TYCORUN ENERGY 51.2v 100ah wall mounted lithium battery guide

51.2v 100ah wall mounted lithium battery introduction

TYCORUN ENERGY 51.2V 100Ah wall mounted lithium battery using 3.2v lithium iron phosphate battery, it is a wall-mounted and rack-mounted dual-purpose energy storage battery with high density and small size, and supports up to 15 wall mounted lithium batteries in parallel. 3U-Rack and wall mounted universal models, single module dimension 600*442*133mm, the weight is about 48kg.

LED screen with intelligent UI, users can check the status of each cell through the menu. support multiple machines in parallel to increase capacity. Communication interface: RS485, CAN. You can see the clear position distribution through the figure below.

wall mounted lithium battery introduction

Application of the wall mounted lithium battery

It can be used as a home energy storage backup power supply, as a powerwall battery, or as a wall mounted lithium battery. In the event of a power outage, the power supply can be continuously provided, and the household electricity can be used uninterruptedly. It can also be combined with a solar system.

During the day, the electricity is stored in the wall mounted lithium battery through the solar panel, and the electricity is self-sufficient. Multiple wall mounted lithium batteries can also be connected in series and parallel to form a large UPS lithium battery, which is used in industries, hospitals, data rooms and other places. In addition to solar and wind power.

51.2v 100ah lithium battery how to make up

The total power of the machine is 51.2v 100ah. Consisting of 3.2v 100ah Grade A prismatic cells in 16 series and 1 parallel. TYCORUN ENERGY choose prismatic battery with high reliability and a hard shell as the battery cell. Before the cells are packaged, we will test the voltage of each cell. Before connecting the modules in series in the battery case, test the performance of each module, and reconfirm the total voltage of the whole battery after connection and check before delivery.

TYCORUN ENERGY engineers will test the battery for 1 or 2 cycles and adjust the inverter communication. High-quality packaging is the most important projection of the battery. It is our responsibility to deliver the battery to our customers safely. This is how our entire 51.2v energy storage battery is assembled. For specific internal details, please refer to the assembly video of 51.2v 200ah powerwall lithium battery.

Features of TYCORUN ENERGY 51.2v 100ah battery

● Use lithium iron phosphate battery, up to 5000 cycles, light weight
● Support hybrid connection and online
● Old and new batteries can be used at the same time
● No need to dial to connect, just push the button, battery can automatically identify the address.
● Can support 15 parallel
● Equipped with a variety of frequency converter protocols
● Support the selection of frequency converter communication protocols on mobile Bluetooth applications
● No terrain restrictions, directly hung on the wall for use

Why choose TYCORUN ENERGY 51.2v 100ah wall mounted lithium battery

1.TYCORUN ENERGY odm lithium ion battery pack manufacturer uses Ganfeng, EVE, Gotion high-tech and other top ten lithium-ion battery manufacturers in the industry, which are reliable and have quality assurance.
2. TYCORUN ENERGY 51.2v 100ah wall mounted lithium battery The internal structure is simple and tidy, No wire harness (nickel plate replaces the collection line), multi-layer protection pack to make sure the safety of battery.
3. Compared with other 4U 51.2v 100ah battery suppliers, TYCORUN ENERGY can achieve 3U thickness, 51.2v 100ah wall mounted lithium battery is quite compact battery pack.
4. It can be hung on the wall and can be used as a rack-mounted battery. This kind of dual-use is more convenient for customers to install energy storage batteries according to their own house types, saving space.
5. The use of aerosols (which can effectively extinguish fires) has good safety performance
6. No need to dial, one key to connect, the battery can automatically identify the address, the operation is simple, and no need for professional engineers to cooperate.
7. Support hybrid parallel machine tools (as long as the same BMS board is used, it supports parallel operation between different voltages and different currents. For example, 12V 100AH can be connected in parallel with 48V 200AH to increase the overall current capacity)

wall mounted lithium battery

Inverter brands docking with TYCORUN ENERGY wall mounted lithium battery

There are many options for connecting inverters. At present, TYCORUN ENERGY wall mounted lithium battery can connect with inverters of the following brands: MACQUARIE, SOROTEC, GROWATT, DEYE, VITVONN, SERMATEC, LUXPOWER, GSSTES, GOODWE, SMA, HUINENG, IYPOWER, SRNE. According to the specified inverter, the BMS docking agreement is selected. If you want to inquire whether other brand inverters can be used, or want us to recommend an inverter to you, you can contact us.

About 51.2v lithium ion battery customization

In the case of large quantities, TYCORUN ENERGY support customers to customize their own wall mounted lithium battery logo and color, the larger the quantity, the more affordable the price, TYCORUN ENERGY has a lot of experience in custom orders, which ensures that it can bring you a good experience in purchasing custom orders. If you want to know more information, welcome to click our wall rack mount lifepo4 battery product picture below to consult and get a free quotation.

wall - rack mount lifepo4 battery

51.2v 100ah wall-rack mount lifepo4 battery 3U

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