The details of electric motorcycle battery swapping battery system introduction

Introduction of battery swapping battery system

Hi , ladies and gentlemen, this is Maggie from Tycorun energy china and today we are going to introduce the battery swapping station business model and battery .

This is the our beautiful and high-end products showroom. Now we are going to divide it into two parts ,and if you have looked our youtube videos, you would already knew some details about our swapping system , so our article is roughly divided into two parts, the first part will focus on the highlight of our switch cabinet screen – the background control system.

Swapping battery station and battery size

And for the first part , we are going to introduce the battery swapping system details, as you can see that, our swapping battery system has 12 charging slots and ou battery station supports customization. For example, if you want to customize, like 5 charging slots or 6 charging slots, that would be ok,and also, our swapping battery system supports 3 kinds battery specification for charging.

And battery here , here is 48v battery and also our battery station can charge 60v and 72v battery.

And this battery station is divided it into 2 parts , the first one is our touching screen. you can see here we can make your logo, and our system has QR code which is customized for renting. We have battery here for renting 48v 5 pcs here. And next step , we are going to teach you guys how to use swapping battery system.

our swapping battery system has 12 charging slots and ou battery station supports customization

How to use swapping battery system

Our engineer henry will teach you guys how to use swapping battery system to change a new lithium motorcycle battery here. The steps are very simple, We just need to click the button here to change the battery .and the cabinet charging slot door will open automatically .and we just need to put the battery inside. And charge the connector and then we just need to close the door .

And the fully charged battery charging slot will open automatically , we just need to take it out to use in your motorcycles.and that are all steps when we are using swapping battery system.

How to use swapping battery system

Centralized monitoring system of swaping battery system

Let’s going to second part, I will introduce all details for you of our centralized monitoring system of our swaping battery system, we have 4 items in our software APP, for our the first part is our rental data, exchange data, location data and alarm system data.

For the first part data, I think that every boss will concern about the revenue of the days, the weeks, the months, the season and the year. And right here we have introduce is our regular APP background management data just for your reference, and we also support customize for you as per your requirements, including the interface, shows data and language. We can be English or spanish in the future.

For the first part is rental data, as you can see here is 7days revenue, and the day from 20th April to 26th April. For this color is for revenue, and this color for commission for your distributor. For here the orders within 7days. And here is nearly 12months exchange battery and revenue compare.

Currently we have very easy to check the exchange battery data, here is for 4322.00RMB, than yesterday is reduce 33%, because right here around 10:am, so for the data for very perfect right now, and our this software data update is on time, so the data shows like this, here is for this month revenue, and this year revenue, we have data to compare the last item, so it is very easy to check you business is going well or going down, and your advertising department to adjust the solution to promote of your business.

And right here we have 8 orders, and new rental order is for 2, and right here is for deposit money, and new rental customers, very details for your reference, right here is for this month order, 589, than last month is reduce 5%, and new rental is for 186orders, and continue rental is for 403, increasing 10%, for the deposit is for 192, reduced 4%, so for this details we can depends on your market demands to recommend and customized, for this year order is for 1824, wow is amazing is increase 4242%, it is amazing data, because we push our this system last year, for now we are customers is increasing.

Centralized monitoring system of swaping battery system

For here is new customers and continue rental customers and deposit customers. Right here is our alarm system, today exchange batteries 382 times, and this month exchange batteries 29845times, you might to concern of how much kwh I have use when I use swaping battery station? For our system have show all the details, for this software is centralized monitoring system, so if you want to check each station kwh you use is also available to check on your site, right here this month electricity, 41320.9, for here is our battery status, here is runing/charging/finished charging and spare, and right here is swaping cabinet door to show opening, spare, abnormal and using quantities.

So here is our a part of our software of our app, we support to customize as per your requirements, we currently have cooperate many countries customers, like brazil,thailand,Indonesia customers, we also customize their own software to meet their market demands, for this video just to show you what kind of data we can do, if you wanna copy of our software, we also would like to translate your country language to meet your requirements.

TYCORUN energy electric motorcycle battery swapping battery system

Thanks for your watching of our introduction, let’s see you on next time!

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