Ultimate Buying Guide For Lithium Polymer Battery

lithium ion polymer battery

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Difference between lithium-ion battery & lithium polymer battery

Ultimate Buying Guide For Lithium Polymer Battery

  1. What is lithium polymer battery?
  2. How lithium polymer battery is different from lithium-ion polymer battery?
    1. Lithium Polymer Battery
    2. Manufacturing Difference
    3. Lithium-ion Battery
    4. Manufacturing Difference
    5. Shape & Size Difference
  3. Explain different advantages of lithium polymer battery?
    1. Highly Durable & Reliable
    2. Highly Efficient
    3. Easy Maintenance
    4. Higher Energy Rate
    5. Thin Size & Less Weight
    6. Charging Ratio
    7. Longer Lifecycle with Less Resistance
    8. Easy Customization
    9. Comfortable & Safe to use
  4. In which devices you can use lithium polymer battery?
    1. Usage in Personal Devices
    2. Gaming Devices
    3. Remote Devices
    4. Other Uses
  5. How to keep lithium polymer battery in good shape?
    1. Avoid Overcharging
    2. Never use High Voltage Current Rate during Charging
    3. Temperature
    4. Correct Charging Method
    5. Avoid Complete Discharging
  6. Why lithium polymer battery remain longer?
    1. High Density Electrolytes
    2. Constant energy Rate
    3. Great Characteristics in Charging & Discharging Cycle
  7. How to choose the best lithium polymer battery?
    1. Voltage Rate
    2. Different Voltages
    3. Storage Capacity
    4. Chemical Composition
    5. Cycles
    6. Lifespan
  8. What are the uses of lithium polymer battery packs?
    1. Use as Power Backup
    2. Use in RVs
    3. Solar Power Usage
    4. Uses in Marine Applications
  9. Explain different features of lithium polymer battery?
    1. Small Volume with different specifications
    2. Charging Behavior
    3. Flexible Design & Multiple Shapes
    4. Series Charging Method
    5. Parallel Charging Method

Several lithium batteries are made for different kind of purposes these batteries are very strong to run multiple kind of appliances.
Lithium-ion polymer battery is a strong type of lithium battery which is highly conductive for covering large amount of current needs when your application is running out of electricity shortage.

Many manufacturers made lithium polymer battery for better operation and less current resistance and this guide is going to explain about all the uses and other key features of this battery.

What is lithium polymer battery?

3.7V lithium Polymer Battery

3.7V lithium Polymer Battery
Lithium polymer batteries also known as LiPo batteries these batteries are highly used in different electrical consumer devices that require high power energy and longer discharging time.
Polymer batteries are getting praised from many industries where there use is becoming more popular for highly better working ability.
These lithium polymer batteries provide numerous benefits over the drawbacks if a battery is reliable enough to be used in any kind of equipment then you need to look into its benefits rather than looking for its errors.

Lithium elements are lighter in weight and can be easily adjusted in small storage devices like cell phone batteries mostly based on lithium-polymer electrolytes for longer storage run.
For the same volume, polymer batteries can contain higher capacity to provide current with high and efficient energy rate to achieve better performance from a battery.

How lithium polymer battery is different from lithium-ion polymer battery?

Difference between lithium-ion battery & lithium polymer batteryAs both of the batteries are of lithium nature in which lithium element is the main component but the working ability and manufacturing structure is different from each other.

Lithium Polymer Battery

In this type of lithium battery polymer electrolytes are used for the mechanism of storing current in the battery along with lithium elements, in lithium polymer batteries variety of inner elements that are used to make the battery better in working are mostly solid base or semi-solid like gel type materials.

Manufacturing Difference

As I mentioned earlier in lithium polymer batteries electrolytes in which current is stored in this battery are of non-liquid type which makes the battery to remain in discharging state for longer time cycle.

Lithium-ion Battery

In lithium-ion battery the ions are used to store charges in electrolytes and these ions are made up with the combination of lithium with Sulphate elements or may be with other dense elements to make best battery for storage purpose.

Manufacturing Difference

As in lithium polymer batteries, polymers are used to store electrical energy as these polymers are of highly deep nature which makes the battery to last for longer time cycle.
Lithium polymer batteries are more compact in size as compared to lithium-ion batteries because lithium-ion batteries require large space sometime to adjust number of lithium-ion particles inside them.
Most of lead and AGM battery types use liquid type electrolytes for storing electrical charges that is why they are not much durable and comfortable to work with multiple appliances that require deep cycling operation.

Shape & Size Difference

Many of the lithium polymer batteries are made in a thin size to be easily installed in the mobile phones and laptops. These batteries are highly durable with higher deep cycle working operation time as compared to other large size AGM batteries.

Explain different advantages of lithium polymer battery?

Different size lithium polymer batteries

Highly Durable & Reliable

Different size lithium polymer batteries-Photo Credits: Battery Power
The advantages of using lithium-ion polymer battery can fix your numerous sorts of problems that you face on regular basis while using a battery.
Highly Durable & Reliable
According to several battery experts most of the lithium-ion polymer batteries can provide you durable work experience that you can not find with other batteries, in this regard your applications can run with less drain failure errors and other problems.

Highly Efficient

Most of the batteries can not provide you the required voltage in an efficient way like the lithium-ion polymer based battery does because of its inner structure is based on solid elements that can provide consistent form of energy for many hours without deficiency.
Efficiency of a battery defines its level of voltage that it can provide along with the number of hours.

Easy Maintenance

Most of the lead batteries are very hard to cope when they face any kind of problem during the working but lithium polymer batteries are will be no maintenance required and very less chances of problem that can occur during the charging cycle or discharging cycle.
Maintenance of polymer electrolytes can be easily dealt with digitally by comparing the cell ratio to other batteries.

Higher Energy Rate

The energy density of lithium polymer based battery is always remain higher because of the cathodic material which is used in this battery and equal weight lithium polymer batteries have solid ions that store electric energy more effectively in the electrolytes with less retarding force.

Thin Size & Less Weight

As the battery is formed in a rectangular form with a thin thickness to be easily stored in the different kinds of portable devices.
In comparison to other sorts of lead and AGM batteries lithium-ion polymer batteries are lighter in weight but very durable and reliable as compared to their size.

Charging Ratio

Portable devices having lithium polymer battery, usually remain in good shape if we charge them in an appropriate way this will help your battery to remain longer than its actual life.
You may have noticed that we charge these devices may be once or twice in a day and use them without any problem of battery low this is because these batteries have polymer electrolytes that remain longer when charged once.

Longer Lifecycle with Less Resistance

Lithium-ion polymer battery is one of the most widely used battery type for different kinds of appliances because of its impactful life cycle.
And when you install this battery with your electrical device there will be very less resistance that will work against the flow of current as compared to other batteries.

Easy Customization

It will be easy for you to customize the lithium polymer battery in any shape as you required to store it in a device because these lithium polymer plates can be easily adjusted in any angle without any problem.

Comfortable & Safe to use

Most of the batteries have performance problem when installed with a deep cycle application or may get heat up during the discharging or charging cycle but you do not have to worry about these kind of problems when you are using a lithium polymer battery if you operate it under the good weather conditions and at good installing area.
It is comfortable to use this battery because it will provide you better charging and discharging cycles with much ease and safety.

In which devices you can use lithium polymer battery?

Lithium polymer batteries for DroneThere are numerous kind of electronic devices in which lithium polymer battery is used for their proper functioning and efficient working.

Usage in Personal Devices

In the modern world every person uses its own device which we call cell phone or laptop these devices are become our life partners in multiple ways and these devices contain lithium polymer battery types for high performance rate and efficient working.
This battery type is very reliable to use in such kind of small devices because of their easy fit solution and other helpful characteristics regarding their charging and discharging cycle.

Gaming Devices

Different gaming electronic devices use lithium polymer cell for a specific kind of work for instance, consoles that we use in video games help us to connect with the in screen player easily by providing the required amount of energy from the lithium polymer battery.
Wireless headphones, and different peripheral devices like mouse, keyboard they all use lithium-ion polymer batteries for their working.

Remote Devices

Some of the other devices that we use to control or to perform specific kind of functions they also use lithium polymer battery. Electric cigarettes are now become trend in the modern world to de throne other cigarettes and these electric devices also use this battery for their functioning.
Different kind of remote systems like wireless servers that provide internet functionality from one are to the other they also have lithium polymer batteries stored inside to work as a backup when electricity problem occurs.

Other Uses

Different backup devices also store lithium polymer battery types for providing energy to different devices that covers the charging problem of many appliances like power banks and other systems that we use as backup solution to provide energy to portable devices use this battery.
Because of their higher energy density rate these lithium polymer batteries are now getting more praise from different fields as most of the customers find this battery as a powerful solution for multiple usage in different kind of devices.

How to keep lithium polymer battery in good shape?

Lithium polymer battery packThere are some key points that you need to keep in mind when working with a lithium polymer battery for the well being of the battery and for keeping the battery in good shape.

Avoid Overcharging

Whenever you are charging your device that holds the lithium polymer battery inside try to keep the charging level lower than 100%.
Immediately remove the charger when you see your device is charged up to its maximum level as it will help your battery to not drain and work at the same rate in which it was doing before.

Never use High Voltage Current Rate during Charging

Some of the devices have the capacity to charge at the maximum voltage rate while, others do not charge when put on the high voltage charger because of their battery structure is not designed to work in such a way.
For that reason check the behavior of the lithium polymer battery before putting higher voltage charger on it.


When you are working with the lithium polymer battery you need to careful with the temperature rate as this battery is designed to function in a temperature started from -20 degree C to 60 degree C.
Do not put the battery where temperature is higher than the given rate as it will affect your battery health and also its working ability.

Correct Charging Method

Always use the correct charging method to charge a lithium polymer battery device and as I explained earlier do not use a charger of high voltage if the battery is not supporting it.

Avoid Complete Discharging

Sometimes you may face a problem with the complete discharging as most of the devices at that point got shut down or remain dead this is because the electrolytes have no charge remain in them to provide energy to the device.
So, to avoid this kind of error, try to skip the use of device when you see it is low in terms of charging and put on the charger for better experience.

Why lithium polymer battery remain longer?

1,500mAh Lithium polymer battery packA typical lithium polymer battery is designed in such a way that you can get high rate of energy for longer time period.

High Density Electrolytes

As lithium polymer battery contain polymer electrolytes and these electrolytes have the tendency to store greater amount of charges for longer time cycle as compared to other batteries.

Constant energy Rate

When the lithium-ion polymer battery is completely charged it will provide energy rate at a constant speed without making over voltage rate or lower voltage rate as this will benefit the battery health to stay in a quality shape for longer run.

Great Characteristics in Charging & Discharging Cycle

As the ability of lithium polymer battery to remain longer than its usual life cycle this is because of its charging & discharging cycle characteristics and these characteristics define the nature of the battery as this battery is made throughout best practices which makes this battery better than other batteries.

How to choose the best lithium polymer battery?

Lithium polymer batterySome of the key factors can help you to find the best lithium polymer battery type for your personal or business use and here are some of these points that you must need to look when selecting a battery.

Voltage Rate

You need to make sure that what are the specific voltages that you want from a battery as this will help you to achieve the best battery type for your application.
This voltage selection is highly based on the type of device that you are using that have a lithium polymer battery inside it.

Different Voltages

Most of the lithium polymer batteries that are rechargeable they usually provide 12V that is mostly used in small type of devices.
But this voltage rate is not fixed some of the higher cells use 24V or even 48V rate to provide power to multiple appliances at the same time.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity of a battery defines the battery manufacturing level and up to what extent the battery can store electrical charges within the speculated time period.
Probably Ah level in a battery defines its storage capacity that how much current a battery can store in its powerful electrolytes.
In lithium polymer battery, comparing to its size and weight this battery type is very efficient and highly adorable for storing high electric charges.

Chemical Composition

Always choose a lithium polymer battery that has the best combination of chemicals regarding its manufacturing level as most of lithium battery manufacturers use low quality lithium elements.
Try to use a battery with the best composition of lithium and polymer elements as composition of elements in a battery defines the inner quality of a battery.


Charging and discharging cycles of a battery also help you to select a best battery type for your usage and trust me there is no other battery type which is best in its charging & discharging cycle as compared to lithium polymer battery.
Even you can charge the battery if it is half discharged and there will be no effect on the battery regarding its life and performance rate as lithium polymer battery is designed in this way.


Most of the batteries when you use them in small portable devices they can not perform well or started to drain after an year but lithium polymer batteries are can remain in good health for more than 3 years if you use them properly.
These are some of the key points that you need to remember when you are selecting a battery for your electrical device.

What are the uses of lithium polymer battery packs?

Lithium polymer battery packs with droneWhen multiple lithium polymer cells combined together they appear as a pack to store large amount of energy to run multiple appliances.

Use as Power Backup

Different industries use uninterrupted power supply as a backup when they face any kind of electricity shortage they utilize the stored energy from lithium polymer battery packs to operate multiple gadgets.

Use in RVs

Most of the recreational vehicles also have lithium polymer packs installed inside them that provide them enough energy to operate the inner electric devices that are stored in the RV.

These battery packs are powerful enough to facilitate you any way so that you can easily work with the inner devices.

Solar Power Usage

Different solar systems use powerful battery packs to store electrical charges for longer purpose and to provide backup to a specific home system or office.
These battery packs can also be made with the combination of lithium polymer cells for more durable backup solution in solar power system.

Uses in Marine Applications

Some of the marine systems like ships and boats they also install lithium polymer battery packs for the purpose to serve energy to different appliances that are installed inside the marine boat.
Submarine is such kind of example that uses lithium polymer packs, these battery packs are usually installed to run deep cycle applications like signal radiation detection or for communication purpose to provide energy to different servers.

Explain different features of lithium polymer battery?

Connection of lithium polymer batteriesAs compared to other battery types like lead acid or AGM lithium polymer battery types can provide you some important features that will not be found in other battery types.

Small Volume with different specifications

Lithium polymer-ion battery types are comparatively small in volume because of their dense elements storage in a small size battery but this battery can provide you higher voltage which is such a key fact depending upon the battery specifications.

Charging Behavior

Some of the batteries started do drain or can not perform well when you often charge them at the half discharging level but lithium polymer battery can be charged at any point as the manufacturing of this battery is done in such a way to handle every kind of charging mode.

Flexible Design & Multiple Shapes

Lithium-ion polymer batteries are designed in multiple shapes according to the device requirement so that they can be installed properly without any installation error.
Flexibility in the design of lithium polymer battery types is because of their outer cover that holds all the important elements inside with much ease.
Plastic coated outer surface of the battery protect the inner elements even if your device got heat up or face any kind of temperature changes.

Lithium polymer batteriesBoth series and parallel charging methods can be used in charging the lithium polymer battery types here are some of the differences between these two charging methods but these methods can only be used by experts and do not try it at home.

Series Charging Method

Most of the manufacturers said that it is more reliable to charge your lithium polymer battery in series mode and you can do this by using a multi-bank based charger which will deliver the equal amount of charges to every electrolyte of the battery.
In this way you can charge multiple batteries at the same time without depending on one another. Each battery will get its own electric power from the bank to charge itself.

Parallel Charging Method

In this technique multiple batteries are connected with each other depending upon one another for the charging purpose.
And to charge lithium polymer battery types in parallel way you need to read the precautions carefully and follow the given manual but it is not easy way to charge these batteries.
One should always prefer the easy and simple way to handle the charging purpose of multiple batteries and that is series method which is much easy and reliable as well.

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