Top 5 electric cargo tricycle in China

Top 5 electric cargo tricycle in China

For people in many rural areas, heavy-duty tricycles are a very important tool. They can not only solve transportation tasks during busy farming periods, but can also be used as a means of transportation in daily life. Today we recommend top 5 electric cargo tricycles in China that can meet everyone’s various vehicle needs.
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Ranking Manufacturers
1 Loncin ET160
2 Zonsen war wolf 3
3 Yadea ET51J
4 Jinpeng Tyrannosaurus 150
5 Huaihai 160

How to choose a electric cargo tricycle?

Choosing an electric cargo tricycle involves several considerations to ensure you select the best option for your needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Define Your Needs: Understand the primary purpose of the cargo tricycle. Are you using it for deliveries, transporting goods, or carrying passengers? Knowing your requirements will help narrow down your options.

Cargo Capacity: Determine the amount of cargo you need to carry regularly. Cargo tricycles come in various sizes with different weight capacities. Make sure the tricycle you choose can accommodate your typical cargo load.

Battery Range: Evaluate the distance you need to travel on a single charge. Battery range varies among different models, so choose one with a range that meets your daily or weekly travel requirements.

Motor Power: Consider the terrain and inclines you’ll encounter on your routes. A more powerful motor will help you navigate hills and rough terrain more easily.

Build Quality and Durability: Look for a cargo tricycle made from sturdy materials that can withstand heavy use. Check customer reviews and ratings to gauge the durability and reliability of the model you’re considering.

Safety Features: Ensure the tricycle has adequate safety features such as lights, reflectors, and brakes. Some models may also include features like turn signals and rearview mirrors for added safety.

Maneuverability and Size: Consider the size and maneuverability of the tricycle, especially if you’ll be navigating through narrow streets or crowded areas. Test ride different models to see how they handle and if they fit your space requirements.

Cost and Budget: Set a budget for your electric cargo tricycle purchase and compare prices among different models. Keep in mind that higher-quality tricycles may have a higher upfront cost but could save you money on maintenance and repairs in the long run.

Warranty and Support: Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer and inquire about after-sales support. A reliable warranty and accessible customer service can provide peace of mind in case of any issues or repairs.

Additional Features: Consider any additional features or accessories you may need, such as weather protection (e.g., canopy or rain cover), storage compartments, or customization options.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose an electric cargo tricycle that meets your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, consulting with experts or experienced users in the field can provide valuable insights before making your final decision. 


Loncin ET160

Loncin ET160This electric cargo tricycle has significantly improved experience and safety. In terms of driving experience, it adopts a 1150mm wide driving position, which can accommodate two people without any pressure. With the center-mounted high-definition LCD instrument and LED high-brightness light set, it provides a good driving experience while riding. In terms of safety, metal bumper handrails, an oversized one-piece stamped sheet metal windshield, and a square cage-type thickened bumper are used. The driver’s position has first-class impact resistance, which can ensure the driver’s riding safety.

In terms of load capacity, this electric cargo tricycle adopts a Xuanwu engineering carriage that is stamped in one piece. The rear compartment has high quality consistency, and both the left and right side doors are designed with high rails. It can fully cope with common farm loads. Moreover, the rear compartment adopts an automated anode electrophoresis process. The compartment body is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. There is no need to worry about damage or cracking of the compartment body during transportation.

In terms of performance, this car uses the X-Power 3.0 power platform. By optimizing the motor magnet arrangement and electric drive control strategy, it can achieve silent driving and can pull up to 2,500 kilograms of cargo.

Zonsen wolf 3

Zonsen wolf 3The cargo box size of Zonsen Wolf 180 is 1800X1300X300mm, and the length reaches 1.8 meters, which is longer than the previous two models, so that it can carry more cargo. At the same time, the workmanship of the whole vehicle is fine, and it uses a new roller 300mm carriage door panel, maximum load capacity can reach 2,000 catties.

Zonsen Wolf 180 is equipped with a high-magnetic steel motor with a power of 1200W. It not only has greater torque, longer life, but also saves electricity. In addition, it uses a waterproof 24-tube controller, so that it can be used even when wading in water. There won’t be any problems.

Zonsen Wolf 180 is equipped with a 72V55Ah large-capacity battery, which allows the vehicle to run farther when carrying objects. Zonsen Warrior 3-180 uses a 4-layer coiled ear spring steel plate rear shock absorber and hydraulic front shock absorber, which can reduce the bumpy feeling when driving with a load. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with high-brightness headlights and 3C taillights. Fog lights ensure vehicle safety when driving at night.

Yadea ET51J

Yadea ET51JIt is reported that the car is equipped with a TED extended-range dual-engine intelligent control system, which can ensure that the vehicle has more dynamic performance. In terms of batteries and motors, the vehicle uses dual 48V35Ah graphene batteries and a 1200W TED dual-engine intelligent control motor, which can ensure that the vehicle can climb hills more powerfully, accelerate faster, and have a battery life of more than 100 kilometers.

In addition, in order to make the vehicle have a larger load capacity, the ET151J Platinum Edition is also equipped with an ST16 ultra-deep drawing engineering compartment. In terms of other configurations, the vehicle has an 8.3-inch high-definition instrument, hydraulic shock absorbers and other configurations.

Jinpeng Tyrannosaurus 150

Jinpeng Tyrannosaurus 150The main focus of Jinpeng’s Tyrannosaurus series tricycles is load capacity, so Jinpeng Tyrannosaurus 150 has excellent performance in terms of load capacity. The length, width and height of the vehicle are 2945/1125/1325mm respectively, and the size of the transport compartment is 1500/1050/430mm. At the same time, the rear compartment is made of reinforced sheet metal materials, 5 reinforced keel frames, multi-layer metal artificial panels for shock absorption, and can carry a maximum load of 1,500 kilograms.

The Jinpeng Tyrannosaurus 150 is equipped with a 1000W rear axle overspeed motor and an 18-tube three-wheel dedicated controller. The output power is strong and stable, with low noise, smooth start, 30% increase in torque, strong climbing ability, and energy saving performance. high. At the same time, it also has a speed limit function for downhill reversing to achieve gentle descent on steep slopes. In addition, the electric tricycle also has a climbing gear and a low-speed afterburner gear to increase the climbing ability when pulling heavy goods.

The Jinpeng Tyrannosaurus 150 electric tricycle is equipped with a 60V52ah large-capacity lead-acid battery, with a maximum cruising range of about 85 kilometers.

Huaihai 160

Huaihai 160The length, width and height of the Huaihaitian 160 vehicle are 3050/1170/1366mm respectively. The size of the transport carriage is 1600/1100/300mm. The steel plate is thickened and the fence is also heightened. The vehicle adopts automotive technology and uses Q235 high strength Pipes, the maximum load can reach 2000 catties.

Huaihai Tianjiang 160 uses a B104 core power variable-speed rear axle motor with a maximum pulling force of 100 Nm. Huaihai’s exclusive new core power 2.0 system uses six-way permanent magnet synchronous technology, which can increase vehicle speed by 15% and increase torque. 80%, with super power, not only strong pulling force, but also stronger climbing ability. Huaihai Tianjiang 160 is equipped with a 60V 52Ah large-capacity lead-acid battery, with a cruising range of about 65 kilometers.

Huaihai Tianjiang 160 also has advanced hydraulic front shock absorbers, and the outer springs have been upgraded to make the shock absorption effect better. Even when driving on rugged fields, it is very stable and has no bumpy feeling. In addition, it uses additional Thick run-proof tires have super grip, and it also has LED spotlights, which are not only bright but also have a long range, making it possible to drive safely even at night.

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