Top 10 lithium cell product in China

Top 10 lithium cell product in China in 2023

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Lithium batteries have become an important part of many electric devices. As demand for these batteries continues to increase, so does competition among manufacturers. The strength of Chinese lithium battery manufacturers is also growing stronger.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the top 10 lithium cell product in China. We will introduce lithium battery companies, including their main lithium cell products and specifications.

Whether you are a consumer looking for a reliable energy storage battery/motorcycle battery or a manufacturer needing a high-performance battery for your product, the top 10 lithium cell product in China will give you a better idea of what the Chinese lithium battery market has to offer.

Top 10 lithium cell product in China in 2023


CATL is the world’s leading lithium battery manufacturer. The company focuses on the research and development, production and sales of lithium batteries and electric vehicle batteries, and is committed to providing electric vehicle power support solutions for the world.

CATL has made significant progress in core technologies, such as power battery cell safety technology, electrolyte replenishment technology, improved negative electrode active material technology, etc., continuously improving the energy density and safety of lithium batteries.

CATL cells:

catl cell

Product Features:
1. High-power battery, modular design, safe and fast charging and discharging
2. Square aluminum shell cell, with excellent thermal performance and high safety
3. The longest cycle life of the battery cell is 12000Cycle

Specification parameters:

Model nameCATL 280AHCATL 100AH-3U LFP
Charge/discharge rate0.5/11/1
Cycle life(25°, @60%SOH)80008000


BYD has been committed to the field of lithium iron phosphate batteries, and has launched blade battery technology for this purpose. This battery technology has many advantages, including long battery life, high stability and high safety.

BYD conducts independent research and development on battery technology, and has been constantly exploring and innovating the development of battery technology.

BYD household battery cell:

byd cell

Product Features:

1. Cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery: maximum safety, life cycle and power
2. Long service life: 10 times life extension to 2000-4500 cycles.
3. 1/4 lighter than lead-acid batteries.
4. LFP battery can work in a wide temperature range from -20 to +75°C
5. High energy density up to 1C-228A discharge

Specification parameters:

Model nameCell formCapacity





Cycle life




As one of the few “all-round” battery companies in the world,  EVE not only leads the world in the field of lithium primary batteries.

Its power battery covers a variety of technical routes such as cylindrical ternary, soft-packed ternary, square ternary, and square iron-lithium, forming a product pattern of a full range of power batteries, which is unique in the industry.

EVE LFP series:

eve cell

Product Features:
1. Highly automated production equipment to ensure battery consistency
2. Square aluminum shell structure, high-precision explosion-proof valve design, good safety performance
3. The internal resistance of the battery is low, the discharge rate is high, and the discharge platform is stable
4. Long cycle life
5. Can be designed and customized according to customer needs

Specification parameters:

Model nameLF100L
Nominal voltage3.2v
Nominal capacity102ah
Operating voltage range

2.0-3.65v (-20°≤T≤0°)

2.5-3.65v (0°≤T≤65°)

Operating temperature range

Charge (0°- 65°)

Discharge(20°- 65°)

Energy density164Wh/kg

Rept Battero

Rept Battero is a company focusing on the innovation of lithium battery technology. Wending technology is one of the main innovative technologies of Rept Battero.

Rept Battero has invested heavily in the fields of multi-functional energy storage containers, semi-solid prismatic batteries, and sodium-ion batteries. The company has applied for 1712 patents and strives to become the world’s leading battery technology company.

Rept Battero LFP cells:rept celll

Product Features:
1. The volumetric energy density of the battery reaches 450 Wh/L, enabling mainstream lithium iron phosphate models to achieve a cruising range of 700km
2. Possess discharge capacity above 3C rate and high and low temperature wide temperature range discharge capacity, and the safety is quite excellent
3. Has a long cycle life of more than 3000 weeks

Specification parameters:

Model nameLFP 280AH
Nominal capacity280AH
Nominal voltage3.2V
Cycle life8000

Gotion High-Tech

Gotion High-Tech is an enterprise focusing on the research and development of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Gotion High-Tech is not only the third largest battery supplier in China, but also has strong research and development capabilities, especially in the chemical composition of batteries and battery cells that are crucial to the electric vehicle market.
In addition, the company’s entire industrial chain layout extends to the lithium mine resource end, opening up the ecological layout of the entire industrial chain of “lithium carbonate-cathode material-power battery-battery recycling”.
Gotion High-Tech LFP cells:
gotion cell

Product Features:
1. High performance lithium iron phosphate material
2. High gram capacity silicon anode material
3. Advanced pre-lithiation technology

Specification parameters:

Model nameNominal capacityWeightSize

Great Power

Founded in 2001,  Great Power is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the production, manufacturing and R&D of lithium batteries for more than 20 years.

At present, Great Power has achieved full-scenario coverage in the field of energy storage in the field of lithium iron phosphate batteries. For small energy storage cells, there are 100Ah/50Ah cells; for large energy storage cells, there are 280Ah/300Ah cells.

Great power cell:

great power

Product Features:

1. High-safety LFP platform technology: build a technology platform for the performance and application of lithium iron phosphate materials, and all products have passed the safety certification of the whole system
2. High energy conversion efficiency technology: 0.5P energy efficiency ≥ 95%
3. Long cycle life platform technology: the longest cycle life of the battery core is ≥ 10,000 times
4. Low-temperature superconducting LTSC platform technology: high discharge capacity at low temperature, good cycle life at high temperature, capacity retention at -20°C/1C as high as 90%

Specification parameters:

ModelCapacityDischarge rateCharging TemperatureDischarging Temperature


Hithium is one of the major battery cell manufacturers in China, engaged in the R&D, production and sales of lithium battery core materials and lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery systems.

Hithium has mature lithium battery technology precipitation. It has developed professional energy storage battery products including 25Ah/50Ah/280Ah/300Ah with high safety, long life and high efficiency.

Hithium cell:

hithium cell

Product Features:
1. “Zero” attenuation for the first 1000cls*
2. Cycle life up to 12000cls
3. Energy density ≥ 170Wh/kg
4. Full acupuncture & large area extrusion, no fire, no explosion

Specification parameters:

Cell modellLFP71173207/300Ah
Cycles≥12,000 cls (@70% SOH | 100 % DOD/25 ℃ @ 0.5P/0.5P)
Nominal capacity300 Ah 0.5P, 25℃
Nominal energy960 Wh 0.5P, 25℃
Nominal voltage3.2 V
Operating voltage2.5 – 3.65 V (T 0 ℃) 2.0 – 3.65 V (T ≤ 0 ℃)
Rated charge/discharge0.5 P / 0.5 P
Energy efficiency> 95 %
Energy density≥ 170 Wh /kg
Dimension (L x W x H)174.7 x 71.65 x 207.11 mm
Weight5.43 ± 0.2 kg
Operation temperature-30 ~ 60 °C


GanfengLiEnergy is a subsidiary of the listed company Ganfeng Lithium. Relying on the brand, technology and resources of Ganfeng Lithium Industry, facing the prospect of widespread application of lithium batteries, it is committed to creating the most creative lithium battery smart new energy, and strives to rank among the first echelons of the global lithium battery industry. 

GanfengLiEnergy prismatic cell:

gangfeng cell

Product Features:
1. Cells cover various parameters of 10+Ah~300+Ah
2. High energy density and excellent high temperature storage performance
The system is equipped with a self-developed BMS module, which automatically balances the whole process

Specification parameters:

Capacity206 228277280 302











Cycle life


C 0.5C/0.5C




C 0.5C/0.5C




C 0.5C/0.5C




C 0.5P/0.5P




C 0.5C/0.5C



Tycorun Energy

Tycorun Energy is a high-tech lithium battery manufacturer in China, providing reliable and safe special lithium battery systems and customized solutions for lithium battery products to global users. The company is committed to providing high-quality lithium battery products and only uses A-grade batteries.

Tycorun Energy customized lithium battery solutions and products are widely used in industrial energy storage, household energy storage, power communication, medical electronics, security communication, transportation, logistics, surveying and mapping and other fields.

At present, it has also developed the motorcycle battery swap station market and a mature battery swapping station business model.

Tycorun Energy cell:

3.2v 280ah lifepo4 battery
Tycorun 3.2v 280ah lifepo4 battery

Product Features:
1. A-grade batteries, good quality and long cycle life
2. The square lithium-ion battery cell pack is light in weight and high in energy density
3. The lithium battery can be customized, and the battery capacity can be adjusted according to actual needs
4. Using lithium iron phosphate material, the battery has high stability and safety

Specification parameters:

Rated capacity50ah100ah202ah280ah
Nominal voltage3.2V3.2V3.2V3.2V
Operating voltage2.5~3.65V2.5~3.65V2.5~3.65V2.5~3.65V
Rated charge current50A50A100A140A
Max. continuous charge current100A100A200A280A
Max. continuous discharge current150A100A200h280A
80% DOD cyclic≥3000 times≥3000 times≥3000 times≥3000 times
Size39 *148*9527*174*20754*173 *21071*174*200
Cell weight1.2Kg2.3Kg4.0Kg5.5Kg
Energy density140Wh /Kg147Wh /Kg165Wh /Kg166Wh /Kg

Bak Battery

As one of the first companies in China to produce cylindrical batteries, BAK has excellent cylindrical battery technology.

BAK’s all-tab large cylindrical battery has broken through the two core performance limitations of energy density (endurance) and fast charging, and has taken into account various factors such as safety and cost.

In terms of safety, BAK Battery is also the only company in China that has maturely mastered the directional blasting technology of cylindrical cells and successfully solved the technology of thermal instability.

BAK cell:

bak cell

Product Features:
1. It has six advantages of high energy density, long cycle life, high rate, fast charging, strong temperature adaptability and high safety
2. Cylindrical battery products cover two series of 18650 and 21700
3. Larger capacity and volume than energy density

Specification parameters:

Model nameN18650CNP
Nominal capacity2500 mA h @ 0.2C
Minimum capacity2400 mA h @ 0.2C
Nominal voltage3.6 V
Charge voltage4.20 V
Discharge cut-off voltage2.5 V
Energy density191 Wh/Kg (0.2C)
Max charge current5A
Max continuous discharge current30A (3.0V cutoff)
Operating Temperature(Cell surface)

0~50℃ (Charge)

-20℃~75℃ (Discharge)

Humidity range0 ~ 60 % RH (non-condensing)
Internal resistance≤ 16 mΩ (AC Impedance, 1000 Hz)
Battery dimension

Height: 64.85±0.25 mm

Diameter: 18.35±0.15 mm

Weight≤ 47 g

In conclusion, Chinese lithium battery manufacturers are becoming stronger as they continue to compete in the lithium battery market. This article has provided a detailed overview of the top 10 lithium cell product in China.

From CATL and BYD, to EVE and Tycorun Energy, Chinese lithium battery manufacturers are producing high-quality and innovative lithium cell products.

As the demand for lithium batteries continues to increase, it will be exciting to see how these companies continue to evolve and produce even better products in the future.

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