Evaluation TYCORUN ENERGY lithium ion 12v 18ah battery

Specification of TYCORUN lithium iron phosphate 12v 18ah battery

In this video i’m going to be checking out the TYCORUN lithium iron phosphate 12v 18ah battery this is a 18 amp hour battery and i will be doing a full review and looking at the front of the battery, Then do battery test.

We have TYCORUN this is tc1218 battery we have a nominal voltage of 12.8 nominal capacity of 18 amp hours charge voltage of 14.4 volts and 14.6 max charging current 20 amp max standard max charging 4 amps, and 20 amps max and continuous discharge of 20 amps or 50 amps for 10 seconds operating temperature for lithium iron phosphate zero to plus 45 degrees celsius and we have a discharge of down to minus 20 degrees celsius to plus 60 degrees celsius.

looking on the right side of the 12v 18ah battery here we have all of our warnings and one thing i really appreciate is seeing store at 50 capacity that’s ideal for lithium iron phosphate and looking at the top of the 12v 18ah battery we have our negative and positive terminal.

Specification of TYCORUN lithium iron phosphate 12v 18ah battery

Capacity test on TYCORUN ENERGY lithium ion 12v 18ah battery

We have a screw with a phillips head a washer and a lock washer next i’m going to be performing a capacity test on this 12v 18ah battery so for that i’m just going to use this little tester here. All this does is create heat to dissipate the energy so that i can have a amp hour and watt hour reading at the end and it is really simple to hook this up all. It is is your positive and your negative attached to the 12v 18ah battery and plug in a wall adapter as you can see here we’re sitting at 13.6 volts zero amps and we have zero watts zero watt hours and zero amp hours, now we will get to three point six amps and that’s perfect. So we will let this run at 3.6 amps and we will come back with our amp hour reading, capacity test complete and we tested 18.05 amp hours which is a clear pass, the TYCORUN ENERGY lithium ion 12v 18ah battery past the capacity test.

Capacity test on TYCORUN ENERGY lithium ion 12v 18ah battery

TYCORUN ENERGY 12v 18ah battery internal structure

My favorite part of the review is tearing the 12v 18ah battery apart and seeing what’s inside. Now i’m going to try and take this part the less intrusive way that i can which is going to be with some putty knives and a hammer. okay so on this battery we have 12 gauge wire and it is rated for 200 degrees, and have a piece of foam here to keep the 12v 18ah battery down in so down inside the 12v 18ah battery.

We have a sticker and it looks like on the lid here we have glue holding the screw on as well as we have a washer and a split washer on this screw. Let’s see if we can get the good part out, so they had this double-sided padding on the bottom that’s why i couldn’t get it out, so it looks like we’ve got our pack completely surrounded by fiberboard which is nice for a good insulator.

Now we’re going to cut this open and see what we have inside, so we have cylindrical cells on this pack i haven’t seen lithium iron phosphate cylindrical cells yet this is nice. so we have our BMS on this side here and it’s separated with some fiberboard then we have separation with the cells. Here on the side with some fiberboard and on the back here you can see we have our negatives and then we have our positives and then that runs over and probably the opposite on this end here.

Let’s see if we can’t see what BMS, they have and on the BMS it looks like we have sh2140b 714×3 and it’s in chinese but that’s probably 27 amp charging and 30 amp discharging, but i would follow the parameters that are listed on the box. Let’s get a closer look here, this looks like just some filler padding but you can see the solder is nice and shiny that means it was brought up to perfect temperature and then our balance leads they come out of here and they run throughout. what is this attached to the cell oh that looks like a temperature sensor.

TYCORUN ENERGY 12v 18ah battery internal structure

12v 18ah battery Low temperature disconnect test

We’re gonna have to test this for low temperature disconnect. This may only have high temperature but we will test it for low temperature as well, so you can see here as well this solder was nice and shiny so they got it up to temperature perfectly as well as on the BMS. You can see it’s nice and shiny that means that they had the solder up to temperature which is perfect and you can see all the fets up in there.

They’re all up against the heatsink and the markings on the cell appear to be wtt32700, 6000 milliamp, 3.2 volt nominal and it looks like we have a manufacturer date of 2021 november 30th which is really great that means these cells are brand new. I’m now charging with five amps and let’s see if the low temperature disconnect works and no it doesn’t look like this is a low temperature, just as i was announcing that so this battery has low temperature disconnect. let’s heat it back up again and there we go charging just started again. let’s see if i can’t do this again and there we go just disconnected again, so we do have low temperature disconnect that is some really high quality stuff you know when they’re adding this in this is high quality let’s check the uh over temperature protection now.

I just have my heat gun here and we’ll put some heat on and see what happens and there we go, just shut down we had an over temperature event well i’ve got to say this TYCORUN ENERGY 12v 18ah battery is pretty surprising, i did not think it was going to have cold temperature disconnect and it does so i’m surprised but i’m not shocked because TYCORUN ENERGY does have some premium quality batteries their builds are very clean.

12v 18ah battery Low temperature disconnect test


You can even search their youtube channel and see them do the builds on the assembly line which a lot of companies don’t show that stuff they keep it secret but TYCORUN ENERGY open they show how their build qualities are as you can tell this battery is top notch some of the ways that you could use this battery as like a exit emergency light battery or some kind of backup lighting for your building you can also use it for your kids power wheels, also you can use as wheelchair batteries. This is a grade a battery, i’m very impressed with TYCORUN ENERGY, I like their company if you have any questions leave them in the comments section below if i can’t answer them i can reach out to the company this is going to do it for the TYCORUN ENERGY 12v 18ah battery.

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