TC21621 21.6V 21AH lithium ion drone battery

21.6v 21ah lithium ion drone battery

21.6v 21ah lithium ion drone battery is small in size and light in weight, only 1820g, one third of the lead acid battery. It is easy to install, no maintenance is required, and no memory effect can be trusted to charge at any time. If only these aspects are considered, 21.6v 21ah lithium ion drone battery is already a most suitable lithium ion drone battery. But in fact, in addition, it cycles of up to 3000 times, is the oldest XXX battery, can discharge to 80%, and is equipped with BMS which can prevent overcharge short circuit overheating and overdischarge to ensure safe operation. In addition, even better, the battery is not the only option for lithium ion drone battery, you can use it in almost any equipment you want to use. Tycorun has 14 years of experience in lithium ion drone battery industry and is a lithium battery manufacturer that can provide you with battery solutions for various application scenarios.


Item 21.6V 21Ah
Series 6
Parallel 6
Rated voltage 21.6V
Nominal capacity 21000mAh
Size 189.6*138.8*96
Internal Resistance ≤300mΩ
Weight 1820g
Rated Charge Current 3.9A
Max Charge Current Max 9.75A
Rated Discharge Current 3.9A
Max Discharge Current Max 30A
Current for Overcurrent Protection 45-50A
Limited charge voltage 25.2V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 15.3V
Cycle Life 0.2C charge 1C discharge conditions, 500 times ≥ 70% initial capacity
Charging/Discharge Temperature 0~+40℃/-10~+60℃
Storage Temperature -10℃~+35℃ better not longer than 6 -month
Temperature Protection no
Certification ●GB31241-2014(CQC)●UL2054 ●un38.3 ●KC ●MSDS ●RoHS ●Halogenfree ●CE ●UL60950 ●RCM ●PSE ●BIS ●REACH ●Parts certification ●Battery directive ●Other


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