Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China in 2022

With the sharing economy and industrial upgrading, the electric two-wheeler industry has ushered in explosive growth.

According to data, the number of two-wheeled electric vehicles in China has exceeded 300 million, with a compound annual growth rate of 7%. It is expected that the number of two-wheeled electric vehicles will exceed 500 million in the next few years.

In the face of the broad market prospects of two-wheeled vehicles, major lithium battery enterprises have increased the layout, the strength of the enterprise is expected to share a slice of the soup.

Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

The following is the top 10 two-wheeler battery enterprises and the layout of 20 two-wheeler lithium-ion battery enterprises in recent years


CATL is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: In the field of electric two-wheeled vehicles and electric swapping, CATL has set up a two-wheeled vehicle business department to cooperate with Yadi, Xinri, Tailing, Hallo and other top brands. Hallo A80 is equipped with CATL lithium iron phosphate cylindrical cell. In addition, it has established joint ventures with ATL, Hello Travel and Baicheng New Energy.

April 28 in 2021, CATL and ATL jointly funded the establishment of two joint ventures, a total investment of 14 billion yuan, the product will mainly be used for energy storage, two-wheeled vehicles and other fields, according to the announcement of both sides, CATL and ATL two-wheeled vehicle lithium battery total capacity will exceed 40GWh this year.

In 2021, CATL and ATL jointly funded the establishment of two joint ventures, a total investment of 14 billion yuan, the products will mainly be used for energy storage, two-wheeled vehicle

In March this year, Shinil also jointly released three types of lithium iron phosphate battery products, 48v20Ah, 60v20Ah and 109v92Ah, which significantly improved the battery capacity, battery durability and safety. It is understood that Xinri is the core object of CATL cooperation in the field of two-wheelers, and the two sides will cooperate in technology, industry chain and channels.

Aggregate market value: 1.258427 trillion

Company website:


BYD is one of the Top 10 Power Wall Home Energy Storage Manufacturers In The World

Dynamic layout: BYD has been testing the two-wheeled car market since 2020, and on Oct. 29, BYD’s Fordi battery held a rollout ceremony for the first batch of Didi Qingju batteries in Shenzhen. The company spent a year to develop 48V15Ah products, all using lithium iron phosphate pouch cell, with excellent safety characteristics, long cycle life, good temperature performance.

At the same time, according to the planning of Fodi battery, its two-wheeled battery product line will increase by dozens of times in the future, and a large number of “two-wheeled” battery production lines will be put into Qinghai. Its electric light vehicle battery capacity is expected to increase by 60GWh to 80GWh by 2025.

In the field of two-wheel electric, on September 2nd in 2021, BYD reached cooperation with 51 Power Exchange, and the two sides will carry out cooperation around the battery business of electric two-wheel vehicle. On September 3, BYD and signed a contract with wisdom to rent in electricity project cooperation, the two sides will in two rounds of electric vehicles in electricity market, the industrial ecological building, in the electric battery and BMS technology development, distributed energy storage, battery full life cycle management, assets operation and battery big data applications in areas such as to establish a long-term cooperative partnership.

Aggregate market value: 717.597 billion

Company website:


GOTION is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: GOTION High-tech in recent years also actively layout the two-wheeled vehicle field. In August last year, GOTION High-tech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Didi Chuxing to supply about 623,000 units of lithium battery packs for its motorcycles. Less than two months after signing up, GOTION High-tech Has delivered 340,000 units.

In addition to Didi Chuxing, GOTION High-tech also actively promotes the docking with other light vehicle customers. Currently, it has conducted business negotiations or technical docking with travel sharing platforms such as Halo Chuxing and Juneng Dingli. Meanwhile, it also cooperates with e-bike brands such as Yadi, Emma, Luyuan and Niu.

Aggregate market value: 75.195billion

Company website:


lishen is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: Lishen battery has been supplying lithium batteries to e-bike manufacturers since 2018, with hundreds of millions of shipments.As a cylindrical battery benchmark enterprise, Lishen battery held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Xinri Electric Vehicle in June last year. Xinri Electric Vehicle will purchase more than 50 million cylindrical 18650/21700 ternary batteries from Lishen Battery.

In addition, Lishen battery began to supply supporting models to Meituan Two-wheel Business Division in June last year, and by the end of October 2020, it has supplied more than 700,000 battery packs. In addition to cooperating with Meituan, Lishen Battery has also partnered with two other ride-sharing giants.

Company website:


BAK is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: At present, the 260Wh/kg cylindrical battery product specially launched by BAK battery for the small power market has been mass produced.In addition to winning the three ride-sharing giants such as Halo Chuxing, Didi and Meituan, BAK has also developed first-line lithium-electric light vehicle brands such as Nanenbo, Xinri, Mi 70MAI and Hero. By 2020, it has supplied hundreds of millions of ternary cylindrical cells to the market.

At present, the 260Whkg cylindrical battery specially launched by BIC battery for the small power market has been mass-produced.

In addition, BAK power battery has become the first and only enterprise in China to master the cylindrical cell directional blasting technology and successfully solve the thermal instability technology. In terms of quick charging performance, bic power battery with high capacity 21700-5.0ah cell can charge 80% in 46 minutes.

Company website:

Phylion Battery

xingheng is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: The global sales volume of Phylion Battery of lithium batteries for light vehicles has exceeded 18 million units, and the cumulative sales volume of batteries for electric vehicles has exceeded 120,000 units. In 2020, the number of light vehicle lithium batteries installed by the company will reach 5.2 million units, and the global market share will reach 32.4%.

In terms of production capacity, Phylion Battery has prepared for production capacity, which is expected to reach 10.2GWh lithium battery capacity by 2021 and 20GWh by 2022.

Company website:


Poweramp is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: Relying on the technology accumulation of parent company ATL, Poweramp made a big debut in May this year with its electric short traffic lithium solution, declaring its strong entry into the two-wheeler lithium market in the official debut. At present, it has occupied a considerable share in the two-wheeler lithium market.

Since this year, ATL has also joined CATL, jointly invested 14 billion to invest in household energy storage and two-wheeled vehicle market, causing widespread concern in the industry. In terms of cooperative customers, flagship models of several well-known electric vehicle brands, including Yadi, No. 9 Robot, Suke, etc., all choose Poweramp’s lithium electric products.

On October 26, The company unveiled its new generation of safe lithium batteries. By focusing on the triple protection exclusive technology as the core of the “Zhi ‘an” series of safety lithium battery, the construction of high safety minicar travel technology solutions.

Company website:

Tianneng Battery

Tianneng is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: Tieneng lithium electric cell products covered cylindrical covered cylindrical, pouchage, square; The material system includes ternary and iron-lithium systems.

At present, Tianneng Battery has begun to integrate superior resources and layout production base construction. This year, the South Taihu 12GWh high-energy lithium battery project will be launched. After the project reaches full production, the overall capacity will reach 15GWh.

Tieneng lithium electric cell products covered with cylinder covered with cylinder, soft package, square; The material system includes ternary and iron-lithium systemsAt the end of April, Tianeng Battery and Zaozhuang city signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Tianeng Group will build a series of projects in Zaozhuang, such as lithium battery production research and recycling, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan.

Aggregate market value: 37.62billion

Company website:

Chilwee Power

Chilweeis one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: In April last year, THE headquarters of Chilwee Group held a signing ceremony for the new power lithium battery project. It is understood that the project landing for Anyang City urban and rural integration demonstration area, divided into three phases, a total investment of 10 billion yuan, after the completion of the output value can be achieved 40 billion yuan.

According to zaozhuang, the 10GWh Pack and 10GWh cell North manufacturing base project with a total investment of 10 billion yuan are also expected to be signed in the near future.

Company website:


greenway is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: On June 11 this year, Greenway officially landed on the Science and technology Innovation Board. The IPO raised a total of about 648 million yuan, of which 316 million yuan was used for the construction of lithium batteries for light vehicles.

On August 20, Greenway also announced that it plans to sign an investment agreement with the People’s Government of Wangniudun Town, Dongguan City, with a total investment of about 3 billion yuan to build boliwei lithium cell and energy storage battery R&D and production headquarters project, divided into two phases of investment, which is expected to be completed in 5 or 6 years. At the same time, in order to promote the implementation of the project, Greenway also announced that the company will use the super-raised fund of 139 million yuan and its own capital of 6 million yuan to increase the capital of dongguan Kaide subsidiary, accelerate the construction of power lithium ion battery production line.

Current force electric power has become a calf, yadi holding shares, Emma technology, a new day and so on china well-known electric two-wheelers enterprises qualified suppliers, successfully developed a kind of dragon electric cross-country motorcycle clients such as science and technology, but also from Germany, Romania, Denmark, France and other foreign well-known electric power bicycle customer established stable cooperation relations.

Aggregate market value: 5.602billion

Company website:


EVE is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: For the electric two-wheel vehicle market, EVE has launched the large cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery, which adopts the design of large cylindrical laser welding full pole lug, with advantages of high safety, low heat production, low cost, stable structure and high production efficiency.

For the electric two-wheeled vehicle market, Yiwei Lithium energy launches large cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery, which adopts the design of large cylindrical laser welding full

EVE has shifted its cylindrical batteries used in the field of electric vehicles to the field of electric bicycles. In addition, it has raised 900 million yuan from the energy storage project for the cylindrical three-way production line, which will be mainly applied in the market of electric tools and electric bicycles. The expansion will increase the capacity of EVE’s cylindrical lithium-energy batteries to 8GWh from the current 3.5GWh.At present, EVE is one of the main cell suppliers of Niu Electric, providing 18650 cylindrical batteries.

Aggregate market value: 200.057 billion

Company website:

Great power

great power is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: Great power said that in 2021, it will fully enter the field of electric two-wheelers, including household electric bike market and shared electric bike market.

On August 25th this year, Great power held the launch and signing ceremony of the new two-wheeler battery in zhuhai factory. The signing of this contract means that Great power, after becoming the strategic partner of Tower Electric Exchange and Emma, formally entered the secondary channel of two-wheeled lithium battery, shared electric vehicle and e-commerce market, and further improved the market layout.

At the site, Great power released a new line of two-wheel and three-wheel electric vehicles, including 48V12, 48V20, 48V24, 60V20, 72V20, 60V30, 72V30, 60V50, 72V100, etc., with more safety, long range, long life, strong power, low temperature resistance and other features.

In terms of capacity planning, the production capacity of the two platforms will reach 2 million sets in 2021, with the production of large cylindrical battery in Henan Penghui Industrial Park and lithium manganate flexible battery in Zhuhai Great power Industrial Park.

In addition, Great power plans to expand 1GWh of large cylinder capacity in Henan province, which is expected to start production in the second half of the year. It says large cylindrical batteries can be produced more cheaply and competitively than other types of two-wheeler batteries on the market.

Aggregate market value: 18.324billion

Company website:

Far East

one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China ISfar east

Dynamic layout: In 2020, Far East Battery will adjust its market direction to the field of two-wheelers and power tools. The 18650 cell production line of Far East battery is in full production, and it has become the core cell supplier of the two wheel car manufacturers such as Niu niu and Nannbo.

This year, Far East Battery signed a purchase agreement with Niu Electric. Niu Electric will purchase no less than 150 million units of 18650 ternary lithium cells from Jiangxi Far East Battery from 2021 to 2023, and the estimated order amount is no less than 900 million yuan. At the end of the first three quarters, 23.382 million orders of Niu Electric have been delivered, with a total amount of 136.406 million yuan.

Company website:


Highstaris one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: Highstar products include ternary, lithium iron, lithium manganese, nickel cadmium and other diversified technical routes, product forms cover cylindrical, square and pouchage and other forms.

In 2018, The company adjusted its strategic direction and changed its development focus from automobile to power tools, energy storage, smart home appliances, light vehicles and other fields. At present, the company has become the main lithium battery supplier of power tools giants at home and abroad.

In terms of production capacity, the company’s 2GWh high specific energy and high safety lithium battery project is under steady construction, among which the first phase 1GWh project will reach production in September this year. At that time, the company’s cylindrical battery will increase the daily production capacity of 500,000 pieces. Phase ii 1GWh project will also be completed next year. According to the plan, the capacity of lithium battery will be increased to more than 6GWh by 2023.

Company website:


Tenpower is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: Last April, Tenpower and KESU intelligent signed an agreement. KESU will purchase 400,000 sets of special electric motorcycles and electric bicycle batteries from Tenpower between 2019 and 2021. At present, Tenpower supply has completed the technical reserve of 18650 3.5AH products and 21700 lithium battery.

Company website:


hualiyuanis one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: At the beginning of this year, Hua Liyuan set up the lithium battery division for two-wheelers and launched the sub-brand “Mi Li” to enter the high-end intelligent track for lithium batteries for two-wheelers. Hualiyuan not only supports the battery with some of the head vehicle brands such as Xinri, but also has become the battery supplier of many lithium battery enterprises in the industry.

In order to meet the market demand, Hua Liyuan is actively expanding capacity. It is reported that Hua Liyuan invested 2 billion yuan, 100,000 square meters of the second phase of the construction project has been completed, after the production can achieve a daily output of 26650 800,000 cells. Among them, PACK project with 4 modern automatic production lines is planned to be put into production in late May. It is revealed that the PACK equipment with an investment of nearly 30 million yuan has entered the state of trial production.

Company website:


Topband is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: May 31, Topband Shares disclosed the results of private placement, planned to raise 1.05 billion yuan, of which 750 million yuan will be used for Topband Huizhou Second Industrial Park project. The project, with a total investment of 899 million yuan, will add 1.3GWh of lithium battery capacity, mainly including energy storage batteries and light power batteries.

In order to accelerate the expansion of lithium battery application market, to supplement the cylindrical battery capacity, Topband also announced in January, wholly-owned subsidiary Topband Lithium to 15.4 million yuan acquired ninghui Lithium 70% equity, and increased capital 18 million yuan. After the transaction, Topband Lithium will hold 83.5% of ninghui Lithium.

Through the acquisition of cylindrical cell production line and technical process, Topband Lithium further clarify the technical route of light power products, ensure the scale of production capacity, and will continue to increase capital investment, in 2021 ninghui Lithium will be built into an annual output of 20 million battery production line.

Aggregate market value: 18.44billion

Company website:


narada Top 10 Energy storage battery companies in China in 2021

Dynamic layout: In the light electric vehicle market, Narada power products cover oEMS, sharing and switching fields. Narada focuses on lithium iron phosphate batteries with high safety and long life, and can provide a full set of solutions from batteries, electrical cabinets to operation services. At present, Narada has reached in-depth cooperation with many leading enterprises in the industry, such as Yadi, Xinri and Meituan.

In light electric vehicle market, Narada power supply products cover oEMS, sharing and switching fields. Nandu Power Supply co., Ltd. focuses on lithium iron phosphate batteries with high

Anhui Nandu Huatuo New energy lithium battery plant invested by Narada will be put into operation this year, and the total capacity of lithium battery for light vehicles will reach 10GWh in the future.

Aggregate market value: 9.728billion

Company website:


evps is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: In September this year, Evps completed financing of nearly 300 million yuan. This financing will further improve the construction of Evps phase II 2GWh cylindrical cell production line, with an estimated capacity of 15 million units per month.

Evps has laid out 10GWh battery production capacity through its holding subsidiary Anhui Evps, mainly producing cylindrical and flexible lithium-ion power batteries, which will be applied to electric passenger cars, electric bicycles, electric energy storage and other fields. Specifically, the 5GWh production line of the first phase of the project has been put into operation, and the 5GWh production line of the second phase was officially started in May 2019, and is expected to be completed and put into operation this year.

At present, Evps focuses on the technical route of lithium iron phosphate, targeting the three fields of light electric vehicle market, energy storage market and lead acid replacement market. It mainly focuses on the two categories of cell and PACK products represented by cylindrical cell and pouch cell, and has formed comprehensive solutions suitable for multiple scenarios.

Evps’s 26700 cylindrical cell has many advantages such as long life, low cost, high efficiency and wide application. At present, the company has reached cooperation with yatti, Niu, Xinri and other downstream traditional light electric vehicle head enterprises, as well as Meituan Sharing, Nine robot and other Internet light electric vehicle head enterprises, in the secondary market, and also with Tianeng, Super, Xupai, Boliwei and other enterprises to carry out cooperation.

Company website:


blivex is one of the Top 10 two-wheelers battery manufacturers in China

Dynamic layout: Blivex new 32700 small cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery has the characteristics of flexible combination and low cost, which is suitable for the matching use of two-wheel electric vehicles. At present, Polishin has become one of the main suppliers of Xinri electric two-wheelers, and is actively developing other head electric two-wheelers.

On June 11, Blivex signed a warranty Agreement with the customer on lithium battery products, which stipulates that the company will supply a total of 194,000 sets of various types of lithium battery products to the customer during July to October 2021 (the estimated number).

In terms of production capacity, 400 million cells and 10 million battery packs can be produced annually this year. At present, Baolixin is also actively expanding lithium battery production capacity.

On July 7 this year, Blivex New planned to raise 250 million yuan for the special upgrade and renovation project of Blivex New (Inner Mongolia) Battery Co., LTD., and the construction project of Blivex New R&D center; April 19, planned to cooperate with Zaozhuang High-tech Zone Management Committee to invest 7 billion yuan to build 10GWhPACK and 10GWh lithium electric cell production capacity project; In January this year, through friendly negotiation with Dongguan Jiali New Energy Technology Enterprise, we reached an agreement on the investment of 1.2GWh annual battery Pack production line and signed relevant cooperation agreement to establish a joint venture subsidiary.

Aggregate market value: 9.632billion

Company website:

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