51.2v 100ah wall-rack mount lifepo4 battery 3U

TYCORUN ENERGY 3U 51.2V 100AH wall-rack mount lifepo4 battery all-in-one can be used as either wall-mounted energy storage or rack mount lifepo4 battery. It is mainly used for home energy storage, which can be connected to solar and wind systems. With 16 lithium iron phosphate cells in series, 51.2v wall-rack mount lifepo4 battery is one of the lithium-ion batteries with the highest safety performance and is very suitable for family use. At the same time, the rack mount lifepo4 battery has low self-discharge rate, also the energy density is much higher than the traditional lead-acid battery, and the volume is small with cycle life up to 4,000 times. It is equipped with a special intelligent BMS, which can effectively prevent overheating and over-discharge, overcharge, short circuit, etc. There is also a display screen in rack mount lifepo4 battery that displays battery status information in real time.

Features & advantages of TYCORUN ENERGY 51.2V wall-rack mount lifepo4 battery :

1. General model for rack and wall mount
2. No wire harness (nickel sheet to replace the acquisition line)
3. Support hybrid parallel machine (old and new batteries can be used at the same time)
4. No need to dial, one key can be connected (battery can automatically identify the address)
5. Using aerosol (can effectively fire)
6. Equipped with a variety of inverter protocols (support the selection of inverter communication protocols on mobile phone bluetooth app)

51.2v 100ah wall-rack mount lifepo4 battery specification
Item General parameter
Combination method 16S
Rated capacity Typical 100Ah
Minimum 98Ah
Factory voltage 51.2V-53V
Voltage at end of discharge <=43.2V
Charging voltage 57V
Internal impedance ≤120mΩ
Max charging current(icm) 100A
Limited  charging voltage(ucl) 57.6V
Max discharging current 100A
Discharge cut-off voltage(udo) 43.2V
Operation temperature range Charge:0~55℃
Limited charge voltage Discharge: -20~55℃
Storage temperature range -20℃~25℃
Single module size/weight 600*442*133mm /48Kg

51.2v rack mount lifepo4 battery


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