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How do you charge an ebike battery? A ultimate guide for your ebike

You may have just bought an ebike or are looking for one. However, different from electric cars, there are more brands and types of ebike, and there is not a very uniform standard for the batteries used, and also you may not be given a detailed description of battery information when purchasing a ebike especially in the case of online shopping. So how to charge your ebike battery could be a problem. This article is here waiting for answering your questions and teaching you how to use ebike battery safely.

how to charge ebike lithium ion battery

1.Do ebikes use lithium ion batteries?

Since lithium ion battery has a higher energy density, longer service life, and lighter weight, and it also has a good performance in protecting the environment, now most of ebike battery is lithium ion battery. Some countries, such as China, have introduced policies to limit the weight of ebike, and lithium ion battery, which is very portable due to the light weight, has become the first choice, so it has been applied to ebike on a large scale and will become the mainstream power of ebike battery in the future.

lithium ion battery for ebike

2.Why do ebikes catch fire?

You may also have seen some event news about ebikes caught fire. Many industry insiders have basically concluded that the problem is due to inferior refitted lithium ion batteries and wrong charging way. Therefore, first of all, it can be clear that the quality lithium ion batteries produced by a professional brand don’t cause accidents under the premise of correct use, you do not have to worry too much about the safety of ebike battery.

In fact, lithium ion batteries have long been embedded in our daily lives. The cell phones, laptops, power banks that everyone uses every day, as well as a host of other rechargeable electronics, power tools, etc., use lithium ion batteries. The fact that we use these products every day is the evidence that lithium battery is safe and can be widely used. So lithium ion battery is also safe for ebike.

So why are there security incidents? Mainly due to inferior lithium ion batteries and improper use.Let’s start with some simple lithium ion battery knowledge. There are three main materials for lithium ion battery: ternary, lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Among them, ternary lithium ion battery is the main ebike battry used by many ebike manufacturers because of its advantages of high energy density and light weight, but it is slightly inferior to lithium manganese and lithium iron phosphate in safety. Therefore, if you buy the inferior ternary lithium ion battery products produced by fraudulent manufacturers, it is may causes safety risks.

ebike battery manufacturers

Manufacturing lithium ion battery requires very high technical standard, which requires manufacturers to have very high technology to ensure the quality of lithium ion battery. However, the manufacturers and brands of ternary lithium ion battery on the market are uneven. With the popularity of lithium ion battery at present, the demand for lithium ion battery in the ebike battery industry has exploded. There are a lot of low-quality lithium ion battery produced by small-scale manufacturers in the market. Apart from the problem of production methods, they are also substandard in the use of materials. With the speedy development of new energy vehicles over the years, the fraudulent manufacturers use the recycle ternary lithium ion battery obsoleted from new energy vehicles. Lithium ion battery produced in that way seriously not in conformity with product regulations from inside to outside, and it lack of consistency and safety inspection. And there is no battery management system inside  to protect the battery safety. So this kind of ebike battery not only has poor performance due to the recycle problem, but also lack of security.

formal ebike lithium ion battry manufacturers

Mainstream regular lithium ion battery factories have very strict production standards. They will use a large number of professional standard production equipment, with the refinement of the machine to ensure the consistency of the product. Each battery cell has to go through multiple production processes, as well as a series of strict quality inspection in order to effectively ensure the high performance and safety of the battery. Therefore, we must select carefully to avoid these inferior ebike battery products.

3. How to charge an ebike battery?

In addition to the quality of the lithium ion battery itself, reasonable use is also important, not only to avoid some safety problems, but also to help maintain good performance of the ebike battery and prolong the battery life.

How to charge an e bike battery?

(1) Choose a charger that matches the lithium ion battery used in the ebike.

(2) Avoid charging in an environment below 0℃ or above 45℃;

(3) When charging, do not overcharge, voltage and current do not exceed the specified value

(4) It is forbidden to use the battery upside down

(5) It is strictly forbidden to use the charger to charge the battery pack around inflammable and explosive objects

(6) Charging is strictly prohibited in the house; Also do not store batteries in home or inhabited environments

(7) It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and repair batteries by yourself. Report for repair and test in time if the battery is flooded, soaked, soaked, dropped, or bumped

(8) If the ebike is idle for more than 7 days, the whole bike shall be powered off, and the ebike battery shall be replenished once every 2 months. Regular maintenance keeps batteries healthy and long lived

4.How to deal with the emergency of ebike battery?

emergency of ebike battery

(1) When the ebike battery is in high temperature, the power supply should be cut off in time;

(2) Extinguish high temperature by using dry ice fire extinguisher (carbon dioxide fire extinguisher), covering it completely with sand and immerzing high-temperature batteries in water (fire pool, bucket);

(3) In case of open fire, immediately use water hydrant to cool down.

(4) When the ebike battery is smoking at high temperature, it is transferred to an open area by a hydraulic vehicle to isolate the battery pack that is not on fire;

(5) Indoor doors and Windows should be opened quickly to maintain ventilation, reduce smoke concentration or temperature, to avoid smoke injury;

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