Reference guide to choosing a chainsaw battery and FAQs

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Reference guide to choosing a chainsaw battery and FAQs

Chainsaws have significantly improved due to the continual developments in electrical technology and batteries. Electric power tools are quieter, produce less pollution, and need little upkeep. For modest applications, battery-powered chainsaws have outperformed their gas-powered equivalents in efficiency and dependability. The type of chainsaw battery employ plays a crucial role in determining the efficiency of the chainsaw.

In this post, let us learn everything there is to know about battery-powered chainsaws; we will also learn about the most preferred chainsaw battery.

Is a battery chainsaw worth it

For simpler operations, battery-powered chainsaws can be a great option and are sufficient. They have considerable power to perform various simple and even tricky tasks thanks to recent advancements in battery technology. All have to do to get going is put the battery in it. Here are a few of the critical benefits of a battery-powered chainsaw:

It has improved spatial mobility and can access lofty branches.
Compared to other options, it does not make much noise.
Due to the absence of many mechanical parts, very minimal maintenance is required.
The majority of models are lightweight and portable.
With no emissions, it is environmentally friendly.
Due to lower maintenance costs and no gas requirement, it is less expensive to own.

What is a suitable voltage for a chainsaw

What is a suitable voltage for a chainsaw

A chainsaw battery uses voltage to gauge its strength. While some chainsaws operated by batteries utilize numerous 18-volt batteries, others just need a single 20-volt battery. Some high-end chainsaws can use 80-volt and 40-volt chainsaw high voltage battery.

Another critical factor is the number of amps needed for a chainsaw battery. Compared to a 12-amp cell, an 8-amp chainsaw battery is suitable for light-duty operations. The most powerful electric chainsaws use batteries that are 15 amps. The amps required for a chainsaw battery may be determined based on operations and usage concerning power requirements.

What factors should be considered while buying a chainsaw battery

It is crucial to consider a few considerations when purchasing a chainsaw battery. The best chainsaw battery can be selected based on the following factors:
Life cycle:
A chainsaw battery comes in various ranges. Even though battery life will fluctuate, it is still vital to consider it. The average hours is crucial to consider when making choice. Different battery chainsaws have various run times. The most commonly used lithium iron phosphate battery has a lifespan of more than 4000 cycles.

The chainsaw’s size and use determine the chainsaw battery size. Batteries for heavy-duty chainsaws are hefty. Small size batteries are typically favored since they are convenient to carry and increase work efficiency. Due to their small size and high power efficiency, lithium-ion batteries as high density battery are a preferable option in this aspect.

What factors should be considered while buying a chainsaw battery

The weight of the chainsaw battery varies. The most effective ones weigh 12 to 15 pounds. It can be challenging to carry them, and dragging one along is more demanding than chopping. For novices, a battery chainsaw that is less in weight is ideal.

Motor power:
Although all battery-powered chainsaws utilize batteries, they do not all have the same motor power. Battery chainsaws can have brushless or conventional motors. Because brushless motors produce less friction, they are more effective.  As a result, the battery may last longer between charges, and increased motor power is also a result of decreased friction. It is possible to guarantee that operating the saw is efficient and comfortable by aligning the uses to the power requirements.

Battery discharge that occurs more or less swiftly without any electrical consumers attached is referred to as self-discharge. A chainsaw battery with a lower self-discharge rate is preferable. Self-discharge rates for Li-ion rechargeable batteries range from 1.5 to 2 percent each month, which is relatively slight.

Memory effect:
Batteries quickly lose functional capacity when frequently recharged after being only half depleted because the operating voltage is lower, which in turn lowers efficiency. However, an effective chainsaw battery, such as the lithium-ion battery, is said not to have a memory effect.

Environment friendly:
Some batteries produce airborne contaminants that are hazardous to the environment. But because lithium-ion batteries are less likely to contain harmful metals than conventional batteries are, they are typically regarded as environmentally friendly alternatives.

What is the best battery to operate a chainsaw

One of the best battery options for battery-operated chainsaws is lithium-ion technology. Lithium-ion batteries are the power source for the majority of battery-operated chainsaws. They are highly preferred since they create more extraordinary power, can charge in just an hour, and are also lightweight.

These batteries are also more stable and have a higher rate of rechargeability. Incorporating the above references and comparing with other rechargeable batteries, they often have a better power density, greater voltage capacity, and a lower self-discharge rate. As a result, they offer enhanced power efficiency to chainsaws.

What is the best battery to operate a chainsaw

How long will a lithium battery-powered chainsaw last

Comes to the life cycle, the majority of battery-operated chainsaws can run for up to two hours. However, more excellent power cells can operate for considerably longer, like lithium-ion batteries. After one hour of charging, a standard lithium-ion battery may be used for up to eight hours. Further, a battery-powered chainsaw has a life expectancy of at least ten years.

Do battery-powered chainsaws need oil

Since battery-operated chainsaws are fueled by electricity instead of fuel or oil, they do not need this additional oil. However, the bar and chain still need to be properly oiled—oil aids the chain and engine’s smooth and effortless operation. The chain and guide bar require oil for lubrication and protection. The guide bar is shielded from harm and overheating by the oil that has dropped on it.

How do you charge a chainsaw battery

A battery-powered chainsaw is incredibly simple to charge. Simply plug the chainsaw into the power source and flip on the switch, the charging can be completed in 1-2 hours. It should be noted that the battery charger needs to be unpluged in time after charging to avoid overcharging the battery and affecting the battery health.

How do you charge a chainsaw battery

Why did my battery chainsaw stop working

When battery chainsaw may stop working for several different reasons. The battery might need to be replaced since it is defective. The battery will not likely be the problem if it still would not start. It may be necessary to replace a malfunctioning spark plug. Remove it to check if the spark plug is soiled, fractured, eroded, or broken. A burned-out electrode or a significant accumulation of carbon are other possibilities. If any problems exist with the spark plug, get a new one.


Can you use a lawn mower battery in a chainsaw

A single battery can serve several purposes. The lithium lawn mower battery may also work in other electronic equipment, including chainsaws. A lithium-ion battery can easily power a chainsaw and a lawnmower. But it needs battery parameters, especially voltage, and battery size to match chainsaw.

What size chainsaw do I need to cut down a tree

The size of chainsaw we should choose depends on the diameter of the wood from the trees will be cutting. As a general rule, pick a chainsaw with a blade two inches larger than the size of the object need to cut. For example, a 12-inch chainsaw is required to chop a tree that is 10″ in diameter.

What size chainsaw do I need to cut down a tree

How do you clean a chainsaw chain before sharpening it

There is a straightforward process to follow in cleaning a chainsaw chain. Just spray them and give them a little time to soak. After that, use a toothbrush to scrape both sides of them; this typically cleans the gullet. To remove moisture from the crevices, follow that with a water rinse and an air gun.

Can you use a battery chainsaw in the rain

It is best not to operate a battery chainsaw when it is raining. A wet battery-powered chainsaw may not only have the possibility of rusted blades but also be useless in general. Moving components included in chainsaws are susceptible to rust and corrosion when exposed to wetness. It’s not just the chainsaw that’s the problem, it’s generally more dangerous to use a chainsaw outdoors when it’s raining.

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