TC216175 21.6V 17.5AH lithium ion power battery

21.6v 17.5ah lithium ion power battery

The 21.6v 17.5ah lithium ion power battery can discharge to 80%, and also has a battery management system to ensure safe use without overcharging, overheating and short circuit. So it is our most popular lithium ion power battery product. Of course, it has done very well in all aspects of lithium ion power battery performance, high energy density, long cycle times, only 3200g light weight, no need to worry about maintenance problems, more easy to use and so on. These advantages make it the most reliable lithium ion power battery. Therefore, professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer such as us also recommends this 21.6v 17.5ah lithium ion power battery for you. Lithium ion power battery is not its only application, you can consult us for more application solutions.


Item 21.6V 17.5Ah
Series 6
Parallel 7
Rated voltage 21.6V
Nominal capacity 17500mAh
Size 75*132*170
Internal Resistance ≤300mΩ
Weight 3200g
Rated Charge Current 3.5A
Max Charge Current Max 5A
Rated Discharge Current 3.5A
Max Discharge Current Max 10A
Current for Overcurrent Protection 35-45A
Limited charge voltage 25.2V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 15.3V
Cycle Life 0.2C charge 0.2C discharge conditions, 500 times ≥ 70% initial capacity
Charging/Discharge Temperature -40~+40℃/-50~+60℃
Storage Temperature -10℃~+35℃ better not longer than 6 -month
Temperature Protection 70℃
Certification ●GB31241-2014(CQC)●UL2054 ●un38.3 ●KC ●MSDS ●RoHS ●Halogenfree ●CE ●UL60950 ●RCM ●PSE ●BIS ●REACH ●Parts certification ●Battery directive ●Other


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