Portable power supply matket report

Portable power supply matket report

What is a portable power supply

Portable power supply, usually refers to the backup portable power supply or emergency portable power supply weighting no more than 18kg, and the core energy storage medium is lithium ion battery.

Compared with the traditional power bank and UPS lithium battery, portable power supply is easy to carry and can solve the problem of power shortage, and its application scenarios are more diversified.

In recent years, with the improvement of residents’ living standards, the demand for portable energy storage products has increased, thus driving the expansion of portable power supply market.

With the continuous progress of electronic technology, as well as the diversified development of market demand, portable power product categories gradually rich. At present, most portable power supply on the market use lithium ion batteries to store energy, and most products can support photovoltaic charging function, AC, DC output and input.

With the progress of science and technology, more and more new technologies are integrated into portable power supply products. The integration of these technologies not only solves the temporary power demand of users, but also improves the user experience.

Portable power supply industry analysis

Industry chain structure of portable power supply

The upstream of portable power supply industry chain is raw materials and related equipment suppliers, mainly including lithium batteries and batteries manufacturers, plastic parts, connectors, and connection wire manufacturers, production equipment suppliers, and so on.

The development of the upstream and technology situation determines the cost of production of portable power supply industry, but also determines the portable power supply industry technical basis.

The middle stream is the manufacturer of portable power supply. China’s portable power supply industry started late. After years of development and accumulation, although Chinese manufacturers have a certain market scale, there is still a certain gap in product quality, production technology, production equipment and other aspects compared with other countries.

Portable power supply, usually refers to the backup portable power supply or emergency portable power supply weighting no more than 18kg

The downstream of portable power supply industry is the application market, mainly including outdoor emergency electricity, electronic products, medical rescue, vehicle electrical appliances, outdoor photography, emergency rescue, indoor backup and other fields.

With the continuous development of the global economy, the downstream application field is constantly expanding, so that the market capacity of portable power supply industry is expanding, and people’s technical requirements for portable power supply are becoming higher and higher, which determines the future technology development direction of portable power supply industry.

Industry chain competition analysis of portable power supply

For the portable power supply industry, portable power supply, as the core of connecting upstream and downstream, is very important for customers and suppliers.

Therefore, in this situation, some leading portable power station companies in China, with the help of brand position and capital advantage, have strong supplier bargaining power in the industrial chain.

The demand for portable power supply in the downstream terminal consumption field is relatively large. When the above-mentioned enterprises have strong purchasing ability, they will form bargaining pressure on the upstream supplier enterprises, thus forming backward integration, affecting the profitability of the upstream enterprises, and forming pressure on the downstream customers.

The market prospect of portable power supply

The two most common uses of portable power supply products are outdoor travel and earthquake prevention. Outdoor travel applications, with the increase of self-driving travel enthusiasts, outdoor travel groups, the demand for outdoor portable power supply surge. Portable power products in the earthquake, hurricane and other natural disasters, its importance is particularly prominent.

Portable power supply products cater to consumption culture of outdoor entertainment for overseas consumers, the international market prospects are very broad. According to research data from, the global battery power storage market will reach $11.04 billion in 2025, and the market size will grow by nearly $5 billion.

As the epidemic spreads around the world, people spend a lot of time at home, coupled with unstable energy supply in some countries and environmental protection factors, demand for portable power products is growing rapidly.

According to the latest customs statistics, in the first five months of 2021, Shenzhen, China, exported 10.75 billion yuan of lithium-ion batteries, up 61.7% from the same period last year, and up 47.6% from the first five months of 2019 before the COVID-19 epidemic.

The development environment of portable power supply

The development environment of portable power supply

In recent years, in order to break the development bottleneck of existing energy storage technology, improve the independent production capacity of enterprises, and cultivate energy storage power professionals, Chinese relevant departments have issued a number of favorable policies, which provide a good external environment for the development of China’s portable power supply industry.

From the perspective of the future development trend, with the continuous expansion of downstream application fields, as well as the upgrading of market demand, the market will continue to improve the requirements of portable power supply, thus driving the industry to the direction of high endurance, high security, multi-function, high stability and so on.

portable power supply has rich application scenarios. In recent years, with the continuous breakthrough of relevant technologies and the diversified development of market demand, portable power supply products are gradually enriched.

Compared with foreign markets, China’s portable power supply industry started late. Affected by technology, quality and brand factors, Chinese enterprises have insufficient advantages in the international market competition. There is still some room for improvement in China’s portable power supply industry in the future.

Outdoor portable power supply market is hot

Production and sales of outdoor portable power supply industry doubled year after year


Production and sales of outdoor portable power supply industry doubled year after year

Outdoor portable power supply can be seen in outdoor activities such as camping, dining with friends or shooting in the field. The epidemic has had a great impact on traditional tourism. Due to travel restrictions, outdoor camping and self-driving travel for leisure have become more and more popular, and portable power supply have been used more frequently.

At stores that specialize in high-end camping gear, outdoor portable power supply has become a must-have item for every customer.

▍Consumer Yang Li said: I have bought some outdoor equipment before and I have also done a lot of tips on the Internet and have seen some professional portable power supply.

Because I usually use some kind of photography equipment outdoors, such as drones, camera, underwater camera and so on, and many of these need to be charged, so I am very concerned about the portable power supply.

▍Nie Jingdong, founder of an outdoor culture company in Guangzhou, said: whether you are a new players or not, it is a way to sell the whole set of equipment, so that everyone can have a better experience of camping.

The most important product in the use scenario of the whole equipment is outdoor portable power supply, because outdoor portable power supply can solve all the most basic functions of some use scenarios. As a result, its sales account for about 10% of all categories in the store and 60% to 70% of functional products, and this figure keeps growing.

Outdoor portable power supply can be seen in outdoor activities such as camping, dining with friends or shooting in the field.

▍Jiang Jing, the person in charge of 3C digital accessories industry of Tmall said: Outdoor power supply should be the fastest growing category among the emerging industries I have seen.It was a very small category three years ago, with a compound growth rate of more than 300% over these three years.

Three years ago, there may have been only one or two top brands, but during June 18, the outbreak of this category, just like the first line brands of mobile phone shell and data cable, has rushed to the top10 of the whole 3C digital accessories category.

Front-end sales are booming, back-end production is in short supply, catch up with the order and recruit more employees to expand the scale of production has become the normal situation for many outdoor power enterprises.

Since its establishment in 2019, Shenzhen Zhenghao Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. has been in a state of catching up with demand and goods, with basically zero inventory.

The size of the site staff is basically expanding three to five times every year, and now the staff and the site are also being renovated and recruited in a large scale.  The company’s production capacity increased more than 12 times last year and is expected to increase seven or eight times this year.

Companies that manufacture peripheral products of power supply move to outdoor portable power supply

Due to the explosive growth of the outdoor power industry, many enterprises that previously operated peripheral products also began to transform into outdoor portable power supply, especially the enterprises that operated the power bank in the past, almost all transform to occupy the market of outdoor portable power supply if they have the condition.

Companies that manufacture peripheral products of power supply move to outdoor portable power supply

In fact, the market demand for outdoor portable power supply has always existed. Outdoor power products have appeared in the European and American markets since 2008, the lead-acid batteries used at that time were heavy and large, and had low energy density and expensive price.

Take the 2000W oil-fired generator as an example. The oil-fired machine only costs $500 to $1000, while the battery-powered machine costs $3000 to $5000. Because of the large price difference, it has been difficult to popularize the outdoor power supply using battery.

Now it is very portable and cheap because the density of lithium battery has increased, and the cost of lithium battery has fallen dramatically as high as that of a fuel oil generator

In recent years, the development of new energy automobile industry has driven the development of lithium battery, and the production cost of outdoor power has been greatly reduced. As the representative of the energy storage technology, lithium battery replacement lead acid and fuel generator has became the mainstream.

Especially this year, as the putting forward of the target “peak carbon dioxide emissions, carbon neutral”, the demand that let more people pay attention to low-carbon environmental protection, green travel, new outdoor power is also rapidly exploding.

Compared with the traditional generator, it does not need to burn oil or maintenance, and there is no toxic gas emissions like carbon monoxide, so the market users are more acceptable.

Portable power supply matket report

In addition to affordable and environmental protection, another important reason for the growth of outdoor power is the convenience of use.

The outdoor portable power supply sold in the market in the early years is more like a large charge bank. The biggest pain point of the product is that the charging time is too long.

With the popularity of various fast charging technologies, although the energy storage of outdoor portable power supply is getting bigger and bigger, the charging time is getting shorter and shorter, and the frequency of consumer use and purchase is getting higher and higher.

During the epidemic, some emergency medical power is needed. Outdoor portable power also plays a very big role in this aspect. Therefore, according to such situation, this category should also have a great trend in domestic family emergency.

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