TYCORUN ENERGY portable energy storage system introduction

Introduction of portable energy storage system

Hello everyone this is Alice from TYCORUN ENERGY China. I’m so glad and happy to stay here to introduce our new model portable energy storage system, this model not only for portable battery station but also is suitable for use for home energy storage right here have the car port but also support to charge by PV but also ac port right here have a handle it’s easy to move around but also any man or woman can move it easily wow and can get around, it’s not only for the power station but also is for a home energy storage

Configuration of portable energy storage system

What’s more right here have the lcd screen you can see all the information of our battery but also for our inverter and we have 123 ports is usb port right here is type-c this one is for our light we have 3 model it’s warning light and shining line the light is choosing and right here have 4 ac port the ac port is support to customize yeah because we are in China so it is China standard if you are in Europe and America is support to OEM your country plug standard right here ac.

portable energy storage system

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Function of portable energy storage system

This portable energy storage system have 5kwh for our battery, and for the inverter is for 2000 Watts you know 2000 Watts is our standard Watts. Standard power and the peak power is over for 5KW. Our any machine like coffee machine, I think just for 1000 Watts and you may you have many big car like you need the go to the car is around 3000 Watts.

so it’s also to workable, what’s more, not only for this function if you buy two model we also support to connect by parallel to increase your capacity. so don’t worry about this model only to install your home whatever you can move this model to go out to go fishing and to hiking to anywhere what you want and after you go back home you wanna to do more thing you can as this model to household energy storage systems. Okay, I made a brief introduction for our new product portable energy storage system if you wanna to know more details feel free to connect with us thank you bye bye.

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