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Will we run out of lithium The future of li ion cell

Will we run out of lithium? The future of li ion cell

In 1973, The British chemist Whittingham used titanium disulfide with layered structure as a cathode, with lithium metal as a anode assembled into a battery, the development of contemporary li ion cell beginning from this. Then Akira Yoshino applied a layer of graphite to the anode, setting the modern li ion cell on the road to widespread commercial […]
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What is ternary lithium battery

What is ternary lithium battery?

Nowadays, the automobile industry is in the process of high-speed electrification, and auto batteries have become a very important part of electric vehicles, which to a considerable extent affects and determines the cost, mileage, price, stability and safety of the vehicle. Therefore, the importance of the auto batteries is more than the engine of the traditional fuel […]
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How do you measure battery capacity why would it decay

How do you measure battery capacity?why would it decay?

What is battery capacity? Battery capacity calculator What does battery capacity 5000mAh mean? The electrode capacity ratio of lithium ion batteries should be balanced Why does lithium battery capacity decay? Cause 1 for battery capacity decay: Overcharge Cause 2 for battery capacity decay: Electrolyte decomposition (reduction) Cause 3 for battery capacity decay: Self-discharge What is […]
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How long will auto batteries last

How long will auto batteries last?

Unlike phone batteries, auto batteries are more expensive, and we expect them to last more than a decade. So when buying an electric car, owners may be more concerned about how long the auto batteries lasts. Auto batteries are more complex than cell phone batteries, which involve an entire battery pack system. Therefore, how to calculate the […]
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Why is my battery getting hot when charging

Why is my battery getting hot when charging?

Why is battery getting hot?We need battery thermal management Is it bad if battery getting hot? necessity of battery thermal management Other causes of battery getting hot Battery getting hot is not the only reason for battery thermal management Why is battery getting hot?We need battery thermal management Battery getting hot generally comes from chemical reaction […]
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Why lithium battery is dangerous lithium-ion battery safety tips

Why lithium battery is dangerous?Lithium-ion battery safety tips

In today’s electronic information age, lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in every aspect of our life. Lithium-ion batteries can be found in electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks, as well as large power equipment and systems such as new energy vehicles, photovoltaic systems and data centers. Therefore, the lithium-ion battery safety […]
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