why battery storage is important

Why is battery storage important?When photovoltaic are booming

The new energy field has been developing rapidly in recent years. With the proposal of carbon neutrality, the new energy vehicle and photovoltaic industry are becoming the favorite of the market. Energy storage, by contrast, has received less attention. However, as an emerging topic in the energy field, energy storage has greater potential in the future.

first battery storagePhotovoltaic and new energy vehicles, power generation and consumption, increased demand for energy storage

When it comes to new technologies for “carbon neutral” , photovoltaic and new energy vehicles are undoubtedly the two main forces.

Photovoltaic is about power generation. With the development of the information technology, every country, regardless of population size, faces the situation of increasing energy demand. Traditional power generation relies on coal and oil, so the development of photovoltaic industry is very necessary both to get rid of energy dependence and to achieve carbon neutral for emission reduction goals. So there are many benefits to converting the inexhaustible supply of solar energy into electricity.At present, photovoltaic power has entered the practical stage. In the year of 2020 in China , photovoltaics have become affordable without subsidies.

battery storage solar system

However, the better pv develops and the more power it generates, the greater the challenge to the power grid, and with it, the higher the demand for energy storage. On the one hand, clean energy depends on the weather thus is unstable. Without sunshine, photovoltaic can’t generate electricity. On the other hand, when the sun is full, if the power generation is more than the load and more than the storage capacity, it can only be abandoned. In 2018, the total amount of electricity abandoned by water, wind and light exceeded 100 billion KWH, which has been significantly reduced in the past two years. However, the total amount of electricity abandoned by 2020 still exceeded 50 billion KWH. Therefore, no matter how the sunshine is, problems arise when there is a mismatch between supply and demand.Energy storage can be used as a solution. When the power generation is greater than the consumption, it can be stored through the energy storage device. When the power generation is less than the consumption, the previously stored electric energy can be used.

solar battery storage

Meanwhile, sales of new energy vehicles have exploded in recent years. More and more new energy vehicles have been put into use, and fast charging stations have also begun to emerge, bringing a great load to the power grid and a greater demand for energy storage.

How to store energy: lithium battery storage

Although pumped energy storage still occupies a very large proportion in the field of electric energy storage, with the decreased cost of battery storage and the improvement of technology, the proportion of electrochemical energy storage is increasing. Reports show that from 2013 to 2020, the cumulative scale of global and Chinese electrochemical energy storage increases from 0.7GW and 0.1GW to 14.25GW and 3.27GW, accounting for 53.8% and 64.6%, respectively. In terms of electrochemical energy storage, lithium ion batteries have become the mainstream, accounting for 92.0% in the world and 88.8% in China. In the future, with high energy density and long service life, lithium batteries will continue to lead the developing direction of battery storage.

cumulative battery storage

From power to energy storage: New hot point for lithium battery development

Lithium batteries have three main applications: energy storage, power and 3C consumption. The power lithium battery is the most well-known among them, and are mostly used for new energy vehicles which is now developing vigorously. Mature technology, long battery life, environmentally friendly, lithium batteries stand out with many advantages in different types of  batteries , become a representative of the field of new energy vehicles. According to data, the shipment of lithium batteries in China in 2020 was 143GWh, with a year-on-year growth of 22%, among which the shipment of lithium batteries as power batteries for electric vehicles was 80GWh, accounting for 56% of the annual shipment. Therefore, the application in the field of new energy vehicles accounts for more than half of the sales of lithium batteries.

lithium battery storage

Now, with the demand for energy storage increasing year by year, perhaps energy storage will be the new driving force for development of lithium battery in the future. Moreover, the requirements of these two scenarios do not overlap. For example, power batteries focus on energy density and have requirements on battery volume. Energy storage batteries focus on cycle times and have requirements on battery life.

Battery Storage applications : Development on client side

Battery storage can be used in a wide variety of applications, but in addition to industry and large systems, Consumer demand for storage is also growing

Household photovoltaic energy storage

household bettery storage

For residential photovoltaic or wind systems, batteries are needed to store electricity generated during the day. High-performance battery storage, however, can increase the overall system’s spontaneous electricity utilization and reduce the amount of electricity consumption from the public grid, thereby saving money.

Household peak regulation

With the development of TOU policies, energy storage batteries can also be used for household peak regulation. Users can use the batteries to charge during the period of low load. When the power grid is under heavy load, using batteries to supply power can greatly reduce the power grid load and save the power cost.

Outdoor battery storage

portable battery storage

Outdoor mobile power supply can be used for camping, self-driving traveling, friends dinner, outdoor shooting and other outdoor activities. Due to the impact of the epidemic, more and more people participate in outdoor leisure activities, so the demand for outdoor battery storage is also increasing. In recent years, many lithium battery manufacturers have launched their own outdoor battery storage portable products, and if you want get to know some portable power station companies, we have listed the top 100 portable power station companies in China before.

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