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Topak New Energy will attend the 2021 World Battery Industry Exposition

Tycorun’s factory, Topak New Energy, will attend the 2021 World Battery Industry Expo in Guangzhou from November 18 to 20, 2021. We sincerely invite you to visit us and our products. The invitation letter is as follows:
Dear Sir/Madam,


‍Our company will participate in “WBE2021 World Battery Industry Expo & the 6th Asia-pacific Battery Exhibition” ,which to be held in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall C area from November 18 to 20, 2021. The booth number of Shenzhen Topak New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is E581, Hall 14.2. Topak New energy will bring UPS energy storage system, household energy storage system, base station standby power supply, portable emergency power supply, lithium generation lead-acid series, two tricycle power battery, industrial digital series and other lithium battery products, invite new and old customers to visit the guidance!

Shenzhen Topak New Energy Technology Co. LTD

The following part will introduce you the Introduction to Topak New Energy and it’s productions

Introduction to Topak New Energy

Topak New Energy is a professional industrial-grade application solution provider of lithium batteries, whose products are widely used in smart home, medical electronics, home energy storage, industrial energy storage, new energy power and other fields. The company has a sound r & D, manufacturing, quality management system; The company strictly comply with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 system management requirements. The company is committed to continuous innovation efforts to provide our shareholders, customers, employees and business partners, including all people to create and realize the beautiful dream of the opportunity, for the achievement of the international enterprise.

Introduction to production

UPS energy storage system

The UPS is an Uninterruptible Power System used to provide stable and uninterrupted power to large electronic devices such as computer networks and data centers. The energy storage function is mainly used to obtain economic benefits by using TOU price difference.

topak UPS energy storage system

Product Description:

The UPS power supply of Topak lithium battery adopts 19-inch rack structure, which is easy to install and saves space. It has the function of ac self-start and lithium battery precharge, and can realize the capacity expansion of 3 parallel machines. It has high stability, high reliability and high practicability, and provides protection for the safe operation of the equipment. Lithium battery UPS power supply system PC and other equipment provide integrated reception and reliable power supply and backup for door frame equipment to ensure the reliable operation of key production equipment on the road side.

Product series:

UPS power supply for the data center

Industrial backup power supply

UPS power supply in other scenarios

Household energy storage system

It is used in household scenarios to provide backup power system for large power equipment.

topak Household energy storage system

Product Description:

It owns unique appearance patent design, customized BMS communication protocol, and lithium iron phosphate series battery. It’s safe and reliable, and support the corresponding inverter system. It has the smallest volume compare to similar products, saving space and convenient transportation; Appearance color can be customized.

Product series:

Wall-mounted energy storage series

Household energy storage system ESS series

Stacked energy storage battery series

Application scope:

Home backup power/energy storage, hospitals, banks, data centers, small enterprises, offices, base stations and other uninterrupted power backup system

Lithium replacement lead-acid series

Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have great advantages in cycle times, energy density, volume, environmental protection and other aspects. In the long run, replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries is a wise choice with higher economic benefits.topak lithium replacement lead acid

Product Description:

Lithium replacement lead-acid series can support series parallel, a variety of household and industrial applications. The discharge curve is flat. It can maintain 90% capacity utilization rate when the voltage level is 12V, whereas the lead acid is only 50%; Weight of this series is only 1/3 of the same specifications of lead-acid battery; More than 2500~6000 cycles, life 5~10 years, cost-effective far more than all kinds of lead-acid batteries.

Product series:

12V series (5AH-400AH)

24V series (200Ah\400Ah)

Application scope:

Gardening tools, parking lot, garage, warehouse automatic door power supply, household, car, Marine, spare power supply, PV 12V 24V 48V and off-grid application, base station energy storage, electric wheelchair, scooter, golf cart, parking air conditioning power supply, etc

Portable emergency power supply

Lightweight and portable, provide sufficient power for all kinds of outdoor activities.

topak portable power supply

Product Description:

High quality lithium battery pack, safe and reliable. Fashion design, light weight, easy to carry. The input terminal supports solar power, municipal power, car charging and other charging modes; The output terminal supports pure sinusoidal output AC110V, 220V, DC12V, USB5V, TYPEC, etc.

Product series:

Portable power supply series (T150/T200/T500)

Family emergency power supply series

Application scope:

Km tour, outdoor lighting, barbecue, picnic, emergency rescue, car start, rv camping power supply. Home power failure emergency power supply and backup power supply

Lithium battery for two-wheelers and three-wheelers

It provides more power to the tricycles and also reduces the weight of the body.

topak Lithium battery for two-wheelers and three-wheelers

Product Description:

High quality lithium battery pack, safe and reliable, long range. Innovative closed design, excellent waterproof performance, safe driving in rain weather. Select cells with high quality from international well-known enterprise , discharge down smoothly in high and low temperature environment; it has super power output, and can drive on flat road with long endurance ; Uphill roads are easy to drive on.

Product series:

T48 Series (T4825/T4830)

T60 Series (T6020-T60120)

T72 Series (T7250-T72120)

Application scope:

Small transport cargo, manned electric tricycles: express delivery of electric tricycles, three-wheeled electric vehicles, low-speed four-wheel touring vehicles, sightseeing vehicles and electric two-wheeled vehicles, etc.

Industrial digital series

topak industry digital power battery

Product Description:

According to customer requirements, customize for different products, specifications, models. Select cells with high quality from international well-known enterprise, professional structure design, modern assembly process, standardized production, quality assurance for long time use.

Product series:

Medical equipment lithium battery series

Exploration and mapping equipment lithium battery series

Handheld device lithium battery series

Massage equipment lithium battery series

Power tools lithium battery series

Security equipment lithium battery series

Water detection power supply lithium battery series

Application scope:

Topak new energy industrial digital storage module continuous attention “little power, little energy storage” areas of industrial market demand, has brought together more than a decade of traditional business. The existing lithium electricity customized solutions and products are widely used in public security, electricity, communication, medical electronics, commercial finance, security, communications, transportation, logistics, exploration and surveying and mapping, photovoltaic energy storage, and 3 c consumer electronics and other fields. Existing customers are long-term partners of the company, and they are the leading enterprises or listed companies in the industry, with stable business and predictable growth.

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