Detailed report of WBE2022 World Battery Industry Expo

Detailed report of WBE2022 World Battery Industry Expo

WBE2022 World Battery Industry Expo and the 7th Asia-Pacific Battery Exhibition will be grandly held at the Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex in China from August 9 to 11, 2022 for three days. During the same period, WBE2022 will hold a series of professional exhibitions around the upstream and downstream of the battery energy storage industry chain.

Professional exhibitions in battery application fields such as photovoltaic and power sources will be staged in the same period, forming an ecological closed loop of batteries, energy storage and application chains, helping enterprises to acquire customers accurately.

Introduction to the exhibition

WBE World Battery Industry Expo (Asia-Pacific Battery Show) is committed to promoting global market trade and industrial chain procurement supply and demand. It has developed into a professional exhibition with the largest number of participating battery companies (including battery cells and pack companies) in the industry, and the professional exhibition with the highest participation of professional audiences and global buyers in applications such as power, energy storage, 3C electronics, and smart equipment.

Introduction to the exhibition

WBE2022 plans to have 5 major exhibition halls, 70,000 square meters, over 1,000 exhibitors, and over 350 battery (cell & pack) exhibitors. It will become the largest professional exhibition in the battery energy storage industry in 2022.

The exhibits cover all types of cells and batteries, battery materials and accessories, battery manufacturing equipment and instruments, and other supporting products and services. Global battery, energy storage field, battery application end buyers, industry elites, opinion leaders, energy giants and other experts will have in-depth discussions on battery and energy storage market cooperation and future industry development trend.

Exhibition scope

Battery (cell and pack) exhibition area

Power battery: all kinds of square type, cylinder, soft pack lithium ion power battery, cell, module and pack, solid state battery, supercapacitor, sodium battery, air battery and power battery cascade utilization, recycling and disassembly technology, battery storage and logistics and other equipment and service providers;

Exhibition scope

● 3C digital battery, intelligent terminal, robot, Internet of things, electronic cigarettes, TWS headphones and other fields with battery / pack and all kinds of new battery: including all kinds of lithium ion battery, polymer battery, nickel metal hydrogen batteries, button batteries, paper batteries and zinc, sodium, manganese, lithium sulfur, high nickel, lithium and other new batteries, special batteries, etc.;

● BMS protection board and battery control system, thermal management system, fuse, fire extinguishing device, battery monitoring system, etc.;

Energy storage technology exhibition area

● Energy storage battery: nickel-metal hydride battery, lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery, lead-acid battery, smart battery, sodium battery, sodium-sulfur battery, supercapacitors, renewable fuel cell, liquid flow battery, etc.; If you want to learn more about lithium ion battery, please read the article top 100 lithium ion battery manufacturers in china.

● Energy storage system and solutions: new energy storage cabinet, container energy storage power station system, outdoor mobile energy storage power supply, off-grid / grid energy storage system, base station energy storage, micro grid, distributed energy, EMS, BMS, energy storage inverter, energy Internet technology, UPS system, photovoltaic energy storage system, light storage charge integration system and embedded energy storage, flywheel energy storage, pumped energy storage, etc.;

portable battery station product

Battery material and accessories exhibition area

● Lithium battery materials include cathode materials, anode materials, electrolyte and additives, conductive materials, battery diaphragm, aluminum-plastic film, protective film, copper foil, aluminum foil, tape, sealant, thermal insulation insulation materials, as well as material processing equipment, analysis and testing instruments;

● Graphene, nanomaterials, graphene preparation technology, equipment and instruments, etc.;

● Battery casings, tabs, caps, brackets, connectors, nickel strips, wiring harnesses, chargers, etc., as well as parts processing equipment;

Battery equipment exhibition area

● Grinding, stirring, coating, rolling, slitting, filming, winding, assembling, baking, shelling, dehumidification, liquid injection, sealing, welding, forming, etc. for lithium batteries, as well as lithium battery intelligent module lines, pack sorting, machine vision, spot welding, coating, file matching, assembly, testing, packaging and other equipment, environmental protection equipment, special storage, warehousing and transportation equipment, etc.

Solid state battery exhibition area

● All-solid and mixed solid-liquid electrolyte power lithium batteries, energy storage batteries and flexible batteries, etc.;

● Solid electrolyte materials, solid-state battery cathode and anode electrode materials, solid electrolyte diaphragm and other materials and technologies;

● Solid-state battery production equipment and testing equipment, etc. The article top 10 solid-state battery companies in 2022 on our website details the solid-state battery.

Super capacitor industry exhibition area

● All kinds of combined and laminated supercapacitors used in energy storage, automotive, electronics, new energy and other fields;

● Supercapacitor production and manufacturing equipment, materials, testing and experimental instruments;

Battery swap and charging facility exhibition area

● Battery swapping technology and equipment: commercial vehicle/private car/low-speed electric vehicle swapping station, battery swapping technology and equipment, battery swapping cabinet, battery swapping pack, battery swapping case, battery swapping module, battery swapping bracket, battery swapping robot, visual inspection systems, and other ancillary equipment and systems.

● Charging facilities: charging piles and supporting devices, chargers and power supply systems, construction and operation of charging piles (stations).

Hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell industry exhibition area

● Hydrogen preparation, storage and safety testing technology and equipment, hydrogen refueling station equipment, etc.;

● Various fuel cells and system applications, fuel cell vehicles;

● Fuel cell materials, supporting devices/systems, production and processing equipment, testing and analysis techniques and equipment.

Nine highlights of the 2022 World Battery Industry Expo

● The exhibition scale is the largest ever

Nine highlights of the 2022 World Battery Industry Expo

WBE2022 World Battery Industry Expo and the 7th Asia Pacific Battery Exhibition in this year’s epidemic, complex and changeable international environment and so severe circumstances, still maintained a significant growth of nearly 40%, the exhibition scale increased to 55,000 square meters, more than 2,200 booths, more than 700 exhibitors, is expected to exceed 50,000 professional visitors! The largest scale ever!

● More than 300 battery cells and pack companies participated in the exhibition

The Asia-Pacific Battery Show gave full play to its basic advantages of buyers and audiences in the field of battery applications, and attracted more than 300 brand enterprises to participate in the fair. The application fields of battery exhibits cover power terminal, energy storage field, 3C electronic industry and artificial intelligence equipment and other fields.

● Energy storage and outdoor power sources become new categories

Lithium-ion batteries for energy storage are mainly used in the fields of peak regulation and frequency regulation power auxiliary services, renewable energy grid-connected consumption, industrial and commercial energy storage, home storage, and microgrids. China proposes an implementation plan for the development of new energy storage. By 2025, new energy storage will enter the stage of large-scale development from the initial stage of commercialization, and will have the conditions for large-scale commercial application.

At the same time, the market prospects of lithium batteries for energy storage in emerging tracks under the “dual carbon” strategy are broad. At the same time, the surrounding industries of outdoor camping tropical power are rapidly heating up, which has spawned a large number of popular new categories, and outdoor mobile power has become a new category with explosive growth. Outdoor power banks are also used more frequently in outdoor activities such as outdoor camping, friends gathering, and outdoor shooting and live broadcasting.

● Lithium battery protection board/BMS companies are favored

With the rapid development of power battery and energy storage industry, the demand for lithium battery protection board (BMS) has soared. BMS battery protection board plays a role in escorting lithium battery. More than 40 battery protection board / BMS brand enterprises have appeared in this expo.

● “Smart charging + battery swapping station” ushered in new opportunities in the market

Smart charging + battery swapping station ushered in new opportunities in the market

In recent years, many cities in China have launched the pilot work of “smart charging + battery swapping station” for electric vehicles, effectively solving the problem of outdoor charging of electric vehicles. “Smart charging + battery swapping station” can effectively control the fire caused by battery fire in the charging process.

The new model of battery swapping cabinet is ushering in new market opportunities. Driven by new opportunities, the battery swapping station and battery swapping station business model are more and more popular among people. This expo will have many brand enterprises to bring the latest charging cabinet products to the exhibition.

● High-end forums empower industries and companies

China New Energy Battery Industry Summit Forum, to take the pulse of the new trend of industry development during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, to discuss the development trend of power battery technology and the future of the trillion-dollar market of energy storage industry. There will be a group of battery industry experts who will publish their judgments on the future trend of the new energy lithium battery industry, industry forecasts, innovative achievements in the industry’s cutting-edge technology, and the latest invention patent technologies.

● Battery equipment and material brand companies continue to expand

Manufacturers of lithium battery equipment, materials and accessories appeared in full costumes, forming a closed-loop industrial chain of upstream materials, equipment, midstream batteries, pack, downstream battery recycling and terminal applications, allowing the audience to understand the upstream and downstream high-quality enterprises in the industry at one time.

Battery equipment and material brand companies continue to expand

● In the same period, the exhibition will create a closed-loop procurement and trading platform for the whole industry chain

Organizers to the world battery industry expo as the core, the same period around the battery energy storage industry chain built a series of professional exhibition, photovoltaic, power and other battery application field professional exhibition will be staged at the same time, formed the battery, energy storage and application chain ecological closed loop, power enterprise accurate guest, at the same time let the audience understand the upstream and downstream industry quality enterprises.

● China’s national policies fully support the new energy battery industry

With a series of national policies and guidelines in China, the new energy industry has received heavy support. At the same time, with the implementation of automobile strategy, the “14th Five-Year Plan” new energy vehicles have shown an explosive growth trend; the national “dual carbon” goal orientation, superimposed on the great development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, and the Internet of Things, will drive the new energy vehicle market to enter a period of rapid growth, and the new energy battery industry has ushered in a highlight moment.


Gather together in Guangzhou, China, to serve the whole world! WBE World Battery Industry Expo will make every effort to build a top flow platform of communication and global trade cooperation for the battery industry, to rescue enterprises, and to help China’s battery technology development and industrial upgrading.

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