All you should know about drone battery

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All you should know about drone battery

Drones were first introduced to the world in the mid-1980s by the military and the aerospace industry. The drone has found its way to the mainstream industries and into our homes.

This unmanned aerial device is light and needs all its parts to be highly efficient and light in weight. Just like any other thing, it also needs a source of energy to keep going. It needs a heartbeat. The drone battery are the heartbeats without lithium ion battery for drone which the drone will stall or die.

There are many types of drones with different components and functions. Each drone needs a reliable battery for it to fly. The power in the drone battery and the time required for it to fully charge must be put into consideration by users.

Each drone needs a reliable battery for it to fly

What to look out for in a drone battery

Choosing the right batteries will save you a lot of trouble in the end. Check that the battery has safety certification and features. Sift through the drone battery manufacturers’ official websites if you have to but ensure you have gone through it before purchase.

Look for a hard plastic shell as opposed to a soft plastic casing. If it refers to packaging on the outside of the battery, it should only affect the battery when the drone crashes. It may damage the battery in the soft shell package and cause safety hazards such as fire and explosion. Drone battery manufacturers prefer the softer one because it brings down the cost.

Take your time, do some more research and select the right drone battery charger for your lithium ion battery for drone. A programmable drone battery charger is best despite the extra cost and with good reason. It will allow you to check if the battery is charging and discharging as it should. Ideally, the drone battery charger and battery should be from the same drone battery manufacturers.

The connector is also important. It will determine how simple or how complex a battery change will be. Ensure that the battery connector is compatible with your drone. Always go for a brand you are familiar with to save yourself beginner trouble and headaches.

What kind of battery is used in drones

Every drone has different needs and therefore different batteries. The most popular and best lithium ion battery for drone is the Lithium Polymer battery simply known as Lipo battery. There is more than one good reason for this:
I.They can hold and deliver considerable amounts of energy.
II.Are lightweight and compact.
III.Can be made into any shape or size so fits all drone designs.
IV.They maintain constant power output during discharge.
V.Have high discharge rates so charge quickly.
VI.Do not suffer memory effects, unlike other versions such lead-acid, nickel-chromium batteries.
The battery you select is based on the motors and propellers you have on your drone. The motors and propellers you choose will rely on the size of your drone.

he battery you select is based on the motors and propellers you have on your drone

Lithium-ion battery for the drone.

Lithium-ion battery for the drone

Though lithium batteries require you to dig deeper into your pockets, you will undoubtedly get value for your money.

Lithium batteries last longer than any other battery. They also store more charge and take longer before they begin to degrade. By choosing Lithium batteries for your drone, you will be able to fly higher and for longer! What more could a drone owner ask for?

How to safely charge Lithium drone batteries

A drone is more likely to catch fire when charging using incorrect charging methods. You have to learn how to correctly charge the drone and possess safe fire containment measures in place to avoid losses brought about by fire. You cannot afford to plug in the drone battery charger and go to bed as you would your mobile phone. Keep an eye open.

It is smart to assume that the cheaper lithium ion drone battery brands will catch fire at some point and prepare for it. The same caution should be taken when charging unfamiliar brands as you do not know how they behave under different conditions.

Whenever possible, charge your drone batteries outside and away from direct sunlight so they don’t overheat. Also, have them in an area far from objects that catch fire easily like dry leaves and so on. You do not want a fire to get out of hand.

Keep a bucket of sand nearby and some source of water in case of a fire emergency. And whatever you do, don’t charge it in compressed spaces. That is a sure recipe for a disastrous explosion.

MAh for a Drone battery

mAh means milliamp-hours and is used to measure the capacity of a lithium ion battery for drone.
If your lithium ion drone battery is rated  3300 mAh then your drone has an hour of 300 mA.

In theory, any extra capacity you have should translate to longer flying time for your drone. However, the larger the capacity, the larger the size and weight. We want our drones to be as light as possible.

Drone battery damage

Watch out for the following:
a)Any bulging, leaking, or flaw. This could be a crack or a dent and so on.
b)Out of shape or bent terminals can result in a short circuit.
c)An in-app warning or notification observing lithium ion drone battery cell defect or over-discharge.
d)A battery that has more than the number of cycles that the battery itself can achieve.Generally, Lithium batteries can be cycles more than 2500 times.
e)A battery error prompt persists even after conducting the basic charge and discharge procedures twice consecutively
f)Crash or tough impact.

How to store a drone battery

Drone battery manufacturers will give instructions on how to safely discharge your battery to avoid degrading. They will also have special fire resistant storage units. Invest in one for peace of mind.

All batteries should be drained and stored in safe places that are neither too hot nor too cold. Do not store them in hidden places but in an area that is easy to spot should there be a fire.

Check your battery and only store it if it is healthy and has no marks as we had previously discussed. It should not be swollen, overheated, or punctured. And the swollen battery should not be continued to use, since the battery performance can not meet the requirements, and there are certain security risks.

If you are not going to use your drone for ten days or more, you are advised to discharge it to 40-70% of its capacity just to be on the safe side.

Do not store them in hidden places but in an area that is easy to spot should there be a fire

How long does a drone battery last

You must ask yourself about your battery life because it will translate to how long you will have your drone in the air. The longer the battery life, the longer the fun and play.
Most drones will remain airborne for about twenty minutes. The better the value of your drone, the longer and higher she will fly. A stronger battery like Lipo battery for drones that is well maintained will also fly for longer periods of time.

That said, the less demand on the motors, the longer she will fly. That explains why the drone flies longer when it is hovering. Maintain your battery correctly as your drone battery manufacturers advises and that will see you increase the lifespan of your drone batteries.

How long does it take to charge a drone battery

A usual consumer drone without too many features will typically take about an hour or an hour and a half to fully charge. This is when you are using its charging hub connected directly to a power source.

It will take you a bit longer if you are using a USB cable to charge your battery.

Effects of overcharging your drone battery

Overcharging your drone battery life is not a good move as it will cause it to overheat and even burst into flames. The lifespan of your battery is definitely compromised when this happens.

Be on the lookout for notifications updating you on charging progress and act accordingly. Alternatively, use a lithium-ion battery with a battery management system that automatically cuts off the power to the battery when it is fully charged.

Overcharging your drone battery life is not a good move

How many batteries does a drone have

Ideally, a drone should have a battery and a spare. You need to check that the mounting and wiring of your drone can allow the number of batteries you plan on having. All this while keeping in mind that we are aiming for as little take-off weight as possible. This is the news you wanted but the truth. Keep it light.

Can you charge the drone with a USB cable

Yes, you can but remember to give it extra time.
Simply connect your USB end to a running electric device like a computer or printer, hook your lithium ion drone battery and all systems go.

Can I put a higher mAh battery in my drone

In theory, the higher the mAh, the more powerful the battery. More power then translates to more flight time. However, this new power surge must not overwhelm the drone’s engine.

You also need to make sure that the new hardware in the battery agrees with the electronics and wiring of the drone.

How much do drone batteries cost

This is best answered by conducting the latest Google such and adding up the numbers. The numbers will range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Keep in mind that different lithium ion drone battery manufacturers will have different specifications and different prices. Bid on the most cost-efficient one and remember quality over all else.

How to make your drone battery last longer

There are several things you can do to add to your flying time. First, reduce the weight of your drone. Take off the extras like a camera or prop guards so your drone is as light as possible. Less weight means less work for the motor so it lifts your drone for longer.

Secondly, remember to charge the drone battery life just before you use them. Do not expose your battery to extreme conditions. Too much heat and too much cold will kill your battery. Keep them in a warm dry place and should they be exposed, dispose of them safely and immediately.
Closely related to this is, never let your battery dry. Pay attention to all the notifications on your battery and the drone. Most drones will give you a warning for you to land soon when they are running low.

How to care for a drone battery

It would be prudent to avoid adverse weather conditions when flying your drone. You will only strain your battery which is ill-advised. In fair weather, you can enjoy the experience more and fly more.

Unless you absolutely need it, do not mount your camera on your drone when flying. You must know why by now. You are right, keep it light. Why strain the engine when you don’t have to? The camera also gets its power from the battery. Remove it and fly more!

Charging, charging, charging! Enough emphasis cannot be placed on charging your drone battery life at the right time and for the right duration. This adds to its lifespan. The self discharge rate of Lithium batteries is very low, and there is no memory effect, so no special maintenance is required. Remember, charge your batteries just before you use them.

Do drones use rechargeable batteries

Some toy drones will have rechargeable Lipo batteries. The Lipo battery will need to be replaced after about 2500 to 3000 cycles. This is only with good care and being kind to your battery.

Ensure that the battery connector is compatible with your drone

How can I charge my drone without a charger

If for some reason you have no access to power for prolonged periods, invest in a power bank or a small handy generator.

Make sure both the power bank and generator have enough power for you to plugin. The same rules of cost of initial purchase apply. The more expensive a power bank is, the more power it can provide.
Prices will range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Do your due diligence and pick what works best for you and your needs.

Can you charge a drone with a phone charger

Yes, you can! Simply plug your drone’s charging cable into the phone’s USB port and it will charge.


All lithium ion drone battery, from the inexpensive no-name brands to the more refined and complex ones created by different drone battery manufacturers, can benefit from extra maintenance and care to keep them powerful and stable. All you have to do is go that extra step and your drone will take you to heights never before experienced.

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