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TYCORUN ENERGY ODM lithium ion battery pack manufacturer has an expert group with much experience in lithium battery design as well as R&D. our lithium ion battery factory has two manufacturing plants covering an area of 30,000 square meters, with multiple sets of automated assembly devices, laser welding equipments, Automatic chip mounters, automatic welding equipments, defense board screening equipment, completed product aging devices, etc., high-grade and high-efficiency manufacturing guarantees monthly manufacturing capacity of over 50,000 sets.
Our group of trained battery experts will respond timely to any type of inquiries you have.

TYCORUN ENERGY is a Chinese high-tech lithium ion battery manufacturing company that provides reliable and safe customized solutions for special lithium battery systems and lithium battery products for global users. We only adoption the A grade battery cells. Existing customized solutions and products for lithium batteries are widely used in industrial energy storage, household energy storage, power communications, medical electronics, security communications, transportation,  logistics, surveying , mapping, new energy power and other fields.

16+ Years Of  Manufacturers Experience

Our lithium battery factory Providing OEM & ODM Lithium battery Service From Our Clients Through Ongoing & Innovation.

lithium ion battery suppliers focuses on lithium-ion batteries, providing one-stop lithium battery products and customized services from battery, BMS, and structural design. As ODM lithium ion battery pack manufacturer, while improving the lithium ion battery products, as a top lithium battery company, years of experience in the lithium battery industry allows us to provide in-depth material sourcing, financing and supply chain expertise every step of the way.


We only select the industry benchmark CATL, EVE cells, 15 QC inspection process, 80% DOD, 12V lithium battery & 48 battery can reach 6000 cycles.


As ODM lithium ion battery pack manufacturer, we have a professional lithium ion battery pack team to assist you, 60-person R&D team, which have 16 years Experience in lithium battery industry. 48 patented technologies.


For the lithium ion battery sample, within 7-10 days, and the bulk production within 15-45 days.Some products, e.g. 12v 100ah we have enough stock for RTS(Ready to Ship)

After sale service

Return available in 10 days in case of quality issue of the lithium ion battery. 10 years warranty. Sales strategy for the lithium ion battery available to help our clients to sell better.

ODM lithium ion battery pack manufacturer TYCORUN Energy Lithium Battery Factory Video

If you have any questions about the lithium ion Battery pack please do not hesitate to contact Us. As ODM lithium ion battery pack manufacture, our group of trained battery experts will respond timely to any type of inquiries you have.

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Top ODM lithium ion battery pack manufactuers


Power Wall Lithium battery

The solar battery home storage system can put on the wall to save the space, safe and eco-friendly. We provide 48v lithium ion battery,50Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah for home storage.


Lithium Ion replace Lead acid battery

 Lithium ion replace lead acid battery , as ODM lithium ion battery pack manufacturer we can series or parallel the 12v battery pack and any v & ah you want to design. Used more 12v 50ah,12v 100ah,12v 200ah.


Rack-Mounted Lithium Ion Battery

 Rack-mounted is easy to series,and parallel the Voltage to 192V or 384V Lithium Ion battery.

A trustworthy lithium ion battery manufacturers

16 years of professional lithium ion battery Manufacturers

TYCORUN as lithium ion battery pack manufacturer has 15+ Years lithium ion battery pack Experience. We only produce lithium battery packs.

Certification of a full set of lithium batteries

Our lithium battery makers has done these certifications: CE, MSDS, UN38.3, FCC, UL, ROHS, BIS certification

10 years warranty can be promised

TYCORUN ENERGY ODM lithim ion battery pack manufacturer as one of the few lithium ion battery manufacturers that can promise a 10-year quality guarantee

Only use AAA lithium ion battery cells

As one of the largest lithium ion battery manufacturers in China, planning to go IPO this year, promises to use only the A grade cells from the brand factories.

Non-standard lithium ion battery customization

Low temperature lithium battery, explosion-proof lithium battery, high temperature lithium battery, lithium titanate battery, special equipment battery

Just-in-time manufacturing and Delivery

With professional logistics and distribution, ODM lithium ion battery pack manufacturer TYCORUN ENERGY can deliver the certified lithium battery products to your local port in time, and we can also provide door-to-door service.

Our lithium Battery have mature solutions in the fields of energy storage systems, home energy storage, UPS systems, industrial equipment, communications & power supplies. We provide lithium battery OEM for several Amazon best-selling brands

Today, ODM lithium ion battery pack manufacturer TYCORUN ENERGY is one of the most important lithium iron phosphate battery suppliers in the Latin America, North America and Europe. Our sales offices and warehouses include lithium battery pack industry experience enables us to provide in-depth material procurement and supply chain expertise at every step of the production process.

As a professional China lithium battery companies, TYCORUN ENERGY Adopt AAA Lithium ion battery cells design and production, provides upstream suppliers consultant for your lithium ion battery pack solutions.
Safety lithium battery pack high cost-effective, up to 10% – 25% cost savings.

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FAQ About Buying Lithium Batteries

Lithium battery is widely used in many industries, ranging from powering the vehicles, scooters, bicycles to energy storage in home use, commercial use and outdoor power supply, etc. Generally speaking, lithium ion battery manufacturers make 2 kinds of lithium batteries: ternary lithium battery is applied for powering to move because of its high energy density and discharge rate, while LFP lithium battery is more popular with energy storage for its stable chemistry components and longer cycles. Some of the most popular application of lithium battery cover EV, RV, golf cart, forklift, camping power supply, kayak, scooter, solar power system, home Energy storage system, UPS Data center, telecom and IT backup, Industrial Equipment, etc.

Professionals from lithium ion battery manufacturers advise you that you need to provide the following information when buying lithium batteries. you need to provide the following information:
Rated voltage(V)
Operating voltage range(V)
Charging current (A)(Rated current/ Maximum continuous current/Peak current)
Discharge current (A)(Rated current/Maximum continuous current/Peak current)
whether it needs to be in series or parallel, and if so, how many in series or parallel.
Our lithium ion battery factory engineers will recommend the most suitable and cost-effective lithium ion battery packs

Commonly used certifications for lithium batteries are dedicated for transportation and certification of product quality. Not too many lithium ion battery manufacturers will apply for those certifications because of the high cost. Fortunately we have some of them and in the future we will apply all of them for our worldwide market. The certifications as per below:
Transportation unique qualification: generally MSDS, UN38.3, report for sea as well as air transportation of goods

MSDS is a chemical safety and security technical spec, a file utilized by chemical producers and importers to clarify the physical as well as chemical residential properties of chemicals as well as the possible damage to the health of users.

The UN38.3 is specifically created by the United Nations for the transport of lithium battery by sea or by air.
Identification and classification report for sea and air transport of goods: It is a report that needs to be provided when batteries and products with batteries are transported by air or by sea.
Product quality certification: Different countries have different product quality certifications. Commonly are:
European Union: CE, ROHS
North America: FCC, UL
India: BIS certification

For purchases from China lithium ion battery factory, We have three shipment way to ship out the goods,

Option 1: SEA WAY, we can ship out the lithium battery to every country via sea way. And We have UN38.3 & MSDS certification. Here’s the range time for the shipment date.

USA: 30-40 days

Europe: 30-40 days.

Australia: 35-45 days.

Option 2: AIR WAY, If the single parcel less than 68KG, that we can use the air way.

USA: 12-15 days

Europe: 12-15 days.

Australia:15-18 days.

Opyion 3: TRAIN WAY, We can ship out the lithium battery to Europe via Train way.

USA: 30-40 days

Europe: 30-40 days.

Australia: 35-45 days.

Because the lithium battery material is dangerous material. Our lithium ion battery suppliers have passed UN38.3 & MSDS & Dangerous packing certificate, As a lithium ion battery manufacturer, TYCORUN® can ship out the lithium battery!

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