The benefit of energy density of lithium ion battery over other batteries

The benefit of energy density of lithium ion battery over other batteries

The lithium ion battery which is also known as the Li-ion battery is an energy rechargeable battery commonly used by electronics users especially the portable electronics users; because of the battery’s high energy-to-weight ratios, its density, its high open circuit voltage, the Lithium ion battery is now one of the most popular types of rechargeable batteries.

The lithium ion battery has increased greatly in the rate at which it is being demanded for. This is as a result of its advancing technology when it comes to the battery’s high energy density. The high energy density has given more room for advanced application like electric vehicles to be use with the battery.

The energy density possessed by batteries tell us more about the rate of energy they are made up of

What is the energy density of a battery

The energy density possessed by batteries tell us more about the rate of energy they are made up of. An emphasis on the energy density of Lithium Ion battery density indicates the capacity of energy possessed in comparison to its size and performance. Energy density which is generally measured in watt-hour per kilogram goes a long way in determining how fast and effective energy can be delivered when working with other applications.

The lithium ion battery comes along with a good number of advantages that are quite impressive to its users. One of which is their high energy density. Therefore, this article will mainly discuss the energy density of lithium ion batteries and the comparison of energy density of various batteries.

High energy density

The high energy density possessed by a lithium ion battery, made it possible for more powerful application to function with it unlike other batteries. Incase you are still wondering why the energy density is so paramount in Lithium ion battery, the first thing you should bear in mind is that the energy density determines the work output of the battery.

The work efficiency at which a battery with low energy density will work will be totally different to the work efficiency at which a battery with higher energy density is going to perform. The latter is definitely going to perform better than the other one because of the difference in their energy density.

That is why when speaking of devices as small as the mobile phones which require more power and consume more charges at the same time, the lithium ion batteries are always the best for devices like that. This is because of their high advantageous energy density they have over other batteries.

You should also know that it is the high energy density associated to these Li-ion batteries that gives opportunity for bigger appliances to work with these batteries. The energy density of a battery can be divided into two; the volume energy density, and mass energy density. This energy density can be compared to the power density of the battery also, but they are not the same thing.


Volume energy density

The energy density of a battery can be divided into two, and volume energy density is a kind of energy density. Volume energy density is measured in watt-hour per liter.

Mass energy density

When people talk about energy density, they mainly mean mass energy density. The amount of energy present in the mass (volume) of the battery.

How do you find the energy density of a battery

Finding the energy density to this battery can be achieve successfully and accurately by following a specific mathematics pattern which usually involve the battery cell’s voltage, the capacity and the mass or volume of your battery. Multiplying the first two terms and dividing your answer by the value of mass or volume will give you a result of energy density.

Difference between energy density and power density

Unlike energy density, the power density of a battery tells us more about how quick the energy can be delivered rather than stored. With energy density, you get to know the amount of energy stored in the battery, while the power density shows us the amount of energy that can be used up or discharged by the battery.

Which battery has the highest energy density

Saving you the stress of going through all these procedures to get the exact value of energy density for batteries in order to now the most suitable ones, you can take note of the types rechargeable batteries and their energy density:

1)Lead acid battery – 30-50Wh/kg
2)Nickel-metal hydride- 60-120Wh/kg
3)Nickel-Cadmium- 45-80Wh/kg
4)Lithium ion battery – 80-300Wh/kg
From the few list stated above, Lithium ion battery has the highest amount of energy density in them.

Lithium ion battery has the highest amount of energy density

Availablity of the battery in various types

The lithium ion battery cells are diversified into various type. The existence of variety in the battery makes it possible for the right technology to be used mainly on the right appliance as needed.

While there are some types of lithium ion battery that provides higher current levels suitable for powerful tools and electric vehicles, other types of the battery also provide high current density that is perfect for mobile electronic equipment.

Lithium iron phosphate battery

This is a type of lithium ion battery where the phosphate function as the cathode material, while the carbon present in the battery function as an anode. Lithium iron phosphate battery is suitable for most energy storage devices also lithium iron phosphate batteries are mostly used as power batteries for electric vehicles.

Tenary lithium battery

The tenary lithium battery make uses of nickel-cobalt-manganese and three transition metal oxides. The battery has a very high energy density when compare to other Lithium ion batteries like Lithium manganate and Lithium iron phosphate.

Lead acid battery

The first rechargeable battery is the Lead acid battery. Unlike other Lithium ion battery, the lead acid battery has the lowest energy density in them. This however did not place limits on its functions. The Lead acid battery special features of the ability to deliver high current despite its low energy density composition makes it perfect to be use with vehicles.

The lithium ion battery has a lot of distinct advantages


All these advantages of the lithium ion battery over other batteries indicates nothing but the essence of the value present in this product and the rate at which it is being increasingly used and demanded for in many areas from low power application to higher power applications.

The lithium ion battery has a lot of distinct advantages that you are going to experience personally as you use it; a few of which have been mentioned above. The li-ion battery already has a wide range of technology of which it still keeps developing, making it the most suitable to use over other batteries.

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