The best battery solution - provided by professional lithium ion battery manufacturers

We offer lithium ion battery solutions, products, and services across the entire energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future.

lithium ion battery solution

15-year professional lithium ion battery manufacturers, 10-year warranty on battery packs, using the best BMS protection board, protecting the lithium battery pack from overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit, etc, with excellent self-discharge rate. Configurable Bluetooth, can be connected in series and parallel. The heating function and other special functions can also be customized. Enough stock for the 10 series of 12v lithium ion battery. Can be shipped within 3 days.

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The best battery solution - provided by professional lithium ion battery manufacturers

What is battery solution

Section 1.What is battery solution


Battery solutions will provide a complete set of applicable system solutions based on clients’ power needs and actual usage, and provide corresponding professional services and customized products in batches. Battery solution can meet clients’ power and related needs and ensure that their products, equipment and business operate in sufficient power supply.

Section 2. Why is lithium ion the best battery solution?


Are you looking for electricity solution to power up electronics? Be it a smaller or larger the appliance! Do you want to power on golf cart, marine system, power tool, telecom devices, forklift, RV, drone etc, or store energy for industry home use? Regardless of the machine, you want to use, Lithium-ion batteries are the best choice.
This is due to the unique advantages of lithium ion battery: high energy density, stable voltage, long life, cycle times up to 4000 times, no maintenance, high long-term cost-effective benefits, weight is only one third of the same specification of lead-acid battery. It is therefore best suited as a battery solution.These batteries are a rechargeable battery solution made up of cells that use an intercalated lithium compound on the positive electrode and graphite on the negative.Whether you want to power devices or store energy for later use, Lithium-ion batteries are today’s most popular battery solution. Lithium-ion battery solutions are hailed far and wide for their outstanding performance. They are durable, cost-effective, and versatile.
Battery solutions offered by lithium-ion manufacturers

Section 3. Battery solutions offered by lithium-ion manufacturers


Battery solution provided by lithium battery manufacturers not only includes battery products, but also includes a complete set of power solutions, battery-related services and systems, so as to realistically and customarily solve users’ needs. Lithium battery manufacturers have the ability to mass produce lithium battery products and stable quantity of inventory products, independent factory production lines and standard production equipment to ensure the quality of products, a professional high-tech R&D team to achieve product technology update, but also to meet various customized requirements of B-end clients.

Lithium-ion batteries can be used anywhere, with most electronics to power them up so that those electronics serve their purpose. Lithium-ion manufacturers have designed these batteries in different sizes and shapes to offer solutions in the many fields.

Section 4. Important lithium battery solutions


Important battery solution

Lithium-ion batteries are modernized to offer momentous battery solutions; you do not have to worry about downtimes or irregularities while using lithium ion batteries. So long as the batteries are still in good working condition, they will be in continuous use.

● Motorcycle battery swapping station

Battery swapping station allows users to return the discharged battery and replace it with a charged one. Especially for people who use electric motorcycles a lot like takeout delivery staff and couriers, they do not always have to wait to charge the dead battery, lithium-ion motorcycle batteries are swappable at swapping stations near them. Lithium-ion battery swapping works the same way as the gas cylinder refilling industry.

This model has been emerging in many countries and cities. It can not only solve users’ range anxiety, but also ensure safe charging. More importantly, it is more cost-effective than using gasoline as power, and it can even save the cost of buying batteries. Therefore, this is a lithium battery plate with huge prospects. At present, many lithium battery manufacturers are developing motorcycle battery swapping station business models but at present, the entire battery swapping market is still in its infancy. There are not many mature commercial models on the market, and the battery swapping station business model provide by TYCORUN ENERGY has been preliminarily verified as the only battery swapping station business model with continuous profits in the battery swapping market.

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● Lithium battery replacement lead acid

Because of many disadvantages of lead acid battery, Lithium Battery Replacement Lead Acid has become a new trend in the battery field, many clients want to choose lithium battery to replace lead acid battery.However, you are advised to check and ascertain whether the ampere and voltage range you wish to replace the Lithium-ion battery is suitable for your electronics.

● Powerwall battery

A powerwall is a rechargeable battery system that power home appliances back up power outages with stored solar energy. Powerwall battery consist of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack in a fully integrated AC battery system. Powerwall batteries are self-powered and are designed to automatically detect power blackouts and keep necessary amenities functional with the stored solar energy. This battery is versatile and very customizable to the energy needs of a home.

TYCORUN ENERGY Power Wall Lifepo4 10KWH 51.2V 200Ah lithium solar batteries

What you should know about powerwall battery

What you should know about powerwall battery 51.2v lithium powerwall battery manufacturers 14-year professional lithium ion battery manufacturers, 10-year warranty on battery packs, using the best BMS protection board, protecting the lithium

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● UPS battery

A UPS battery is one with an Uninterrupted Power Supply. This source of power readily provides power when the primary source is down. Other functions of the UPS battery are as highlighted below:

▪ To back up the supply of power.
• Prevent electronics from power supply problems, i.e., power letdown and lightning

Lithium-ion UPS offers power protection and backup to critical equipment in critical places such as hospitals and government places. It switches up itself automatically in the event of a power surge or power loss.

major ups circuits

UPS Lithium Battery Ultimate FAQ Guide

UPS Lithium Battery: Ultimate FAQ Guide Get free consultation UPS Lithium Battery High Voltage lithium ion battery 384V 50Ah UPS lithium ion battery 20kwh lithium battery for UPS High Voltage lithium ion

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Different lithium ion battery applications

Section 5. Different lithium ion battery applications


In addition to the above important applications,Lithium-Ion batteries can be used in several applications. They are designed differently to support different applications. Below are some of the other critical areas where the battery solutions are applicable.

Medical battery

In the medical industry, the constant power supply is of great importance. While electricity may not offer continuous power at all times due to blackouts, most medical equipment has been designed to use Lithium-ion batteries. Most of this medical equipment will power itself up in the case of a blackout.

Here are the instances where Lithium-ion batteries are used in the medical field. Like wheelchair, tester, large medical facilities,medical monitors.Monitors are used in a hospital to show the heartbeat rates of patients. Other than that, they also show blood pressure and body temperature rates and capture this data.

Industrial battery

Away from being used with medical appliances, Lithium-ion batteries are used in other industries such as the manufacture of electronics, i.e., smartphones, watches, calculators, etc.
Lithium-ion battery solutions are also used to power up large items such as vehicles and solar system.

Solar battery

Lithium solar batteries provide for storage of excess solar energy, and they are rechargeable by solar power. Lithium-ion batteries in the solar industry are preferred due to being lightweight, keeping power for long, low to maintain, and scalable.

Power battery

In addition to their applications in energy storage, lithium-ion batteries can also be used as power batteries to power a variety of small and large vehicles. For example, lithium golf cart batteriesmotorcycle batteries and batteries for electric bikes are commonly used in our daily life

Emergency battery

During natural disasters and power shortages, Lithium-ion batteries become the best emergency power option. The UPS is one type of emergency Lithium-ion battery.

RV battery

An RV battery is a battery your RV with power when the primary source of energy is down. The amount of power held by RV lithium batteries is relatively high..

Marine battery

Lithium ion battery is functional and practical for use in boat. In marine life, Lithium-ion batteries are used for powerboat motors and the dashboard like trolling motor battery and lithium marine batteries. They are also used in larger water machines such as ships and ferries to propel them and offer emergency backup.

Power sports battery

Power sport batteries are exclusive high-performance batteries used to power sports applications like scooters , electric skateboard and hoverboard battery

Lithium-ion batteries offer the best source of both central and emergency source of power supply in these applications.Engineers in those battery factories will build you any type of lithium battery. Regardless of what you want, be it something too powerful to power a whole load of electronics, but small enough that can be portable, you will get it delivered to you once you get into communication with the factory.

Section 6.The benefits of battery factory


The benefits of battery factory
Most Lithium-ion battery factories offer customized battery solutions to their clients. In fact, they provide you with a warranty on your specialized battery, depending on your intended function, size or shape.
Engineers in those battery factories will build you any type of lithium battery. Regardless of what you want, be it something too powerful to power a whole load of electronics, but small enough that can be portable, you will get it delivered to you once you get into communication with the factory.
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Customized battery solutions from battery factories

Section 7. Customized battery solutions from battery factories


Now, Lithium-ion battery manufacturers are able to customize batteries to suit your demand. Special lithium battery customized functions include, GPS trackers for your battery, Bluetooth connectivity, Touch screen, Smart APP control, Heating Function and Liquid cooling.
Battery customization targets to improve the performance of the batteries to be way better than the standard.These features are solely defined by you the consumer so that more is added to it or taken from it. These customized features are a wonder themselves attended to by brilliant minds in the Lithium ion manufacturing firms. In fact, they provide you with a warranty on your specialized battery. All you need to do is to reach out to Lithium-ion battery manufacturers and ask them to make you a battery that matches your explanation and design. They will be able to deliver that to you.
Lithium-ion batteries from Lithium-ion manufacturers worldwide are the best battery solution for your home, office, or industrial use. They offer you a constant power supply source and a contingent backup plan. Besides, you can have a lithium battery tailored and delivered to you when you order with the manufacturers to suit your personal demands. Do not hesitate. Lithium-ion batteries are your battery solution and backup solution. They are the future and the way to go.
12v lithium ion battery factory

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Rack-mounted lithium ion battery

Rack-mounted is easy to series,and parallel the Voltage to 192V or 384V Lithium Ion battery.

Wall-power lithium ion battery

The solar battery home storage system, it can put on the wall, Save the space, and safety. Providing 48v lithium ion battery,50Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah.

Lithium ion Replace lead acid battery

Lithium ion replace lead acid battery we can series or parallel the 12v battery pack and any v & ah you want to design.Used more 12v 50ah,12v 100ah,12v 200ah.

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We have nearly 20 years of OEM&ODM experience in this area of lithium battery production and we strive to achieve the following vision: to control the energy for a better life.
We understand that nothing is more important than the enery, environment and future for us and the next generations, through its many transitions. We are here to help you. The mission of Tycorun Energy is to provide the clients with the best lithium battery, and help build a green environment for now and the future with our professional skills and experience.

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