Evaluation TYCORUN ENERGY 100ah 12v lifepo4 battery

Specification of TYCORUN 100ah 12v lifepo4 battery

In this video, the testers first give a detailed introduction to the 100ah 12v lifepo4 battery specifications and then do battery test.

The basic information of the battery

Let’s see what’s in the box we got some nice inch thick fire Styrofoam and the battery.

All of the documentation that’s just on the front of the battery. It says nominal voltage is 12.8 volts and it is a 100ah lithum battery. So if you multiply those together you will get the watt hour capacity which is 1280. The charge voltage means what the voltage of the battery will be when it’s completely full that is 14.4. And it says 14.6 is the very maximum the charging current is the maximum amount of amps that you can charge the battery and that is 70 amps. The next line says the max charge standard is around 20 amps and the max charge again is 70 amps. And it says that the peak discharge is a 300 amps and that’s for three seconds.

TYCORUN LifePO4 12v 100Ah bluetooth battery

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The max operating temperature is 45 degrees Celsius or 113 degrees Fahrenheit. The minimum discharge temperature that you should be operating this battery at is negative 20 degrees Celsius which is minus 4 Fahrenheit and the maximum temperature that this battery should discharge at is 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit and the weight of this battery comes in at right around 27.5 pounds.

The Bluetooth capability of the battery

One thing I do notice about this 100ah 12v lifepo4 battery is that it has Bluetooth capability. So we’re going to go ahead and scan this Android QR code and see where that gets us foreign here. We go takes us right to the Google Play Store. So, let’s install and open. Now here’s a list of all my stuff. Let’s go with 15206 and there is our battery the name I noticed. I think the name of the battery is that’s pretty horrible 15206. The voltage is 13.024 the current is zero. The rated capacity is 100 amp hours. It shows the temperature of the battery, which is 17 degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius. I’m guessing one of those temp monitors is on the cells and one is probably on the BMS.

So let’s go ahead and charge this 100ah 12v lifepo4 battery up to full and then do a discharge test. I have my R Droid 30 amp lithium iron phosphate charger. I’m going to go ahead and start charging it. We’ll also see kind of what the app does as well. Okay, it looks like the app is actually pretty responsive it’s showing the voltage is going up. The current going into the battery is right around 30 amps.

The Bluetooth capability of the battery

Capacity test on TYCORUN 100ah 12v lifepo4 battery

I’m already connected to the battery. Our Tycorun Battery is now completely charged up to a hundred percent. It’s resting at 13.55 volts.What we’re going to do is to go ahead and do a discharge test. So let’s get that set up and for this test we’re going to be using the Cooler Master DC battery tester. You just take your battery, take your tester, here’s the AC to give it power and you’ll just need a couple of cables to connect the tester to the battery.

I’m just going to connect the negative tighten it down and I’m going to go ahead and connect it to the negative of the tester. And you can tell on the tester there is a V plus N on this one and a V minus N on this one so the negative will go right here and we’ll just slide it in here tighten it down. we’ll go ahead and take our positive tighten it down and connect it to our positive. And then all we got to do is plug in the power go ahead and plug it in. After you get it turned on, you want to go ahead and reset the values so everything’s back to zero.
What we’ll want to do is increase the amperage up to 10. We’re going to do a 10 amp test so this should take roughly 10 hours to complete.

The next morning and I came down here to check the tester to see what the results of this 100ah 12v lifepo4 battery discharge were. And my tester is not turned on. It’s plugged in but the tester is not turning on like it doesn’t have any power. I can’t connect to the battery via Bluetooth. I’m going to charge it back up and then we’ll do another test.
Let’s check it out results of this test you can see that this battery pulled 102.79 amp hours and that is 1315 Watt hours and the test took 10 hours and 14 minutes now.

Capacity test on TYCORUN LifePO4 12v 100Ah battery


This 100ah 12v lifepo4 battery is charging back up and I just want to let you know that for the price you know you can’t really go wrong. It’s 100 amp hours 12 volts. It has Bluetooth capability and you can look at the state of charge and the voltage and the amount of amps that are going in or coming out of the battery at that time. So, very standard, but you know it passed the capacity test you give us 102 amp hours which is great. It does say that you can get up to 4 000 Cycles guaranteed and up to 5 000 cycles until you get to 80 of its full capacity.

Also, I don’t mind the gold color. It kind of gives it a little bit of a splash. It can stand out from the other just standard black batteries that you know that most manufacturers make.

Until I’m able to do a little bit more testing on this battery, I give it a thumbs up. Because it does exactly what it said it was going to do with all that being said. TYCORUN ENERGY is indeed a reliable 12v lithium ion battery manufacturer.

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