Chinese best lithium ion battery company a complete guide

We offer lithium ion battery products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future.

Chinese best lithium ion battery company

Tycorun Energy Co.,Ltd is the leading supplier and manufacturers of lithium ion batteries situated in China. This guide is mainly focused on products that the lithium ion battery company is producing and supplying to their target customers. The company is known for providing OEM and ODM lithium batteries to potential clients and customers.

14 years of professional lithium ion battery company

Their customers are now found in Latin America, Europe, and North America. Takoma is not just the manufacturers, but the warehouses and sales offices have expert staff for the efficient operating of procurement and supply chain management as well.

The lithium ion battery company not only produces high-tech lithium ions batteries but also assists targeted customers with the best possible safe, customized, yet reliable solutions to their everyday problems related to battery utilization, products, systems, and whatnot.

Since the usage of batteries is around the globe and thus the customers of It is used in the household too small and medium enterprises to storage devices at industries and factories, power plants, logistics, transportation, and the list goes on.

Chinese high-tech lithium ion battery company

TYCORUN ENERGY is a group of expert technicians and skilled workers who work for the manufacturing of lithium batter design . They have a strong approach to research and development which makes their products conform to the quality standards and makes Takoma a high-tech lithium ion battery company.

The lithium ion battery company is highly equipped with technology. There are two manufacturing plants spread over an area of 30,000 sqm. Inside this land, multiple manufacturing machines are having advanced features. Some of them include laser welding technology, automatic assembly tools, chip mounters, screening instruments, and whatnot.

All such technology increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the work performance by many folds and facilitates TYCORUN ENERGY to be the top lithium ion battery company. Its production rate is almost 50,000 battery sets in one month only.

lithium battery_ wholesale

Section 1. Introduction to TYCORUN ENERGY lithium ion Batteries

In section 1, first of all, the introduction to lithium ion batteries is provided then it is narrowed down to those lithium ion batteries that are exclusively manufactured by We believe they are the best choice a customer can ever make. The article is then followed by discussing the categories of lithium ion batteries both based on composition and operations.

Application of the lithium ion Batteries

Section 2. Application of the lithium ion Batteries

This section stresses the fact that lithium ion batteries have vast applications depending upon the battery type. Some are used on a smaller scale while the others in heavy-duty equipment.

Section 3. Benefits of TYCORUN ENERGY lithium ion Batteries

In section 3, it is described that TYCORUN ENERGY lithium ion batteries have various benefits over other lithium ion battery companies’ products. This is also what we called as the company’s competitive advantage. Such characteristics let the our lithium ion battery company stands out from the competition. They are indeed the main strengths that the company possesses.

Quality standards and differences of 12V lithium ion battery
Rack-Mounted Lithium Ion Battery

Section 4. Why TYCORUN ENERGY ?

The whole article and especially this section explains the core competencies of the business and why there must be our TYCORUN ENERGY lithium ion battery company for the conservation of natural resources.

Let’s dig deeper into the details of TYCORUN ENERGY and its products and services.

Introduction to lithium ion Batteries

In this technologically equipped world and digitized system, not even a single device could work without the batteries in them. For better operational experiences, at homes, in offices, and other commercial areas it is highly recommended to opt for the tools and techniques that maximize the performance and mitigate the delays in work.

To meet the changing demands of the consumers, Takoma, one of the best lithium ion battery conpanies, is here with its state of the products including batteries of different types for quite a wide range of purposes., lithium ion Batteries- The Best Choice

Consumers prefer lithium ion batteries to ensure a long run time. It is more commonly preferred for electrical appliances and other power supplies. Such batteries utilize only half of the amount of nickel-cadmium.

From installing the batteries at your homes, offices, factories, and industries for comfort to using them in your vehicles to set out on a long trip, never fails to impress its customers.

Categories of lithium ion battery- All About Composition

The substance used in lithium ion batteries dictates the category of lithium ion batteries manufactured by They are discussed below.

  • lithium ionPhosphate Battery

lithium ion phosphate is used in batteries that are preferred to use a larger scale. Phosphate is known for having raw materials in the cathode. Consumers are geared to buy batteries that have lithium ion phosphate because the prices of these batteries are comparatively very less. lithium ion batteries are more resistant to some unpleasant conditions if occur, like those of overcharging and increased temperature.

Know that the lithium ion phosphate batteries have an energy density that is comparatively higher than any other battery. Li3PO4 is the key example lithium ion phosphate battery with high energy density.

Ternary lithium ion Battery

Ternary lithium batteries manufactured at are composed of various elements including Aluminum, Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese. The presence of nickel enhances the energy density of the product. Cobalt ensures the stability of the battery. Whereas aluminum and manganese are the sides yet supporting elements sued inside the batteries. Supporting elements reduce the cost incurred of the batteries.

Ternary lithium ion batteries perform efficiently than the one mentioned above. However, the importance of the former could not be denied as it is used for some other purposes.

These batteries are very well known among customers globally because of the below-mentioned benefits it is offering.

Categories of lithium ion battery, All About Energy

Like  most lithium ion battery companies, lithium ion batteries at are categorized according to voltage. There are six categories based on volt, which includes high volt lithium ion battery, 72v lithium ion battery, 48v lithium ion battery, 36v lithium ion battery, 24v lithium ion battery, 12v lithium ion battery. The current denoted in amperes varies with the batteries of a different volt.

All of them are used for various purposes. Such as, heavy-duty equipment requires the installation of high volt lithium batteries that can be 460 volts or even more than that. While the small everyday electrical equipment can work efficiently only on 12 volts.

Takomabattery lithium ion battery products

Apart from these some of the lithium ion batteries are given below.

Rack Mounted lithium ion Batteries

Rack-mounted series of lithium ion batteries provide voltages of either 192 volts or 384 volts. provides easy installation to the customers. They provide them with the thorough cleaning of the inverter and gives a warranty for repair within 90 days.

Rack Mounted lithium ion Batteries

Their product has undergone shading tests. Thus, making it a reliable and valid product.

Wall Power lithium ion Batteries

Wall-power lithium ions battery takes up very little space in the house. The consumer can easily put these over the walls. Wall-power lithium ion battery comes in 48 volts along with various amperes unit (A) 200Ah, 150 Ah, 100 Ah, and 50Ah.

TAKOMABATTERY Wall Power lithium ion Batteries provides you with the maintenance warranty of the mentioned product. As it is very easy to install, thus lowers the cost for the user.

lithium ion Replaces Lead Acid Battery will convert your lead acid battery to lithium ion in a very convenient manner. Lead-acid batteries are not environmentally and user friendly. Their span is also very low. So, lithium ion provides all the unmatched benefits. The cycle time can be increased by 6000 folds with lithium ion. Lithium battery replacement lead acid has become a big trend.

12v lithium ion batteries manufacture

Application of lithium ion Batteries

Refer to the definition of batteries you will get to know that all the batteries are storage devices of electricity. However, in the practical application, lithium ion batteries can be the energy storage lithium ion or power lithium ion.

Application of the lithium ion Batteries

Power lithium ion Battery

power lithium ion battery

power lithium ion batteries are mostly used in electrical equipment. Those include electric vehicles i.e., bikes, automobiles, cars, and various other electrical appliances at home.

Energy Storage Lithium Battery

Energy storage lithium ion batteries are mostly used in heavy-duty work. Such as sites of loading and unloading the material, power regulation authorities, vast energy grids, hydropower, wind power, solar power, high-grade UPS power supply, other digital instruments, and microgrid.

takoma energy storage system

Benefits of the lithium ion Batteries

There are various advantages of choosing Takoma over other lithium ion battery companies. Some of them are internal, solely related to the composition and features of the battery. However, the rest are external which makes the battery easily available to the consumers in the marketplace. All of these proves that Takoma is the best lithium ion battery company you can choose.

Provides High Energy Density

When the energy density is higher, the smaller batteries will work efficiently in place of larger batteries with high battery compositions. Such is the case with batteries.

Life Cycle

The Cost-effectiveness of the batteries is also hidden in the fact that it has increased the life cycle. Thus, making it possible for the customers to use the battery they have brought once for longer periods.

Moreover, lower discharge rates of the batteries add to the battery life. Since only about one to five percent of the battery is said to be discharged every month. Thus, extending the overall battery life.

Safe to Use

Battery management system is one of the main counter parts for the protection of lithium ion batteries. It comminucates with any other external device connected and manages, voltage, temperature which keeps the battery safe to use.

Easy Maintenance

These products do not demand periodic maintenance. Once purchased, can be used over time. A piece of easy-to-maintain equipment is hassle-free and consumer-friendly.Thus more and more people are coming to lithium ion battery companies to purchase it with every passing day.

Comply with Policies

Complying with policies is very important for cross-border lithium ion battery companies.The support of the government to the for selling its products worldwide is one of the major privileges. in compliance with government policies and procedures shipped its products and do not face any hurdle. Many of the consumers are shifting to use lithium ion batteries due to convenient reach and better performance.

What Makes Stand Out from the Competition?

Out of all the lithium ion battery companies , stands out from the competition. Following strengths are the cornerstones of their outstanding performance.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the hallmark of success. Cells with industrial benchmarking like EVE cells, CATL, 12V battery with 48 hours of long-lasting charging which can cover 6000 cycles makes these products more demanding.

Enhanced Efficiency

The company can deliver the products in as little as seven to ten days if the manufacturing demand is for a sample battery of lithium ion. However, the bulk products can be shipped during fifteen to forty-five days only. Teamwork has led to achieving such goals.

Strong Research and Development

The research and development section of is performing above and beyond expectations because of the continuous efforts and collaborative approach of almost 60 highly skilled employees. The team of sixty have more than fourteen years of experience in carrying out research and developmental project for lithium ion batteries. The research and developmental tools have forty-eight patented technologies to come up with valid and reliable results.

The technological development and innovation capabilities of an enterprise are the core of an enterprise’s competitiveness. TAKOMABATTERY always puts the enhancement of the company’s R&D strength and independent innovation capability construction in the prominent position of the company’s development. The company continues to increase R&D investment, with an average annual R&D expenditure accounting for more than 30% of operating income. The company will continue to increase its investment in R&D in the future, and strengthen the company’s core competitiveness through continuous improvement of independent innovation capabilities.

Research and development of lithium batteries

As a professional lithium ion battery company We have professional battery production, testing equipment and technical reserves in the industry, and can provide you with the following services:
1) Testing of electrical parameters of electrical appliances (working current, working voltage, self-consumption, ripple, temperature rise, working conditions, high and low temperature testing, etc.);
2) Customer battery product safety performance test (overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, squeeze, burning, needle stick, high temperature shock, low air pressure simulation, vibration, drop, etc.);
3) Power supply scheme design and customization: charging circuit design, protection circuit design, and battery product scheme design;
4) Provide battery design, manufacturing and services that meet customer product performance requirements, safety, reliability, and cost-effective advantages.

Lithium Ion Battery Testing Center

TAKOMABATTERY has established a lithium battery battery test center in accordance with UL1642, CB, CE, GB18287:2013 and other safety standards, which is mainly responsible for product safety performance testing during the development, trial production and mass production of new products.
The company has high-end test equipment, such as battery test cabinets, power battery testing systems, thermal shock test chambers, constant temperature and humidity chambers, extrusion testers, acupuncture testers, overcharge and overdischarge test cabinets, etc.

Lithium Battery Testing Center

Lithium battery smart manufacturing

Our lithium ion battery company’s production equipment is domestic advanced automation equipment, such as automatic veneer pad equipment, automatic assembly machine, automatic spot welding equipment, protection board test equipment, lithium battery component test system, etc.
Our lithium ion battery company has a group of experienced production managers and industrial workers in the lithium battery industry to provide a basic guarantee for the superior battery product quality.

Lithium battery smart manufacturing

Jiangsu lithium ion battery Factory: Located in Dongcheng Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, with a factory area of 10,000 square meters and 300 employees, it is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of lithium-ion power batteries, BMS battery management systems, and lithium battery echelon utilization. Technology enterprises.

Dongguan lithium ion battery Factory: Located in Tuopai Industrial Park, Dalingshan, Dongguan, with a factory area of 30,000 square meters and 500 employees, it mainly develops and manufactures lithium-ion power battery packs and management systems for electric vehicles, lithium-ion power battery modules, and chargers. , Motor controllers, vehicle controllers, automotive multimedia and navigation systems and other key components of electric vehicles.

Quality control

Quality policy: full participation, continuous improvement, customer first, quality first
The quality policy determines the quality purpose and direction, including the commitment to meet the requirements and continuous improvement, and is compatible with the company’s purpose, and provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
The quality policy embodies the commitment to meet customer needs, exceed customer expectations, and continue to improve.

Quality goal
The qualified rate of incoming batches is ≥96%
Qualified rate of warehousing batch ≥98%
Number of customer complaints ≤ 2 times/month
Sporadic return rate ≤800PPM
What is lithium ion battery company flow chart in quality control?

What is lithium ion battery flow chart in quality control?

Customer Service

If the product does not meet the needs and reach the satisfaction of the customers, then a return policy is there to serve them. Although the battery comes with ten years warranty. However, in the case of a low-quality product, it will be returned to the company within just ten days. All this is for making the sales and purchase easier for the clients.


lithium ion battery packs here have earned these certifications, UN38.3, CE, MSDS, FCC, ROHS, UL, and BIS. In addition to this, the awards and recognition of family business award, excellence in exporting, safety award, construction excellence, sales excellence award, top leading global trade award is awarded for the exceptional services performed by the team of

12v lithium ion battery certification

Grade A Battery Cells Only is working on its promising future. Its goal is to become a lithium ion battery companies manufacture the batteries with grade A cells only. It is because Grade A is considered more standardized than any other battery cell.

Standards of Battery

The battery standards maintained by include low temperature, high temperature, explosion-proof, and lithium titanate batteries.

Strengths of is now engaging itself with clean and green projects initiate to promote sustainability. They are introducing smarter ways to handle electro-volt charging. It is now easier to charge the batteries on the roadside

Highly Efficient Cells

Highly efficient cells are manufactured for the clients both for short- and long-term projects and installation. Solar sections on a commercial scale are manufactured and supplied to a huge network of clients globally.

Their efficient cells include bifacial, mono PERC, and multi solar cells. They work in collaboration with close allies for supply includes SEIA, a U.S-based organization.

In addition to this, PV cells are here to serve all the broad range purposes including installations on rooftops be it private offices, industrial, or commercial arenas. They are also utilized in generators and power plants.

Reliability and Performance

Reliability and performance are promising with the constant struggle for finding new ways for cost-effectiveness. Double side light capture is a new feature that captures light and gives high power output voltage at a minimum cost conceivable.

As mentioned above, deals in a bifacial module that are available in unique and attractive designs, high power density, and low deprivation of the batteries. These are made up of high-quality material termed pure silicon. They will in turn provide high quality and enhanced efficiency.

Installation of Tycrorun Products

The company designs the system for your hydropower plants, wind turbines, solar panels to be shipped as soon as it is ready to your doorstep. Installation of the system through local contractors or the expert team of is totally up to you.

Even after installation is done. contractors are just one call away. The company is eager to serve you.


Besides manufacturing lithium ion batteries, is geared towards a sustainable competitive advantage as well. The company has its complete focus on you. It has strived its level best to provide its potential customers with value-driven and innovative product ideas.

Financing, sourcing, and supply chain expertise have paved the path to generating leads for the company. The company patiently awaits to provide all its customers with the below-mentioned perks and privileges.

Money Saver

The one-time installation will lower your bills and provides you with long-lasting comfort. Thus, enhance the value of your home along with comfort. Invest with, you will never regret that!

Conserve Energy

Let the natural resources run your homes, offices, industries, factories, and every other place around the corner. Sun is providing enough energy throughout the day. Now you have to conserve that energy by designing solar power systems with

Consult and Plan

Takoma is a lithium ion battery companies that can provide customized solutions.Firstly, the company will consult with you about your needs and requirements. Then make a blueprint or plan to install at your desired place. it all begins by planning with

Initiate Working

Once the team and client have decided how to proceed collaboratively, then the certified engineers will take up the role and perform accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Many ideas are hovering over the minds of the consumer, but the point is to pitch those ideas and align them. The experts at are born to provide innovative ideas and then plan the work accordingly. From the development of the plan to the installation of the final product and even for the after-sale services, the Takoma lithium ion battery company is just a call away. So, make the plans and continue to grow with for your energy conservation and proper utilization of products.

Need lithium ion battery?

2021 Best lithium ion battery Manufacturers and Suppliers from China for Selling 12v lithium ion battery, 48v lithium ion battery, 12v 7ah battery, 12v solar battery charger, 12v 100ah lithium ion battery and other lithium Ion Battery.

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Rack-mounted lithium ion battery

Rack-mounted is easy to series,and parallel the Voltage to 192V or 384V Lithium Ion battery.

Wall-power lithium ion battery

The solar battery home storage system, it can put on the wall, Save the space, and safety. Providing 48v lithium ion battery,50Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah.

Lithium ion Replace lead acid battery

Lithium ion replace lead acid battery we can series or parallel the 12v battery pack and any v & ah you want to design.Used more 12v 50ah,12v 100ah,12v 200ah.

Join our team to get experienced advice

We have nearly 20 years of OEM&ODM experience in this area of lithium battery production and we strive to achieve the following vision: to control the energy for a better life.
We understand that nothing is more important than the enery, environment and future for us and the next generations, through its many transitions. We are here to help you. The mission of Tycorun Energy is to provide the clients with the best lithium battery, and help build a green environment for now and the future with our professional skills and experience.

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