Best top 10 battery tray manufacturers in China

Best top 10 battery tray manufacturers in China

When looking for reliable, high-quality battery tray manufacturers, China is the top destination for many businesses around the world. China has become a hub for battery pallet manufacturing, with numerous companies offering a wide range of options to various industries.
In this article, we will discuss best top 10 battery tray manufacturers in China, including NANFU ALUMINUM,Hoshion, LUCKY HARVEST, KAM KIU ALUMINUM GROUP, Shinekin, HENGYI, ATLAS PRECISION, MINTH GROUP, SSDT, Lingyu.
So whether you are Looking for battery trays for automotive, marine or any other application, read on to discover the best manufacturers in China.
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Best top 10 battery tray manufacturers in China in 2023

Ranking Manufacturers
2 Hoshion
5 Shinekin
10 Lingyu


Established date 2010
Global headquarters Chongqing
Company website
NANFU ALUMINIUM companyNANFU ALUMINUM is a high-tech enterprise integrating aluminum profile extrusion, die-casting, surface treatment and precision processing.
The company’s annual production capacity of aluminum profiles is 50,000 tons, and its products are widely used in construction, decoration, home furnishing, home appliances, energy-saving appliances, electric vehicles, machinery and electrical and other fields.NANFU ALUMINIUM battery tray
After years of development, NANFU ALUMINUM has a complete aluminum profile processing solution, with reasonable design of various links, which can maximize the use effect of aluminum profiles and reduce customer costs.
Among them, BYD Auto, the company’s exclusive supplier of electric vehicle product parts, is one of the top 10 power battery companies in the world.


Established date 1996
Global headquarters Zhongshan
Company website
Hoshion companyHoshion technology-driven new materials and integrated components provider is committed to promoting the application of high-end industrial aluminum alloys in consumer electronics and renewable energy fields.
In the field of electric vehicles, Hoshion has grown into China’s leading electric vehicle battery structural parts company and has extensive cooperation with top 10 lithium ion battery manufacturers such as CATL. The company’s products cover three categories: battery trays, module structural parts and battery cell casings.Hoshion battery tray
In particular, the battery tray business has developed the fastest, forming leading advantages in delivery scale, R&D capabilities, and production and manufacturing.


Established date 2004
Global headquarters Dongguan
Company website
LUCKY HARVEST companyLUCKY HARVEST specializes in the research and development, production and sales of precision stamping molds and metal structural parts. The company has advanced mold manufacturing technology and precision stamping, welding, sheet metal and other metal manufacturing technologies.
It mainly provides integrated solutions for precision stamping molds and metal structural parts for customers such as automobiles, communications, electronics and office equipment. The company has rich experience in supplying aluminum alloy parts and attaches great importance to the development of non-ferrous metal parts.LUCKY HARVEST battery tray
The company’s senior management pays special attention to research and development and new technologies, and electric vehicle battery trays have also been involved in product development and experience accumulation earlier.


Established date 1983
Global headquarters Honkong
Company website
KAM KIU ALUMINIUM GROUP companyKAM KIU ALUMINUM GROUP is a leading manufacturer of aluminum extruded profile products. Product applications range from consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, marine, renewable energy systems to construction projects.
With more than thirty years of rich production experience, including aluminum alloy design, aluminum rod casting, aluminum extrusion, mold design, surface treatment and precision machining, KAP is dedicated to offering customers one-stop shopping for all their needs.KAM KIU ALUMINIUM GROUP battery tray
KAP is committed to research and development, providing technical support for aluminum products, and proven aluminum profile performance enhancement solutions can effectively increase customers’ product competitiveness.


Shinekin logo
Established date 2013
Global headquarters Ningbo
Company website
Shinekin companyShinekin mainly produces automotive parts products, including window trim strips, automotive door and window seals, electric vehicle battery trays, solenoid valves and other products.
Shinekin also collaborates with NIO, a car maker with a well-established battery swapping station business model. The company has three factories, located in Ningbo, Shanghai, and Chaohu, Hefei (under construction).Shinekin battery tray
The company currently has more than 70 R&D personnel and more than 50 proprietary patented technologies of various types. In the future, the company will continue to improve its production process capabilities and strive to become one of the leaders in the global auto parts industry.


Established date 2002
Global headquarters Jiangsu
Company website
HENGYI companyHENGYI is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province specializing in the production of electric vehicles, commercial vehicles, engineering machinery parts and component assemblies.
The main products include profile battery box trays and cast battery box trays, both of which are load-bearing and protective components for electric vehicle power batteries.HENGYI battery tray
The profile battery box mainly uses friction stir welding (FSW welding), robot arc welding (CMT welding), gantry machining center, FDS and other equipment and technologies, and also has the ability to synchronously design battery boxes.


Established date 2017
Global headquarters Jiangsu
Company website
ATLAS PRECISION companyATLAS PRECISION is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design and manufacturing of electric vehicle parts. The products cover key components of electric vehicles such as battery pack aluminum alloy boxes, pack thermal management systems, composite material boxes & upper covers & bottom guards.ATLAS PRECISION battery tray
The company’s senior technical team has been deeply involved in the new energy vehicle industry for many years and has excellent R&D, design, process and manufacturing experience.
The company takes the electric vehicle industry as its core business segment, and its rich product line of electric vehicle parts can meet most of the applications and needs of customers.


Established date 1992
Global headquarters Zhejiang
Company website
MINTH GROUP companyMINTH GROUP is now among the top 100 global auto parts companies. Minshi Group has the world’s best customer platform, is the world’s largest aluminum battery box supplier, and the most complete surface treatment supplier.
Currently, MINTH GROUP has four major product lines including plastic parts, metal body systems, battery boxes, and new businesses, five major R&D centers, and more than 70 production plants worldwide.
The company has customers in more than 30 countries around the world and serves more than 60 automobile brands.MINTH GROUP battery tray


SSDT logo
Established date 2004
Global headquarters Shanghai
Company website
SSDT companySSDT focuses on material molding and synthesis technology, provides innovative integrated solutions, and continuously strives to become an internationally competitive modern service-oriented intelligent manufacturing enterprise.
In the field of electric vehicles, SSDT pays close attention to the new demands and needs of customers.SSDT battery tray
Develop simultaneously with customers, actively promote technological research and accumulation in the field of new energy, master the core technologies from stamping, welding, coating to sealing, and have the technical strength for mass production.
Its products include lightweight battery boxes and metal bipolar plates for hydrogen fuel cells.


Lingyu logo
Established date 1995
Global headquarters Hebei
Company website
Lingyu companyLingyu has strong R&D capabilities. Through independent scientific research and technological innovation, we have realized the intelligent manufacturing of lightweight integrated chassis and battery trays for electric vehicles.
The company not only makes aluminum pallets, but also steel pallets and composite battery box covers. It is also China’s leading enterprise in the field of vehicle lightweighting, with its market share ranking first in China.Lingyu battery tray
At present, the company has obtained the designation of the Porsche pure electric sports car battery box project, which will be mass-produced this year.
It has also obtained the supporting rights for the BMW battery box project, which is the first high-end mass-produced model battery box project obtained by China, and will be realized in 2020. mass production.

In conclusion, the best top 10 battery tray manufacturers in China offer different types of battery tray. Whether you are looking for battery trays for automotive, marine, or any other application, these manufacturers are sure to provide the best products.

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