a price to pay for their good performance. For electric vehicles, the cost of batteries is measured in a completely different way. The lithium battery pack’s price is determined depending on its energy. The price is about 140$ for each KWh, meaning that a 30 KWh battery can cost about 4000$.

Comparing prices between both types of vehicles is irrelevant because for Hybrid or electric vehicles truck battery will replace entire systems there comes the high price.

How often should a truck battery be replaced

In general, the truck battery’s lifetime is about 3 to five years. Batter manufacturers usually indicate the lifecycles and estimated life durations of their batteries. However, some signals could mean that you need to change your battery sooner. If starting doesn’t happen smoothly or cranking needs multiple attempts that may mean a problem.

When the battery light stays illuminated, that’s a signal of something wrong so it needs inspection. An acid leakage reduces the battery’s capacity and causes corrosion. Weather conditions have a huge impact on truck battery’s health, extremely high temperatures could affect the acid inside the battery and make it evaporate.

Cold weather reduces the performance of the engine and puts a lot of stress on the battery, the current lithium battery basically does not leak liquid, because the electrolyte is semi-solid and completely adsorbed on the diaphragm, and there is no liquid liquid inside the battery.

How often should a truck battery be replaced

How do I change my truck battery

Changing the truck battery is an easy task so instead of spending money on service, you can do it on your own. Before changing the truck battery you need to make sure that you have the right model to replace the old one.

To do so, you may check the manufacturer’s manual battery section. In there you can find precautions and mandatory instructions to preserve the safety and guarantee the success of the operation. To change the battery turn off the truck and make sure parking brakes are set to avoid any accidents.

The first step is to locate the battery, it may sound weird, but in trucks, the batteries are located in different places so you have to know where it is mounted.

The second step is to disconnect the terminals, they are either connected on the top or on the side. There are two wires and connections the positive which is usually red and the negative is black. To help users, generally, terminals have the signs “-” and “+” on them to indicate polarity. You have to start by disconnecting the negative terminal, it’s extremely important to follow this order to prevent any charges from running through it. You can just use a spanner or wrench to loosen the cable clamp and slide it off. Make sure you keep it away from other parts and repeat the process for the positive terminal.

Once disconnected, you can now remove the old truck battery safely. to do that you need to loosen any clamps and remove whatever battery holder you have. They are designed to keep them from moving and into a secure position. After removing all holders, you can easily take out the old battery but be careful it might be a bit heavy.

Now clean the terminal clamps, you can use a homemade mix of baking powder and hot water. You can use an old toothbrush or wire brush, the point is to make sure there is no residue on them. This is important to prevent corrosion on the new battery.

When done, you can install the new battery and make sure to fix it in place with the battery holders.

Remove any protection mounted on the terminals and connect the cables. Make sure to start with the positive terminal than the negative. Put back the clamps and tighten them well to avoid the terminals from slipping or making short circuits.
The last step is a check, just run the vehicle to see if the new truck battery is working properly. Due to the battery changing, some electronics in the truck might be reset, the radio will ask for a pin, you can find them in the manual.

If you have no experience, it is recommended to ask a professional to operate, and take the old battery to an auto repair shop, auto supply store or recycling center for disposal.

How do I change my truck battery


Like any other product, there are many types of truck battery; Lead-acid, AGM, and lithium batteries. In order to make sure they perform in the best conditions and to avoid expenses keep monitoring them for any sign of trouble. Always check the battery’s health, avoid extreme low and high temperatures by parking in covered spaces like a garage. And remember to check battery manufacturers’ manuals and consult professionals when necessary.

12v lithium ion battery factory

About lithium ion truck battery manufacturers

TYCORUN® has more than 16 years of experience in the lithium truck battery industry and is a Chinese high-tech enterprise that develops, produces and sells various new energy truck battery products.

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FAQ About Buying Lithium Batteries

Lithium battery is widely used in many industries, ranging from powering the vehicles, scooters, bicycles to energy storage in home use, commercial use and outdoor power supply, etc. Generally speaking, lithium ion battery manufacturers make 2 kinds of lithium batteries: ternary lithium battery is applied for powering to move because of its high energy density and discharge rate, while LFP lithium battery is more popular with energy storage for its stable chemistry components and longer cycles. Some of the most popular application of lithium battery cover EV, RV, golf cart, forklift, camping power supply, kayak, scooter, solar power system, home Energy storage system, UPS Data center, telecom and IT backup, Industrial Equipment, etc.

Professionals from lithium ion battery manufacturers advise you that you need to provide the following information when buying lithium batteries. you need to provide the following information:
Rated voltage(V)
Operating voltage range(V)
Charging current (A)(Rated current/ Maximum continuous current/Peak current)
Discharge current (A)(Rated current/Maximum continuous current/Peak current)
whether it needs to be in series or parallel, and if so, how many in series or parallel.
Our lithium ion battery factory engineers will recommend the most suitable and cost-effective lithium ion battery packs

Commonly used certifications for lithium batteries are dedicated for transportation and certification of product quality. Not too many lithium ion battery manufacturers will apply for those certifications because of the high cost. Fortunately we have some of them and in the future we will apply all of them for our worldwide market. The certifications as per below:
Transportation unique qualification: generally MSDS, UN38.3, report for sea as well as air transportation of goods

MSDS is a chemical safety and security technical spec, a file utilized by chemical producers and importers to clarify the physical as well as chemical residential properties of chemicals as well as the possible damage to the health of users.

The UN38.3 is specifically created by the United Nations for the transport of lithium battery by sea or by air.
Identification and classification report for sea and air transport of goods: It is a report that needs to be provided when batteries and products with batteries are transported by air or by sea.
Product quality certification: Different countries have different product quality certifications. Commonly are:
European Union: CE, ROHS
North America: FCC, UL
India: BIS certification

For purchases from China lithium ion battery factory, We have three shipment way to ship out the goods,

Option 1: SEA WAY, we can ship out the lithium battery to every country via sea way. And We have UN38.3 & MSDS certification. Here’s the range time for the shipment date.

USA: 30-40 days

Europe: 30-40 days.

Australia: 35-45 days.

Option 2: AIR WAY, If the single parcel less than 68KG, that we can use the air way.

USA: 12-15 days

Europe: 12-15 days.

Australia:15-18 days.

Opyion 3: TRAIN WAY, We can ship out the lithium battery to Europe via Train way.

USA: 30-40 days

Europe: 30-40 days.

Australia: 35-45 days.

Because the lithium battery material is dangerous material. Our lithium ion battery suppliers have passed UN38.3 & MSDS & Dangerous packing certificate, As a lithium ion battery manufacturer, TYCORUN® can ship out the lithium battery!

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