The role of wind turbine battery and FAQs guide

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The role of wind turbine battery and FAQs guide

Renewable energy is very much on the rise and wind turbines make up one of the major sources of clean energy. Wind turbines have been in use for decades in some parts of the world and a wind turbine battery is also used alongside the turbine to store energy, making it available for use later.

These wind turbine batteries make an integral part of the turbine system, just like a solar system needs a lithium solar battery to store energy, without energy storage battery which it would be almost impossible to use a wind turbine effectively. Sometimes regarded as a wind turbine battery bank, these batteries make sure the energy generated by the turbine doesn’t go to waste. But before we look at these batteries let’s recall what a wind turbine is in the first place.

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What is wind turbine

A wind turbine is a mechanical device developed to use the kinetic energy generated by the force of wind, converting it into electrical energy. The way the wind turbine works is very straightforward, the turbine has propeller-like fans mounted at the top of the machine, these fans are then rotated by the force of wind which is connected to a generator. The constant rotation of the blades spins the generator which in turn generates electricity in an almost constant loop. Wind turbines are an important source of clean energy at a much-reduced cost and with no need for fossil fuels or combustion engines.

These wind turbines generate energy just as constantly as the wind blows but all that generated energy needs to go somewhere, and this is where the wind turbine battery comes in. A wind turbine battery bank is responsible for storing the electrical energy generated by the turbine which may be used immediately or at a later period.

How does wind turbine batteries bank store energy

Much like every other conventional battery, a wind turbine battery uses electro chemical reactions to store and hold electric current for long periods of time. These wind turbine batteries can safely store the energy generated by a wind turbine such that the constantly generated energy is stored somewhere if not in use.

The wind turbine generates energy that charges a wind turbine battery bank hence making electricity available for distribution at any given time even when the turbine isn’t at an optimal level.

Due to the constant action of wind, a wind turbine is also constantly under load generating energy. In order for the energy generated not to overload a power grid or a house, the energy is diverted to the wind turbine battery to be safely stored and used when needed. The wind turbine battery bank keeps the turbine working safely at an optimally determined range. The wind turbine is in a constant charging state of the wind turbine batteries and is designed with the right components to stop charging when the battery is full but we’ll discuss more on that later in this article.

How does wind turbine batteries bank store energy

What kind of batteries do wind turbines use

Much like other energy generating devices like solar systems, the kind of battery required depends on the quality of the battery and the options available to such battery type. The wind turbine battery commonly used and recommended by both homeowners and engineers is a lithium-ion battery. A lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable battery option that is common with portable devices but when produced in larger sizes can store larger amounts of energy for use by multiple applications.

When used in a wind turbine battery bank, lithium-ion batteries perform effectively due to having a much larger capacity, higher energy density, and lower risk compared to other wind turbine battery types. Lithium wind turbine batteries are durable and reliable as they not only store energy safely but are also good at supplying this stored energy for whatever purpose. Wind turbines are commonly found in remote areas and may lack the frequent maintenance they need and this is why a lithium wind turbine battery bank is the best because they require zero maintenance to keep functioning at optimal levels.

How big is a wind turbine battery

Wind turbines are generally bigger sources of energy compared to solar energy because while solar systems can only generate energy during the day, a wind turbine can generate energy both day and night. This is why a wind turbine battery bank is relatively bigger and larger than solar battery packs. Not only does a wind turbine battery need to be bigger, but it must also have a larger capacity to enable it to store the large amounts of energy generated by the wind turbine. Also, the energy requirements of the home or homes that use the wind turbine need to be put into consideration when dealing with the size of wind turbine batteries.

How big is a wind turbine battery

If for instance, 1000 watts of power is needed from a wind turbine system to power a house for some time, you will need a lithium battery with roughly (1 to 2) 12v 100ah lithium ion battery connected in series to make this possible. This is just a rough estimate and a lot of other factors need to be taken into consideration like the capacity of the battery and runtime needed for the energy to be supplied. A reliable lithium wind turbine battery manufacturer will take all this into account to give the best battery for your wind turbine system.

The following is the production process of 12v wind turbine battery:

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How long does a wind turbine battery last

Much of how long or the life expectancy of a wind turbine battery depends on the quality of the battery and the components used alongside the battery. A reliable lithium ion wind turbine battery should last many years in active use with over 4000 charge cycles obtainable for each battery. The wind turbine system on its own can last for decades with proper use and maintenance but the wind turbine battery would need to be changed accordingly.

How to choose wind turbine battery

Choosing a wind turbine battery bank is not as complicated as it may seem but is often a straightforward process.

A quality wind turbine battery needs to have certain attributes which include:

  • Capacity: The right wind turbine battery needs to have a large capacity to be able to accommodate more energy in relation to the turbine’s size and efficiency.
  • Voltage: The best wind turbine battery bank needs to have a high voltage to be able to withstand higher energy input and higher energy supply/output.
  • Reliable: The best wind turbine batteries must be reliable and able to work effectively without regular maintenance for long periods of time. Lithium wind turbine batteries are some of the best battery types available for use with a wind turbine system.

how to choose wind turbine battery

Can a wind turbine power a house

A small wind turbine can most definitely power a house and do so effectively. In some parts of the world, a wind turbine system is more preferably to even solar power systems because wind turbines can work both day and night while solar panels only optimize energy during the day. However, depending on whether there is enough wind in the geographical location of the installation, if there is no wind in the area, the solar system is more suitable.

Depending on the energy requirements of a house, 1 small wind turbine is enough to power said house. For instance, a home that uses 10,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year can be powered by a wind turbine system rated between 5 to 15 kilowatts in addition to a wind turbine battery, depending on the average wind speed of the area.



Technically, yes, wind turbines are more energy-efficient than their solar panel counterparts. As stated earlier, wind turbines can harness energy round the clock as long as there is sufficient wind speed. Solar panels, on the other hand, can only harness energy during the day and can be limited by clouds or snow. This distinction makes wind turbines more effective and efficient than solar panels.

Are wind turbines more efficient than solar panels

There are obvious upsides and downsides to a wind turbine battery some of which include; PROS ● A wind turbine battery eliminates the need for always switching off the wind turbine as the excess energy generated could just be stored while the turbine keeps on running. ● A wind turbine battery bank is a safe and clean way to store energy without harming the environment. ● Wind turbine batteries are a convenient way to maximize the full potential of a wind turbine system. CONS ● Wind turbine batteries are relatively expensive to procure and may constitute a significant cost in the overall turbine system.

A charge controller is an important aspect of a wind turbine system. These electronic devices are designed to ensure that a wind turbine battery bank is not overcharged by the fast-moving wind turbine system. For instance, when winds are high and the turbine blades are rotating extremely fast and generating more electricity, the charge controller is in place to make sure that the turbine is cut off or redirected to not overload the battery. Having the right charge controller is essential to ensure a safe wind turbine system and to mitigate the dangers of overloading the wind turbine battery.

Do wind turbines need a charge controller

The cost of installing a wind turbine is increasingly different with a lot of factors taken into consideration before installation is done. For one, the size of the wind turbine would need to be known before a wind turbine battery can be added. Also, the location of the wind turbine ( either in urban or rural areas) would affect the overall cost of installation. One important point is that the price of wind turbines is much higher than that of solar cells. If it is for household use, it is still more cost-effective to choose a solar system. If you want to know more about solar battery industry, you can browse Top 10 solar battery manufacturers.

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