Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021

Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021

Lithium forklift battery is one of the most important elements affecting the development of forklifts in the past decade and the next decade. If a forklift manufacturer ignores this process, it will soon be left behind by its competitors. It is hard to imagine how the price war of forklifts would have gone without the introduction of lithium ion batteries.

Entering the year of 2020, the competition situation of lithium forklift has been very obvious. Byd forklift, which takes the lead in lithium forklift battery , is also to further expand its sales advantage of lithium ion battery. So this article will first talk about the current situation of lithium forklift battery, and then we will introduce the Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021.

The war of Lithium forklift battery

The acceptance degree of lithium forklift battery is improving

Whether active or passive, lithium forklift battery has become one of the important strategies of forklift enterprises. Although the safety and endurance of lithium batteries are plaguing the field of electric vehicles, lithium forklift battery is suitable for the forklift industry with relatively fixed operating environment and stable operating intensity. 

2.lithium batteries are suitable for the forklift industry with relatively fixed operating environment and stable operating intensity.

According to BI Guozhong, general manager of BYD Forklift, lithium iron phosphate battery is the most suitable type of lithium battery for forklift applications. According to the statistics , from January to September this year, The sales of lithium forklift battery in China exceeded 96,000 units, an increase of 102% over the same period last year, showing the development prospect of lithium forklifts.

The production of lithium forklift battery still needs to be improved

According to the feedback of the 2020 China forklift market research report, users’ acceptance of lithium forklift battery is greatly improved, and more and more enterprises mainly require lithium forklift battery.

The production of lithium forklift battery still needs to be improved.At present, there are more than 50 lithium ion battery companies involved in forklift lithium battery in China, and many enterprises are still in small scale. The production process and production are mainly small and non-standard assembly lines, and the basic testing equipment and quality control basically depend on manual labor, with limited capital scale and r&d investment. Large-scale factory operations of lithium forklift enterprises are few.

How to enlarge the imagination of the scale of forklift market segment, so that more lithium battery cell manufacturers can study the application of forklift. More and more lithium forklift  battery assemblers are expanding their target to the field of construction machinery. Forklift lithium production and manufacturing need to do a good job of layout to attract more investment.

The price of lithium forklifts has reached the bottom

Forklift lithium after more than two years of price competition, the current price of forklift lithium has entered a plateau, and the lithium price of electric vehicles is basically similar. The future direction of prices across the industry is largely clear. Therefore, at present, forklift lithium has entered the competition of quality and stability within the predetermined price range.

How to make forklift lithium electric technology stable, good product consistency is the main goal in the next few years. Compared with European and American forklift lithium batteries with high capacity, precision accessories control and high price, China’s forklift lithium batteries have entered the stage of nationalization.

Compared with European and American forklift lithium batteries with high capacity, precision accessories control and high price, China's forklift lithium batteries have entered the stage of natio

The new energy is an important element for forklift

Lithium battery is the main new energy direction of industrial vehicles such as forklifts in the future, but the electric vehicle industry needs to promote the progress of lithium battery, including safety and non-ignition, stable range, applicability of hot and cold operating environment, recycling of discarded batteries, etc.

Forklift enterprises all regard forklift lithium electric as the main goal in the next five years. The proportion of electric forklifts will be further increased, and the speed of Lithium Battery Replacement Lead Acid is accelerating.

Hydrogen fuel forklift batteries are also the ultimate goal of everyone’s pursuit. Prager revealed at the Hydrogen Energy Investment conference in September 2020 that the company has delivered 40,000 hydrogen fuel forklifts in use and will reach 125,000 in the future by 2024. Of weichai Power’s 12 billion yuan share offering last week, 3 billion yuan will be used to develop hydrogen fuel cells, including forklifts.

Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China


BYD is one of the Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021

BYD entered the field of electric forklift as early as 2009. In 2011, it developed electric forklift with lithium iron phosphate battery. In 2013, it launched 3.5-ton electric forklift to fill the gap in the domestic market of large-tonnage electric forklift. In 2016, it won the IFOY International Forklift Award and the first China Industrial Vehicle Technology Innovation Award in the same year. In 2017, BYD Forklift truck won the Gold Medal of Parts category of China Industrial Vehicle Innovation Award.

4.Byd entered the field of electric forklifts as early as 2009 and developed electric forklifts with lithium iron phosphate batteries in 2011

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CATL is one of the Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021

Last year, jianghuai forklift truck 10 sets of lithium special models successfully delivered to domestic well-known automobile manufacturers. It is reported that JAC lithium special models standard with CATL battery module, quality assurance, equipped with CAN communication system, classified fault handling, safe and efficient, bridge box integrated structure design, high transmission efficiency, low noise, unique battery hibernation function, effectively play an energy-saving protection role.

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Pengcheng New Energy

pengcheng is Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021

Hangzhou Pengcheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales of lithium batteries. The company is committed to the research and development of non-road power battery system, and its products have now fully covered electric forklift, tractor, ascending vehicle, stacker and other engineering machinery and energy storage fields. The company has an independent research and development center, which has a solid foundation in product development, process improvement and other aspects. In 2020, the company will build a new lithium battery production base in Fuyang, Hangzhou, to create a high-reliability battery research and development and production center, and create a world-class lithium electric power battery system.


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eikto Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021

EIKTO Company is a manufacturer from end-to-end; their products are Lithium Cell, Lithium Module, and Lithium Battery system. Their world-class facility and cutting-edge R&D center can ensure your product is carefully developed,  manufactured and tested.

It’s a global supplier and solve the application of new energy, founded in 2006. Company specialized in industrial lithium ion battery, new energy vehicle shipping lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries and energy storage product research and development, production and sales, the annual output can reach 3.2 GWh, have excellent research and development innovation ability and large-scale production capacity.


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Zibo Torch Energy

zibo_torch is Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021

Zibo Torch Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in January 1944,is one of the earliest development and production of lead-acid  battery manufacturers, is a high-tech enterprises, is the production of military special battery manufacturers,  one of the nuclear group qualified suppliers. The company mainly engaged in traction, fixed,  electric vehicles with lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion battery development and design and production,  now has annual production of 6 million KVAh various types of lead-acid batteries. The company has six wholly-owned  subsidiaries, covering the battery manufacturing equipment, shell, partitions, cables,  boxes and other production and sales for the “torch” battery development help.

The company’s products have been in the leading domestic level,  is traction series in line with the DIN standard PzS series,  BS standard DB series and GB D series of lead-acid batteries, mainly supporting domestic and foreign tractors,  electric vehicles, electric tour buses, explosion-proof vehicles and other fields;  Fixed with lead-acid batteries GFM series,  OPzS series, OPzV series is widely used in national defense, communications, electricity,  energy storage and other fields. Electric car batteries are widely used in electric tour buses, electric road vehicles,  low-speed electric vehicles and other fields.


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evtd is Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021

EVTD is a professional battery management system (BMS) r & D, production, sales, service technology enterprises, but also provide lithium battery application technology related technical consulting services. The company has a team of experts proficient in battery, motor, electrical appliances, automotive and other fields, and has rich professional knowledge and practical experience in lithium battery application and BMS field. So far, our company has obtained 16 patents related to the development and application technology of lithium battery management system BMS.

GOTION high-tech

GOTION is one of the is Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021Focusing on the new market space brought by the electrification of forklifts, as a representative enterprise of power batteries in China, GOTION High-tech is seizing the “new track” through a series of slots. In the field of forklift segmentation, GOTION High-tech has set up a special forklift technology project team to carry out targeted research and development and layout according to the technical requirements of the battery in this market segment.

It is reported that the power battery of GOTION forklift has been widely used in tobacco, medicine, video beverage, automobile and parts, logistics, household appliances and other manufacturing fields. The lithium iron phosphate battery specially developed by GOTION Technology co., Ltd. is very competitive in terms of life, versatility, safety and affordability.


tianneng is Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021

Tianneng is an electric light vehicle power battery business is given priority to, set special electric vehicle power battery, new energy automobile power starting start-stop battery, car battery, storage battery and 3 c battery, spare batteries, fuel cells, etc category battery research and development, production, sales for the integration of domestic battery industry leading enterprises.

Up to now, the company has built ten production bases in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Guizhou five provinces, more than 60 subsidiaries, is China’s new energy power battery industry leader.


Company website:

Ganfeng lithium

ganfeng is one of the Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021

Lithium battery plate is an important link in the whole industrial ecological chain of Ganfeng. In recent years, lithium battery is becoming the mainstream choice of the industrial vehicle market, the company also began to intervene in the industrial vehicle power lithium electric circuit, for lead acid battery industrial vehicle design, manufacturing can directly replace the lithium iron phosphate battery system, its power battery products are rich, covering 12V, 24V, 48V, 80V, 96V and other types. Now, Ganfeng lithium has successfully infiltrated some influential companies with a total installed capacity of more than 2GW.

In the future, in the direction of the power battery market, Ganfeng Lithium will focus on the small tonnage forklift lithium battery market, expand the market share, improve the business model.


houneng is Top 10 forklift battery suppliers in China in 2021

Liaoning Houneng Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in r&d, production and sales of lithium ion power batteries and leasing and sales of lithium iron phosphate electric forklifts. Houneng Is committed to building a professional comprehensive service platform for electric forklift trucks in China, forming a systematic comprehensive service system around the rental and sale of electric forklift trucks, lithium battery power, forklift accessories, second-hand trading, post-maintenance and other aspects, penetrating the industry chain and deeply cultivating the professional field of electric forklift trucks. Through lithium battery power cluster, electric forklift cluster, maintenance worker and driver cluster, forklift parts cluster to lead the future trend of the industry.

The company focuses on the research and development, production and sales of lithium iron phosphate batteries, relying on its own forklift and lithium technology advantages, to provide customers with lithium battery customization, forklift leasing, intelligent logistics transformation services. Thick can lithium electricity into lithium electricity industry ten years, deep tillage lithium electric forklift truck business, for the battery after market test for 10 years, not only to provide clients with lead-acid in lithium electricity service, more lithium battery and lithium electric forklift truck leasing business, battery monomer by the company research and development production of square aluminum shell lithium iron phosphate batteries, USES the advanced shandong slice technology.

Low energy density, low voltage, large charging and discharging rate and small temperature rise; Battery strings are equipped with a remote monitoring system for remote online upgrade and location. The battery pack can realize communication with the forklift controller, realize the battery forklift machine: the battery pack is equipped with the rest function, to prevent the battery is not in use when the power consumption, resulting in battery discharge: the battery pack can be low energy density at low power, low voltage real, can be large charge and discharge rate and temperature rise is small; Battery strings are equipped with a remote monitoring system for remote online upgrade and location.


The battery pack can communicate with the forklift controller to realize the battery forklift all-in-one machine; The battery string is equipped with the sleep function to prevent the battery from consuming power when it is not in use, resulting in excessive discharge of the battery. The battery string can remind the user to charge when the battery is low. The battery string is designed to prevent the battery from being overcharged due to the discharge port charging.

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