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How many types of lithium batteries are there

How many types of lithium batteries are there?

SONY commercialized lithium-ion batteries in 1991, based on the work of John Goodenough, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin. So far, there are various types of lithium batteries have been developed in the past 30 years, and these different types have different performance, with some small differences.Different types of lithium batteries products have […]
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What’s the new types of battery technology

Since SONY officially commercialized lithium-ion battery in the 1990s, there has been no revolutionary progress in the principle and basic configuration of lithium ion battery technology, but relevant new materials keep emerging. Key equipment and production technology develop rapidly, and the design of cell and battery system keeps innovating and improving. The energy density of battery […]
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Portable power supply matket report

Portable power supply matket report

What is a portable power supply Portable power supply industry analysis Industry chain structure of portable power supply Industry chain competition analysis of portable power supply The market prospect of portable power supply The development environment of portable power supply Outdoor portable power supply market is hot Production and sales of outdoor portable power supply […]
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What is ternary lithium battery

What is ternary lithium battery?

Nowadays, the automobile industry is in the process of high-speed electrification, and auto batteries have become a very important part of electric vehicles, which to a considerable extent affects and determines the cost, mileage, price, stability and safety of the vehicle. Therefore, the importance of the auto batteries is more than the engine of the traditional fuel […]
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How long will auto batteries last

How long will auto batteries last?

Unlike phone batteries, auto batteries are more expensive, and we expect them to last more than a decade. So when buying an electric car, owners may be more concerned about how long the auto batteries lasts. Auto batteries are more complex than cell phone batteries, which involve an entire battery pack system. Therefore, how to calculate the […]
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How do I charge my lithium car battery

How do I charge my lithium ion car battery?

With the rapid development of the new energy industry, electric cars have become very common in our life. We may be familiar with charging rechargeable lithium batteries in mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, but when facing the electric cars, how to charge the lithium car ion battery becomes a problem. Understanding this information can […]
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Rechargeable lithium batteries guide

Guide for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries 2021

In today’s world, batteries are a priceless resource; Many appliances are powered using batteries chemistry. There are various other types of batteries that may be used for a many kind of applications. These batteries range from lead cell batteries, to lithium batteries. While it’s possible that you’ve had to make a selection about one of […]
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