How to install the power swap station

Introduction of power swap station

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Alice from Tycorun energy China, I stay here is our customer DIDI, DIDI company is the largest brand in China of ride-hailing service, like UBER brand in global. This power swap station is for DIDI tail operation station, behind of me, it is electric bike store, all the batteries is for electric bike, in the future, they also need use our power swap station, I think that is a good way to install like this place.

For this video meaning show you all how to install the power swap station, including distribution cables, connect cables, install the meters and connect the power swap station, and how to match your battery swapping location on google map or in China map. Ok, let’s get start it!

How to supply power to power swap station

First of all, the power swap station we need to power, first thing we need to find out the power, the electric power where to connect, secondly we distribution the cables and connect the power swap station cables. Ok, we have find out the power electric, right here is for 3 phase electric, the voltage is for 380, it is very dangerous, but our power swap station is available for 220v and 110v, so we need a inverter exchange the voltage.

How to supply power to power swap station

Wiring and battery installation steps

For our engineer is finished connect the live line and earth line, the red one is for live line, and black one is for earth line, and as you can see, our all cables looks very nice, and for this one to protect screw, this two one for fans cooling, and each slots we have fans cooling, 1,2,3,4,5, each model we have smart PCB to monitoring each slots.

Okay, we are all cables connect very well now, we will turn on our electric meters. Wow, after we turned on power electric, and our lcd screen is working now, right now still not install our batteries, we are available for 48v lithium ion battery, 60v batteries, 72v batteries, and here is for scan, and right here is easy to check the batteries if available or not.


That’s all our process of power swap station installation, I think every engineer to know of technology electric knowledge will say is easy to power swap station installation. If you want to know about the business model of battery swap station, please refer to battery swapping station business model article, And thanks for your watching, see you next time, bye bye.

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