Customers from Pakistan and USA visit TYCORUN factory

Tycorun Energy in China, where our primary focus is on developing comprehensive battery swapping station systems. Our integrated approach covers four essential components: change cabinets, batteries, applications, and motorcycles, allowing us to offer customers a complete and tailored solution.

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting clients from Pakistan and America at our factories. During their visit, they witnessed our manufacturing processes firsthand and engaged in face-to-face discussions with our engineers.

Our battery factory boasts a state-of-the-art test workshop, featuring dedicated areas for acupuncture, heavy impact testing, and constant temperature testing. This rigorous testing ensures the quality and reliability of every battery we produce, assuring customers that they can use our products directly upon receipt. Additionally, our battery pack line subjects every unit to three rounds of testing before shipment.

Moving on to our motorcycle factory, our exhibition hall showcases a diverse range of scooters, motorcycles, and tricycles, catering to varied preferences and requirements. To facilitate effective communication and meet our clients’ needs, we arrange online meetings with our experienced engineers. With a wealth of knowledge in battery and battery swapping station production, our engineers are equipped to provide comprehensive customization services. We have successfully delivered tailored solutions to clients worldwide, including those from India, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and beyond.


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