Top 5 lithium motorcycle battery companies in USA

Top 5 lithium motorcycle battery companies in USA

In the modern world, the search for efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly energy is an ongoing process. This is especially true in the motorcycle sector, where demand for high-performance, lightweight motorcycle battery  and battery swapping continues to grow.
Lithium motorcycle batteries are a popular choice due to their many advantages, including longer life, lighter weight, and faster charging times. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 lithium motorcycle battery companies in USA.
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Top 5 lithium motorcycle battery companies in USA

Ranking Manufacturers
1 Shorai
2 Antigravity Batteries
3 EarthX
4 Firepower
5 Full Spectrum Power


Established date 2010
Global headquarters Sunnyvale, California, USA
Company website

Shorai batteryShorai is the most popular lithium iron phosphate power sports batteries in USA. Shorai offers a wide range of battery options suitable for a variety of powersports applications, including motorcycles, ATVs, scooters and personal watercraft. The company prioritizes ease of installation so customers can confidently install their own batteries. With over 2,500 authorized dealers worldwide and available online, Shorai LFX™ batteries are easily accessible to powersports enthusiasts.

Shorai LFX™ batteries come with a three-year prorated warranty and set the industry standard for lithium-powered sports batteries. While compatible with standard lead-acid chargers, Shorai also offers specialized battery chargers designed to optimize motorcycle battery charging, storage and maintenance.

Shorai LFX™ batteries are designed to deliver more energy faster, faster start-up times and less wear and tear on each start-up cycle than traditional batteries. One of the standout features of Shorai batteries is their exceptional weight reduction, which is up to 80% lower compared to lead-acid batteries. Less weight means improved handling and performance, especially on a motorcycle where every pound counts.

Antigravity Batteries

Established date 1987
Global headquarters Liria, Valencia, Spain
Company website

Antigravity BatteriesAntigravity Batteries is a manufacturer of custom lithium-ion battery products specifically for the motorsports world.
From the award-winning MICRO-START emergency power supply to lightweight, high power batteries for motorcycles, powersports vehicles, racing cars and more, Antigravity Batteries is recognized as the leader in lithium-ion battery technology.

Antigravity Batteries is committed to offering a wide range of lithium-ion battery products. Whether it’s a motorcycle, ATV, scooter, personal watercraft or performance vehicle, Antigravity Batteries has a battery solution to suit its application.

In addition to its lithium-ion battery products, Antigravity Batteries offers a full line of accessories, including terminal adapters, mounting trays, wiring harnesses, chargers, testers and more, to complement its battery products.


Established date 1981
Global headquarters Niestetal, Germany
Company website

EarthX batteryiesEarthX, Inc. specializes in cutting-edge lithium battery technology. The main goal is to develop lightweight, high-performance batteries that provide optimal power for a variety of applications. After years of painstaking research and development, EarthX has become a leader in lithium battery solutions.

One of the key benefits of EarthX lithium batteries is their advanced battery management system (BMS), which ensures optimal performance, safety and longevity.

EarthX batteries feature custom-designed cells that deliver the highest possible starting current, providing reliable power for a variety of applications. The built-in BMS is a key component that sets EarthX batteries apart, making them the first choice for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and discerning customers.

Additionally, EarthX batteries feature a unique design with terminals located down the center for easy installation and compatibility with different battery box configurations. This design feature ensures the positive or negative terminals are properly aligned when the battery is rotated, simplifying the installation process for users.


Established date 1972
Global headquarters Zamudio, Spain
Company website

Firepower batteryThe Fire Power product line is designed and built to exceed OEM standards with durability and quality in mind.

Fire Power products are distributed exclusively in the United States by WPS, the powersports industry’s leading aftermarket distributor, and are readily available through an extensive dealer network across the country. With six strategically located warehouses, it’s easy to find a dealer carrying the Fire Power brand near you.

 The product ranges are lightweight lithium batteries using cutting-edge lithium iron polymer technology. Designed for optimal performance, these batteries provide higher starting current and faster charging rates than traditional lead-acid batteries. They are extremely lightweight, 50% to 70% lighter than standard lead-acid batteries, without sacrificing power.

Fire Power batteries feature an integrated battery management system (BMS) with cell balancing and overcharge protection to ensure optimal performance and safety. A built-in state-of-charge (SOC) LED tester provides real-time battery status monitoring, while the battery’s impressive cycle life (6 to 12 times longer than lead-acid batteries) ensures longevity and reliability.

Full Spectrum Power

Established date 1988
Global headquarters Zurich, Switzerland
Company website

Full Spectrum Power batteriesFull Spectrum Power is a leading company focused on lithium battery technology for high-performance applications in racing and motorsport.

Full Spectrum Power batteries have powered numerous champions to victory in prestigious racing events across all disciplines, including NHRA, IHRA, XDA, MotoAmerica MotoGP, Supercross, Motocross, Road Racing, Drag Racing, Land Speed Records , flat track, sled racing, hill climbing, ice racing, and more.

Full Spectrum Power serves the needs of professional racing teams, including industry-leading brands such as Kalex Moto2, Warhorse HSBK Ducati, Attack Performance Yamaha, Vance & Hines and Aprilia Racing. Full Spectrum Power’s batteries are designed to meet the rigorous demands of competitive racing, delivering the highest levels of performance and reliability in the most challenging conditions.

In conclusion, these top 5 lithium motorcycle battery companies in USA continue to push the boundaries of technology, offering high-performance, efficient, and reliable energy solutions.
Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, a professional racer, or simply someone seeking an environmentally friendly alternative, these companies offer a range of products to suit your needs. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more advancements in lithium battery technology, further enhancing the riding experience.
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