liwinon is Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers

Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in China

Consumer lithium is migrating to power and energy storage

One of the most successful applications of lithium ion batteries is in the consumer sector, which is closely related to people’s daily life. For example, smartphones, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices that can be seen everywhere cannot be separated from the power support of consumer lithium ion batteries.

At present, the market size of consumer lithium is growing steadily. Among them, the largest proportion of consumer lithium is 3C digital lithium battery market, industry data shows that the annual compound growth rate of more than 10%, to 2025 it will reach to 115.2GWh.

Other consumer lithium segments, with a market size of more than a dozen GWh, are making steady progress. The market for power tools, for example, is growing extremely fast.

From the perspective of the main growth point of consumer lithium battery, it is mainly the support of Internet terminal equipment (POS machine, intelligent robot), tablet computer, notebook computer, 5G smart phone, TWS headset battery, ETC battery, e-cigarette battery and small household appliance battery.

Among them, 5G smartphones are driven by the “switching wave”, laptops and tablets are driven by the online working mode, and e-cigarettes and batteries for TWS headphones have seen significant growth. There is also the rise of products such as civil drones and smart wearable devices brought by the progress of intelligent technology.

At the same time,The corresponding power battery market of new energy vehicles and the corresponding energy storage market of new energy power generation will maintain a compound annual growth rate of more than 30% in the future, and the corresponding shipments of lithium battery market will be synchronous and high growth, far exceeding the consumer lithium battery market.

liwinon is Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers

However, the technology research and development, manufacturing, quality control and other experience in the field of consumer lithium battery can be transferred to power and energy storage, providing a stronger boost to the thrive of lithium battery.

It is obvious that the development trend of consumer lithium battery is to develop towards the direction of thinness, miniaturization, high safety, high energy density and fast charging.
For smart phones, the requirements for processor performance and pixel density of products are increasing day by day. Meanwhile, ergonomic shape design and mobile Internet are developing in the direction of continuous enhancement.

To solve the problem of energy consumption and heating of electronic products, it must be lightweight, fast charging.

Corresponding to this, the polymer pouch lithium ion battery has a smaller volume, longer cycle life and better heat dissipation, which can better meet the requirements of consumer products on thinness, safety, energy density, variable size and so on. Naturally, the proportion continues to increase.

Moving back to power and energy storage in the consumer lithium battery space actually requires different experiences based on different situations.

The technology of consumer lithium battery is constantly updated and iterated, and the requirements of high energy density, fast charging, high safety and low cost of the battery cell itself are very strict.

Generally speaking, the capacity of consumer cell is only 3.5-4.5AH, which seems to have no power or large capacity of energy storage cell, but may be higher in terms of customization of material system and lean requirements.
For example, in terms of fast charging, consumer lithium batteries have basically entered the ERA of 3C, which greatly alleviates consumers’ anxiety about energy density during use.

Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in China


ATL_Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in China

New Energy Technology Co., LTD. (ATL), headquartered in Hong Kong, has subsidiaries located in Dongguan and Ningde.

The products are mainly applied to the original manufacturers of smart phones, laptops and tablets, various uav, intelligent robot and power tool manufacturers, as well as a variety of smart home, virtual, augmented reality and wearable electronic products.

Company website:


BYD is one of the Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in China

In the field of consumer batteries, BYD adopts a sales model, according to the orders of downstream consumer electronics manufacturers to organize the procurement and production, mainly used in mobile phones, digital cameras, power tools, electric toys and other portable electronic equipment.

At present, its main customers include mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei and Samsung, as well as global power tools and other portable electronic equipment manufacturers such as Bosch and Cooper.

In the consumer battery production base, BYD has set up industrial parks in Shanghai, Baolong and Kwai Chung respectively. Kwai Chung Industrial Park mainly produces nickel batteries, and Shanghai and Baolong Industrial Park mainly produce lithium batteries.

In the past three years, BYD’s lithium battery revenue has continued to rise, mainly due to the increase of orders caused by the increase of group customers in the context of the sharp growth of global demand for smart phones.

In 2018, the revenue of the company’s lithium battery business was 4.841 billion yuan, up 26.10% year on year, mainly due to the increase in orders of mobile phone assembly business.
Aggregate market value: 893.430 billion
Company website:

Zhuhai CosMX

cosmx is cosmx is Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in China

Zhuhai CosMX Battery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, and currently has 3 industrial bases, 9 independent workshops, 1 battery assembly plant and 2 joint venture battery assembly plants in China (2 in Zhuhai and 1 in Chongqing), India, Indonesia and Brazil, among which the first phase of the Chongqing base project has been put into operation.

Zhuhai CosMX is one of the top four polymer lithium ion battery suppliers in the world, with customers including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi and other top consumer electronics companies in the world, and has established direct cooperative relations with famous brands in Europe, America and China in the power battery market.

At present, the company has more than 10,000 employees worldwide; It also involves electrochemistry, material science, physical chemistry, mechanical design, automation, computer, electronic information and other disciplines.

The company is the world’s leading consumer electronics lithium battery enterprise, main polymer pouch lithium battery cell, PACK, etc. In 2020, the company will be the world’s second largest manufacturer of lithium batteries for pen devices, with a market share of 23.7%, and the fifth largest manufacturer of lithium batteries for mobile phones.

Aggregate market value: 60.771 billion
Company website:

Lishen Battery

lishen_Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in China

Lishen Battery was founded in 1997, is China’s earliest established the lithium ion battery company, after more than 20 years of development, lishen battery has become the international leading professional manufacturer of lithium ion battery, with independent intellectual property rights, 1867 authorized patents lishen headquarter located in tianjin, Qingdao, shiyan, suzhou, wuhan, changsha, mianyang and so on six big bases, Lishen’s development strategy is based on small battery, power battery development, starting with special commercial cars, passenger car takeoff. Their customers include Apple, Samsung, LG, Dell, HP, Huawei, Lenovo.
Company website:


EVETop Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in China

Since its establishment in 2001, EVE Energy Co., Ltd has been focusing on the development, production and sales of lithium ion batteries, including consumer lithium ion batteries for e-cigarettes and wireless earphones.

In September 2019, EVE officially launched the “Golden Bean” battery, which is a cylindrical hard shell battery targeted at the smart wear industry.

The company started its layout 5 years ago. From key process automation equipment to products, it is independent research and development, and has a number of invention patents. At the same time, the mass and energy density of the main products has exceeded 120WH /kg, with the highest product exceeding 200WH /kg, comparable to overseas leading enterprises.

At present, EVE “Golden bean” battery capacity is about 60 million units, and this year it plans to produce 200 million units. Wakefield, which already has some orders from Samsung, will also enter apple’s Airpods supply chain this year.
Aggregate market value: 277.524 billion
Company website:

Zhongshan Tianmao

TMB is Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in China

Established in 2002, Zhongshan Tianmao Battery Co., Ltd. now has four production bases in India, Chongqing, Zhongshan and Shanwei, realizing four product lines of 3C digital, energy storage, small power and small polymer, with a total daily capacity of about 900,000 units.

Current customers include TCL, ZTE, Transsion, LAVA, India’s Reliance, Thailand’s TRUE and other well-known mobile phone brands and operators. At the same time, they are actively developing vodafone, NOKIA, LG, SAMSUNG and other customers.

With the commercialization of 5G mobile phones approaching, major mobile phone brands are also developing 5G products, thus putting forward higher requirements for mobile phone batteries in terms of battery capacity, charging rate and other product performance. In view of this, Tianmao Battery is also actively cooperating with high-end customers to develop 4.45V high voltage lithium cobalt acid battery.

Tianmao Battery Shanwei high-end digital battery base mainly supports the development of front-line high-end customers such as Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, and can produce about 200,000 units per day.
Company website:

Veken Battery

VEKEN is Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in China

Ningbo Veken Battery Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of Veken Holding Group in the field of high-tech industry and new energy, focusing on the field of polymer digital cell, its products are positioned at middle and high-end brand manufacturers. At present, it has established cooperative relations with lenovo, Hisense, Tianlong, Longqi and other well-known mobile phone brand manufacturers at home and abroad.

Veken Battery now has three production bases in Ningbo, Dongguan and India, with a total capacity of 400,000 units per day.Veken also has a joint venture with LG Chem in the New district government of Nanchang.
Company website:

Highpower Technology

XTC is Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in China

Ganzhou Highpower Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, the group has a total of five subsidiaries, shupeng Technology (Shenzhen) mainly produces polymer flexible battery, Huizhou Haopeng technology mainly carries on the production of flexible battery and cylindrical battery.

At present, the company’s lithium battery production capacity can reach 16 million/month, and it is expected that the company’s overall battery production capacity will increase by 60% after the second phase of Huizhou Haopeng project is put into operation.

Shupeng technology’s main products are various types of lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries, products are widely used in solar battery, mobile phone, cordless phone, digital camera, MP3/MP4, electric vehicle, power tools, electric toys, model aircraft, P-DVD, emergency lights, UPS and medical equipment backup power supply.
Company website:

Great Power

great powe Top 10 Energy storage battery companies in China in 2021

Consumer digital battery is the traditional business advantage of Penghui, which is mainly used in bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, robots and wearable devices.

In 2018, the company’s consumer battery revenue reached 1.08 billion yuan and reached 1.2 billion yuan in 2019. Last year, the domestic ETC market exploded, and Great Power also maintained a good market share in ETC field, with 40 million shipments last year.

In addition, in the field of TWS earphones, Great Power has provided supporting equipment for JBL and Jiahe smart, with a shipment of about 40 million.
Aggregate market value: 26.626 billion
Company website:

Dongguan Liwinon

liwinon is Top10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in Chin

Dongguan Liwinon Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinwanda, mainly providing consumer cells for xinwanda packaging business. The company’s products are widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers, tablet computers, unmanned aircraft, medical equipment, mobile power supply, digital cameras, portable video recorders, power tools and other consumer electronic products.

Dongguan Liwinon has built a modern new workshop of more than 30,000 square meters, equipped with ten thousand grade dust-free workshop and an annual output of more than 36 million brand new cell production line, introduced a large number of industry leading high-tech high-precision testing equipment and production equipment, has a perfect production quality management system.

Dongguan Liwinon Subsidiary Huizhou Liwei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, located in Building 4, 5 and 6, Xinwangda Industrial Park, Boluo County, Huizhou, with an investment of 3 billion yuan and a planned production capacity of 1.5 million yuan per day. The first phase has been put into production.
Company website:

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