Complete guide to finding the best 36v lithium battery manufacturer

36v lithium ion battery manufacturer

15-year professional lithium ion battery manufacturers, 10-year warranty on battery packs, using the best BMS protection board, protecting the lithium battery pack from overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit, etc, with excellent self-discharge rate. Configurable Bluetooth, can be connected in series and parallel. The heating function and other special functions can also be customized. Enough stock for the 10 series of  lithium ion 36v battery. Can be shipped within 3 days.

Complete guide to finding the best 36v lithium battery manufacturer

Knowing what kind or size of battery is needed for device or application is one thing but deciding on which battery brand and the arrangement of the battery is an entirely different issue. Using a 36 volt lithium battery for device requires that you not only pick the right battery size but also the right manufacturer as this would give the best value for your battery solution.

In this article, we’ll be sharing how to go about picking the best 36v lithium battery manufacturer and the best way to use such a battery to give the best results.

What is a 36v lithium-ion battery

A lithium-ion 36v battery is any lithium battery product with a voltage rating of 36 volts. This voltage rating is a measure of how much electricity the battery can supply over a given period. This voltage rating comes in different sizes and if the device requires 36 volts to function then you would need to get the best available battery from the best 36v lithium battery manufacturer.

how to make 36v lithium battery

How to make a 36v battery

Before modern lithium 36v batteries were produced by 36v lithium battery manufacturer, you would need to have a combination of different batteries arranged in series to achieve such a high voltage battery rating of 36 volts.

This arrangement could be done using 12 lithium iron phosphate cells and connecting them in series to achieve a 36v combination. It could also be made by using 3 different sets of 12v lithium batteries arranged in series to achieve the same result. But there are different ways to achieve a 36-volt battery combination and the type of battery cell you decide to use also matters a lot.

How many 18650 battery cells are needed to make a 36v lithium battery

There are different types of battery cells available for use when building a battery and 18650 battery cells are commonly recommended for several reasons. 18650 batteries are commonly used for high drain devices such as electric cars, electric bikes, hoverboards, and other uses. This is the most commonly used lithium battery cell used by the best 36v lithium battery manufacturer and for good reasons.

To build a battery with a voltage rating of 36 volts, several 18650 batteries in series are needed to achieve this. Because 18650 batteries have a high nominal voltage of between 3.2v to 3.6v, we need to have at least 12 battery cells to reach a 36v rating.

How many 18650 battery cells are needed to make a 36v lithium battery

How to connect batteries in series

For lithium ion battery manufacturers, to do this, they first need to line up the batteries and in this case, they’ll be referencing 3 12v batteries. And  connect the positive terminal of the first battery to the negative terminal of the second battery. Then proceed to connect the positive terminal of the second battery to the negative terminal of the third battery. This should link all three batteries together and then to connect the battery to device. It  need to connect the two terminals at the end of the first and last battery which should be negative and positive. Link these terminals to device and it should work fine.

Specification of 36v lithium-ion battery

The best 36v battery option offered by the best 36v lithium battery manufacturer usually comes in different amperage ratings and this will determine how long the battery will supply energy to your device. For this article, we are going to reference two distinct battery options, a 36v 50ah lithium battery, and a 36v 100ah lithium battery.

36v 50ah lithium ion battery manufacturers

36v 50ah lithium-ion battery

Many 36v lithium battery manufacturer would offer their battery options in 50Ah options and these batteries would have some specifications and characteristics. The best 36V 50Ah battery should be equipped with the right BMS, this is to enable protection for the battery against things like overcharging, overheating, and short circuits.

Being a lithium battery, this 36v battery would have a very high energy density, no memory effect, low self-discharge rate, a lighter weight, and up to 4000 cycles. Provided it is from a good quality 36v lithium battery manufacturer, this 36v 50ah battery should last up to 4000 cycles at an 80% capacity at a temperature range of between 23 – 27°C. This battery would be a great choice for Solar systems, Marine boats, Caravans, Electric vehicles, Home use, and many more.

36v 100ah lithium-ion battery

The same principle applies to a 36v 100Ah lithium-ion battery provide it is purchased from a good quality 36v lithium battery manufacturer. This 36v 100ah lithium-ion battery pack could be composed of good quality lithium iron phosphate cells and would definitely work well at high temperatures if used alongside a good quality BMS.

This would protect the battery from overheating and overcharging. This battery would also have a low discharge rate about 3.5% per month much of which depends on the application of the battery itself. Using a maximum charge current of 50A, this battery could last for as long as 4000 cycles. It can be used in a wide range of applications including RVs and camping vehicles, medical equipment, solar systems, trolling motors, golf carts, and much more.

36v 100ah lithium ion battery manufacturers

Application of 36 volts lithium battery

When purchased from a reliable 36v lithium battery manufacturer, a 36v battery could be used for a wide range of applications without any problems for a long time. We’ll be discussing briefly a couple of applications which include electric bikes and hoverboards.

36v lithium battery for electric bike

Electric bikes are growing in popularity and the need for better and more efficient batteries is also on the rise. A reliable 36v lithium battery manufacturer would produce highly effective 36v lithium batteries that can be used alongside an electric bike. These batteries would commonly be built using highly effective 18650 lithium cells that have a higher energy density, large capacity, and last longer. It would enable the electric bike to perform for longer periods and without the need for any maintenance practices whatsoever.

36v lithium battery for hover board

The popular use and adoption of hoverboards also call for the need for better and more efficient batteries. A high-quality 36v lithium battery manufacturer would have high-performance 36v batteries that can be used alongside a hoverboard for as long as possible before the battery needs to be changed. Hoverboards tend to require batteries with high-performance levels and depending on the capacity of the battery in question, a high-quality 36v lithium hoverboard battery could last above 3 hour on a single full charge.

Application of 36 volts lithium battery

How to select the right 36v lithium-ion batteries for your application

Selecting the right lithium battery involves several considerations that need to be taken into account before a choice is made. Some of which include the power or energy requirements of the devices or appliance you are about to use the battery with. The device needs to be able to function within a 36v power range for it to work effectively with the 36v lithium battery.

You also need to consider the capacity, size, life cycle, and limitations of the battery in question before making a final choice. This is why it is important to purchase your battery from a reliable 36v lithium battery manufacturer that guarantees the best battery products. Overall, both the battery and the device need to be compatible on multiple levels before they can be used together.

How to pick up a 36v lithium ion battery manufacturer

When picking the best 36v lithium battery manufacturer you need to consider some factors before making a purchase.

You need to consider the experience of the manufacturer in question to know if they have the right amount of technical know-how to produce high-quality batteries. They also need to have a track record of success across the world, that is, they have worked with customers all over the world, this shows that people trust their battery products and consider them reliable enough to use.

How to pick up a 36v lithium ion battery manufacturer

The best 36v lithium-ion battery manufacturer

While there are different battery manufacturers, the best 36v lithium battery manufacturer in China is TYCORUN ENERGY. TYCORUN ENERGY has over 15 years of technical and practical experience manufacturing high-quality performance batteries with a special Research and Development division made up of numerous industry experts and battery specialists.

TYCORUN ENERGY also offers several high-quality lithium battery products which include portable power stations, power walls, solar inverters, and much more like battery swapping station business model. With a wide customer base across Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America, TYCORUN ENERGY offers reliable products they have proven, tested, and trusted for years and still remain the best in the field.


Can you put a 36v battery on a 12v lawn mower

This is not recommended because there has to be voltage matching and compatibility before you can use a battery and a lawn mower. Since the lawnmower only requires 12V worth of power, using a 36v battery might overload the lawnmower engine causing it to fail.

Can you put a 36-volt battery on a 12-volt lawn mower

Can I charge a 36v battery with a 12v charger

As stated earlier, a 36v battery needs to be compatible with the battery charger and hence, it needs a charger with a voltage rating between 37v to 38v to be properly charged.

What are the advantages of using a 36v lithium-ion battery over other types of batteries

There are several advantages that lithium batteries have over other batteries some of which include having a higher energy density, larger capacity, low self-discharge rate, zero maintenance needed, and life cycles between 2000 to as much 4000. This makes lithium batteries significantly better than other battery choices.

12v lithium ion battery factory

About lithium ion battery manufacturers

TYCORUN® has more than 15 years of experience in the lithium battery industry and is a Chinese high-tech enterprise that develops, produces and sells various new energy battery products.

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