New ganfeng battery - ultra safe semi-solid battery

New Ganfeng battery - ultra safe semi-solid battery with high performance

Leveraging its advanced technology and substantial resources, Ganfeng Lithium, one of the largest lithium battery manufacturer, has continually made breakthroughs in the lithium battery new energy sector, providing the public with safer and higher-performance batteries. Not only does Ganfeng Lithium offer a comprehensive range of lithium products and processing technologies, but it also leads the innovation in solid-state battery technology. This article will detail Ganfeng Lithium’s solid state battery development history, technological innovations, and the outstanding performance of the Tycorun Ganfeng Battery in safety performance tests.
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About Ganfeng Lithium

Founded in 2000, Ganfeng Lithium is China’s largest supplier of lithium compounds, the world’s largest producer of lithium metal, and the most comprehensive producer of lithium series products globally, with the longest processing chain and the most complete processing technologies. With over two decades of deep expertise in the lithium industry, Ganfeng Lithium has consistently made breakthroughs in the lithium and lithium battery new energy fields, providing effective battery solution and setting a new paradigm for the development of lithium brands and leading the innovation in solid-state battery technology.

What is a semi-solid battery?

A semi-solid battery is an innovative technology that lies between traditional liquid electrolyte batteries and all-solid-state batteries. This type of battery uses semi-solid electrolyte materials (such as gels or polymers) to replace the traditional liquid electrolytes.

semi-solid battery

Why are battery companies developing semi-solid batteries?

Semi-solid batteries offer superior energy density, charging rate, safety, cycle life, and thermal management of the battery cell compared to liquid batteries. Firstly, semi-solid batteries can provide higher energy density than traditional liquid batteries, meaning they can store more energy in the same volume or weight, thus extending the usage time of devices. In terms of safety, traditional liquid electrolyte batteries are prone to leakage, fire, or explosion, while the electrolyte materials used in semi-solid batteries are more stable, significantly reducing these risks and improving battery safety.

Why are battery companies developing semi-solid batteries

Development history of Ganfeng Lithium’s solid-state batteries

  • 2019: The first-generation solid-state battery production line with an annual output of 300MW was completed and put into production.
  • 2021: Ganfeng Lithium’s subsidiary, Ganfeng Lithium, started producing solid-state batteries, with the first batch installed in the Dongfeng E70. This vehicle, equipped with Ganfeng’s first-generation solid-state battery, achieved a range of 426 kilometers. Currently, the company’s solid-state battery capacity is 4GWh, with downstream partnerships with GAC Aion and Seres.First batch of Ganfeng solid-state batteries installed in the Dongfeng E70
  • 2022: Launched the 20GWh New Lithium Battery Technology Industrial Park project in Chongqing, China, completed in August 2023, becoming China’s largest solid-state battery production base.
  • August 2023: Ganfeng Lithium delivered the first batch of solid-liquid hybrid lithium-ion batteries for the all-electric SUV Seres SF5.
  • September 2023: Ganfeng Lithium released the super semi-solid “New Peak” battery, one of the best rechargeable batteries at that time, achieving no degradation over 100,000 kilometers and over 3000 cycles of lifespan.
  • December 2023: Ganfeng Lithium and Changan Automobile signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to accelerate the advancement of (semi) solid-state battery R&D projects.

Introduction of the super semi-solid “New Peak” battery

Ganfeng Lithium has been dedicated to the development of solid-state battery pack technology and released the super semi-solid “New Peak” battery in 2023. This best battery excels in safety, performance, and efficiency, marking a significant breakthrough in solid-state battery pack technology and providing new momentum for the new energy vehicle industry.

Solid-state battery pack technology: The “New Peak” battery employs a series of innovative technologies, from material selection to process design, showcasing Ganfeng’s extensive expertise in solid-state battery technology. The application of six-dimensional thermal runaway blocking technology allows the battery to remain stable under extreme conditions, significantly enhancing its safety. The intelligent BMS remote fault prediction feature provides real-time monitoring and early warning of the battery status, effectively preventing potential safety risks.

Introduction of the super semi-solid New Peak battery

Performance: The application of solid electrolytes reduces conductivity changes in low-temperature environments, allowing the battery to operate normally from -40°C to 60°C. This characteristic not only improves the battery’s adaptability but also ensures the stable operation of electric vehicles under extreme climate conditions. Additionally, the highly stable solid electrolyte grants the battery a longer lifespan, further enhancing its economic value.

Efficiency: The adoption of semi-solid battery CTP module technology reduces battery module materials by 50% and increases energy density by 20%. This technology reduces production costs and improves energy utilization efficiency. The introduction of tabless design technology has also automated the production process, increasing production efficiency by 80%, laying a solid foundation for large-scale battery production.

Notably, Ganfeng Lithium has completed a small batch of trial installations of semi-solid batteries and is actively exploring further vehicle installation possibilities with downstream customers, indicating that solid-state battery pack technology is on the brink of large-scale application.

Industry experts indicate that Ganfeng Lithium’s “New Peak” battery represents a significant breakthrough in solid-state battery pack technology and a profound innovation in the new energy vehicle industry. As technology advances and market acceptance increases, solid-state batteries are expected to become the mainstream energy form for new energy vehicles, injecting new vitality into the industry’s sustainable development.

Ganfeng Lithium’s active promotion of new solid-liquid hybrid battery R&D

On May 29 this year, Ganfeng Lithium announced on its interactive platform that the first-generation solid-liquid hybrid battery had initially achieved mass production, with an energy density of 240-270Wh/kg, capable of passing the puncture safety performance test and achieving over 2000 cycles.

The second-generation solid-liquid hybrid battery is currently in the research and development stage, using lithium metal anode materials, with an energy density reaching over 400Wh/kg and potential exceeding 500Wh/kg, offering a driving range of over 1000km. It solves low-temperature performance challenges, maintaining an energy retention rate of over 85% at -20°C. It can pass the puncture test, maintaining high energy density while ensuring high safety performance, achieving ultra-high power output, and sustaining more than 5C discharge. The company is focusing on improving cycle times and high-power input.

This progress is attributed to Ganfeng Lithium’s strong technical capabilities. The solid-state battery mainly cooperates with the Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, focusing on GARNET type and NASICON type oxide electrolyte powders. The second-generation hybrid solid-state lithium battery uses a ternary cathode, solid-state separator, and lithium metal anode.

Production capacity: The company plans to build a solid-state battery capacity of 36GWh, including the third phase of Ganfeng Lithium’s Xinyu base with an annual output of 6GWh solid-state lithium battery production project; Chongqing Ganfeng’s 20GWh solid-state lithium battery technology industrial park and advanced battery research institute project; and Dongguan Ganfeng’s 10GWh solid-state battery and energy storage headquarters project.

Among these, the Chongqing Ganfeng base, with an investment of over 5 billion RMB, was completed last September. It has delivered over 1000 solid-state batteries to date. According to the relevant responsible person, the entire industrial park is expected to achieve a battery production capacity of 6GWh to 7GWh this year.

Tycorun Ganfeng battery

The Tycorun’s battery swapping system uses Ganfeng’s semi-solid batteries and has undergone a series of safety battery test, fully verifying their safety. Test results show that after bending and compressing the battery, the voltage and temperature remained stable, with no explosion or fire. In the cutting test, when the battery was cut directly with a knife, the voltage dropped to 0, and the temperature did not change. In the puncture test, the temperature and voltage did not change, and there was no fire or explosion.

Tycorun Ganfeng Batteries in safety tests

In contrast, traditional ternary lithium-ion batteries exploded and caught fire after being punctured, with the temperature rising to 400°C, posing a significant safety hazard. In the 25-meter drop test, a drone was used to lift the battery to a height of 25 meters, then released it, causing the semi-solid battery to deform upon impact. The results showed no significant change in temperature or voltage, and no fire or explosion occurred.

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