72V/60V/48V battery swapping station with 12 ports for electrical motorcycle batteries

The TYCORUN ENERGY battery swapping station includes power supply system, charging system, battery replacement system, monitoring system, battery detection and maintenance management, etc. Battery swapping station has lightning protection, dustproof and waterproof IP54 and water immersion power-off protection. This TYCORUN ENERGY battery swapping station has 12 ports, and these ports can control individual. The charge voltage platforms of TYCORUN ENERGY battery swapping station include 72V/60V/48V, so each port can charge 48v/60v/72v battery, and can view rent data, swapping data, location data and alarm system data through battery swap station software.

Specification Parameters
Cabinet size 750(W)*540(L)*1800(H)mm
Maximum size in port 260(W) *420(L) *200(H)mm
Number of battery ports 12 ports (individual control)
Battery communication RS485,CAN
Touch display Standard, 7 inches
Input voltage 100~240VAC 50HZ
Maximum input power 9200W/6500W(optional)
Single port maximum charging power 900W/1200W(optional)
Charge Voltage Platform 72V/60V/48V
Working environment Altitude≤3000m,0~55℃,
Dynamic Power Adjustment Standard configuration, dynamically output charging power according to charging strategy
Speaker Standard (built-in)
Protection performance Lightning protection / dustproof and waterproof IP54 / water immersion power-off protection
Battery Health Check Standard configuration, cabinet inspection
High temperature detection Standard, background warning function
Remote monitoring Support (need to cooperate with management background, remote diagnosis/cabinet control)
Indicator light Standard (Three Colors)
Communication Standard 4G/BT, optional GPS/WIFI
Swapping method Scan code to swap battery/reservation to swap battery/offline battery swap
Camera Camera (outlay,optional)
Fire extinguisher S-type aerosol
Fall prevention block Optional (X4)
Certification requirements Can be arranged according to market demand (consider certification fee & cycle)
Appearance Can be customized according to customer needs

swapping battery station


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