top 10 folding electric bicycle manufacturers in china

Top 10 folding electric bicycle manufacturers in China

It has become a big trend to replace lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries, and the battery solution of lithium batteries are becoming more and more widespread.

More and more people are choosing foldable electric bicycles for commuting to and from get off work, or for outdoor travel.

This article will introduce the top 10 folding electric bicycle manufacturers in China, including Xinri, Yadea, HIMO, DYU, Phoenix, QiCYCLE, XDS, SEGWAY, Fiido,Wuyang.

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Top 10 folding electric bicycle manufacturers in China in 2023

Ranking Manufacturers
1 Xinri
2 Yadea
5 Phoenix
9 Fiido
10 Wuyang


Xinri logo
Established date 1999
Global headquarters Beijing
Company website


xinri companyXinri is the only electric bicycle company in the industry that has served the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo, Xi’an World Horticultural Exposition and China Aerospace.

It also participated in the drafting of the new national standard for electric bicycles. In the field of folding electric bicycles, models such as V6 lightweight version, V6 folding version (Z9), Z3, and V9 have been launched.xinri bicycle

They all use high-carbon steel frames. The differences lie in tires, weight, motor power, and battery capacity. Among them, V6 and Z3 are more popular. welcome.

Only the handlebars of the lightweight version of the V6 can be folded, while the handlebars and body of the folding version can be folded, and a variety of battery specifications are available.

The folding version can use up to 48V lithium ion battery, with a pure electric range of about 130km, and a price of about 2,800 RMB.


Yadea logo
Established date 2001
Global headquarters Jiangsu
Company website

Yadea companyAs a leading company in the electric vehicle industry, Yadea has a comprehensive product line and is also involved in the field of folding electric bicycles. According to the usage scenarios, it can be roughly divided into two types: leisure riding and urban transportation.

Recreational riding models include YF80 and YF100. The latter uses an aluminum alloy frame, larger tires, and a transmission system.Yadea bicycle

Urban mobility models include ZD1, ZD3 family version, F4 and the new UFOmini. Among them, ZD1 and ZD3 family version are equipped with 300W silent motor and 48V 20AH lithium battery. The pure electric range is about 70km, and the price is about 3,000 RMB.


HIMO logo
Established date 2016
Global headquarters Shanghai
Company website

HIMO companyHIMO is a two-wheeled electric vehicle company integrating R&D, production and sales. Its folding electric bicycle products have good sales on mainstream e-commerce platforms.

The company attaches great importance to lightweighting and all use aluminum alloy frames. However, some models only have foldable handlebars and generally have average endurance.HIMO bicycle

Z20 is HIMO’s best-selling folding electric bicycle. It uses an aluminum alloy frame, a tire size of 20 inches, and a total vehicle weight of 21.6kg. It is equipped with an intelligent vector control system that can detect, collect and analyze vehicle information and provide real-time feedback through the LCD instrument.

It is also equipped with a Shimano 6-level transmission system, making gear adjustment quick and easy. What’s special is that the Z20 hides the portable pump in the saddle tube, which is convenient and practical for easy use. 


Established date 2014
Global headquarters Shenzhen
Company website

DYU companyDYU has been deployed in urban, off-road, travel and other categories. According to its official website, its products have 5 series – D, S, V, L and T series.

DYU integrates many smart technologies into its products to enhance user experience. For example, the DYU D2 model is equipped with an intelligent control system, including body self-check, one-button cruise, intelligent battery management system and other functions.DYU Bicycle

Users can perform vehicle status monitoring, location tracking, security and anti-theft operations through the mobile APP, making travel more intelligent and convenient.


Phoenix bicycle logo
Established date 1897
Global headquarters Shanghai
Company website

PHoenxi bicyclePhoenix is China’s first bicycle brand. At present, the company is forming a diversified product line, establishing a full range of product lines including strollers, electric mopeds, electric vehicle products, etc., which can basically meet the needs of users of all age groups.

At the same time, the company also promotes comprehensive product upgrades and launches a variety of new-material, high-tech-enabled urban travel bikes, mountain off-road vehicles, children’s bicycles, electric mopeds and other products.


Established date 2011
Global headquarters Xiamen
Company website
QiCYCLE companyQiCYCLE is committed to becoming an innovative brand for health and smart travel. It hopes to make sports and smart travel a healthy lifestyle for more people through solid product R&D and design capabilities, combined with the development of technology and the Internet.
QiCYCLE electric folding bicycle adopts an integrated main beam and folding frame design, which ensures safety while reasonably compressing the volume. The frame and front and rear forks are made of aluminum alloy forging process, and the overall design is very simple.QiCYCLE bicycle
In addition, the seat can be adjusted according to user needs, and the adjustment scales for users of different heights are more thoughtfully marked on the seat tube, saving users the trouble of repeated adjustments.
The vehicle’s volume is reduced to almost half when folded, and combined with its weight of only 14.5kg, even women can easily carry it around.


XDS logo
Established date 1995
Global headquarters Shenzhen
Company website
XDS companyXDS has become one of the leading electric vehicle companies by virtue of its small size, light weight and excellent power performance.
Its product, the Edifier folding lithium electric vehicle, embodies concepts such as environmental protection, speed, and fashion, subverting the impression given by traditional electric vehicles.XDS bicycle
The XDS 14-inch lithium battery Edifier electric bicycle adopts a high-strength aluminum alloy frame, which is small in size and lightweight. It is a very creative and revolutionary new vehicle with a stylish, light and simple body design and an exclusive patent for built-in lithium battery.


Established date 2014
Global headquarters Beijing
Company website

SEGway bicycleSegway is a leading manufacturer of short-distance transportation equipment, including electric unicycles, electric scooters, electric bicycles, etc. Segway’s folding electric scooters attract consumers with their high-tech elements and excellent performance.

Ninebot is a modern transportation tool. All are driven by electricity, have no pollution emissions, and are highly in line with the contemporary energy conservation and emission reduction advocacy directions.

The interior of the car body adopts a self-balancing system that can interact with mobile phones at a high level. When the driver stands on the car, the vehicle can calculate and control the movement according to the driver’s center of gravity shift. It is the latest generation of intelligent transportation machine tools.


Fiido logo
Established date 2016
Global headquarters Shenzhen
Company website

Fiido companyFiido is an innovative intelligent technology enterprise integrating design, R&D, production, sales and service. It has more than 50 national patents and global patents. It has electric bicycles and electric scooters, and the Smart D and Mileage L series are folding electric bicycles.Fiido bicycle

The L3 of the Mileage L series also uses an aluminum alloy frame and has manual, three-speed assist and pure electric modes, but it is not equipped with a transmission system.

There are two lithium battery specifications to choose from. The nominal pure electric range is 75km and 130km respectively. The latter is priced at about 3,200 RMB.


Established date 1960
Global headquarters Guangzhou
Company website

WUyang bicycleWuyang is one of the earliest bicycle and electric vehicle manufacturers in China, with a production history of more than 50 years. Recently, The company also look for the chance of battery swapping to raise the range of ebike.

Wuyang’s electric vehicle products have won the trust of consumers with their stable performance and excellent quality. Its folding electric bicycle is exquisite and practical and has been warmly welcomed by the market.

In terms of performance, the use of high-performance automotive batteries, combined with the German Beining BMS battery management system, can optimize battery energy consumption and increase the cruising range by 40% with the same capacity.

As the battery swapping station business model matures, electric bicycles will become more convenient. The above top 10 folding electric bicycle manufacturers in China can provide you with some help in choosing an electric folding bicycle.

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