lifepo4 vs lithium ion

Are lifepo4 vs lithium ion different

There are many batteries available on the market. But the buyer’s choice is a reliable, affordable, long life cycle battery. If all these features can be seen in a single technology battery, it is a battery with lithium-ion technology. Today we will give you an insightful analysis of lifepo4 vs lithium ion batteries. So you can buy the best battery for you. so, let’s see what these batteries have in common and what makes them different.
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What does the LifePO4 battery mean

LifePO4 stands for Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, here is a need to understand the concept that, every LifePO4 battery is a kind of lithium-ion battery but every Lithium-ion battery can’t be a LifePO4 battery. LifePO4 is a type of battery with lithium chemistry containing lithium iron phosphate as the cathode and uses graphite carbon as the anode.

These batteries are also known as non-combustible batteries due to their thermal and structural stability which is why they are also called the safest batteries with lithium technology. Their energy density is relatively low than other lithium technology batteries.

What does the LifePO4 battery mean

What is the difference between lifepo4 vs lithium ion

As mentioned earlier, lithium iron phosphate batteries are actually a type of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium battery are both common types of lithium-ion batteries. Here we directly compare lithium-ion batteries as ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Both of these batteries are different from each other in the following features; voltage, size, energy density, price, performance, applications, and storage. All of these features are described individually to analyze how different these lifepo4 vs lithium ion are from each other.

LifePO4 battery features

The energy density, voltage, and other characteristics of the LifePO4 battery are given below in the chart which gives us information about the important features of this battery.

Table 1: The LifePO4 Battery Specifications

Specified Energy 90 – 160 watthour/kg
Energy Density 325 Wh/L
Specified Power Approximately 200 watt/kg
Self-Discharging Rate 3.5% per month
Time Longevity Greater than10 year
Cycle Longevity 4000 cycle
Nominal Cell voltage 3.2 Volts

According to the chart, the specific energy of the LifePO4 battery is 90-160 wh/kg and its energy density is 325wh/L and its specific power is 200W/ kg. Its time durability is About 10 years and life cycle is up to 4000 cycles, and its nominal cell voltage is 3.2 V.

Now we discuss the characteristics of the lithium-ion battery and try to know what is difference between the lifepo4 vs lithium ion battery.

Lithium-ion battery features

Like the features of the LifePO4 battery, the features of the lithium-ion battery are also given in the chart so that we can know the difference between these two batteries.

The lithium-ion battery has 100-265 w.h/kg specific energy and it has 250-693 W.h/L energy density and its specific power is 250-340 W/kg. Its charge efficiency is 80-90%, it’s self-discharge rate is 3.5% per month. Its cycle durability is 400-1200 cycles and its nominal cell voltage is 3.6 V.

Table 2: The Lithium-ion Battery Specifications

Specified Energy 100 W.h/kg – 265 W.h/kg
Energy Density 250 W.h/L – 693 W.h/L
Specified Energy 250 – 340 Watt/Kg
Self-Discharging Rate 3-5% per month
Cycle Longevity 400 – 1200 Cycle
Cell Nominal Voltage 3.6/3.7/3.8/3.85 Volts LifePO4 3.2 V

Storage of lifepo4 vs lithium ion

Both batteries have good storage capacity but the life shelf of the LifePO4 battery is about 2 years but lithium-ion battery has a about 2 years.

What is the difference between lifepo4 vs lithium ion

Temperature in lifepo4 vs lithium ion

LifePO4 battery is used where safety is concerned because this battery can experience high temperatures but on the other hand, the lithium-ion battery can’t bear high temperatures as LifePO4 can bear, that is why LifePO4 is used in those devices which work on high temperatures and lithium batteries are used in those devices which Work in low temperature.

Applications of lifepo4 vs lithium ion

LifePO4 batteries are used where safety s concerned and these batteries are also used in Energy storage devices with low energy density and long-term operation, as well as commercial vehicles. Some suitable devices for LifePO4 battery are:
● Powerwall
● Photovoltaic
● Electric bus
● Military applications
But lithium-ion battery is used in high-end passenger car. Some of its applications are given below
● Electric vehicles and motors
It was the main difference and comprehensive analysis of both lifepo4 vs lithium ion battery.

Which battery has the longest lifespan – lifepo4 vs lithium ion

According to the day, it is observed that the life span of a lithium-ion battery is 2000 cycles and if it has well cared it may last as long as 3000 cycles. In other words, its expected lifespan is five years. On the other hand, the LifePO4 Solar battery achieves more than 4000-time life cycles in other words the expected life span of the LifePO4 battery is 10 years.

According to the data, it is observed that the LifePO4 battery has a longer lifespan than a lithium-ion battery. Everything depends upon its battery material and battery manufacturing process and usage.

Which battery has the longest lifespan - lifepo4 vs lithium ion

Which battery is easier to maintain in lifepo4 vs lithium ion

LifePO4 batteries are very safe due to their structural and thermal stability. They require very little maintenance as they do not catch fire in case of damage and these batteries are also environmentally friendly. Ternary lithium has a lower ignition point when subjected to impact and high temperature. Therefore, the protection requirements for lithium-ion batteries are very high to prevent accidents.

Are lifepo4 and lithium-ion both batteries have the same charger

Before we can understand the answer to this question, we have to understand this concept. That every LifePO4 battery can be a lithium-ion battery but not every lithium-ion battery can be a LifePO4 battery. Similarly, every LifePO4 charger can be a lithium-ion battery charger, but not every lithium-ion battery charger can be a LifePO4 charger.

This is why the lithium-ion battery charger can be used for the LifePO4 battery but it is better to use its charger for LifePO4 because problems can arise if the charger chemistry is inconsistent, there are more factors to match, such as voltage current.

Are lifepo4 and lithium-ion both batteries have the same charger

What is the difference between lifepo4 batteries vs non-lithium batteries

LifePO4 batteries consist of lithium-ion chemistry. This battery Contains iron and phosphate. It is a reliable battery with very low weight, reasonable price, and excellent life span. Non-lithium batteries are batteries with different chemistry such as lead-acid or nickel cobalt or batteries with zinc chemistry. The main thing is that all of these batteries are not based on lithium chemistry. And their basic features are different from lithium batteries. For details, please refer to lithium battery vs other batteries.

The advantages and disadvantages of lifepo4 vs lithium ion

Advantages and disadvantages of lifepo4 battery

Each battery has some features as well as some disadvantages. In this section, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are compared with other batteries of the same specification, the weight is lighter and the volume is smaller. It does not contain any harmful metals. Simply put, this battery is environmentally friendly. One thing that is very important in its features is that the life cycle of this battery is quite good and it lasts with a very low average. This battery is also known for its safety features. At the same time, the battery is capable of operating in extremely harsh temperatures. This battery has good storage and is used in very important devices
One of the drawbacks of lithium iron phosphate batteries is their high price. And these batteries can’t work properly at extremely low temperatures. When the battery is below minus 10 degrees, it will automatically stop working.

The advantages and disadvantages of lifepo4 vs lithium ion

Advantages and disadvantages of Lithium-ion battery

Like lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium-ion batteries have some of their characteristics and some drawbacks. Here are some main advantages and disadvantages of Lithium-ion batteries.
Lithium-ion batteries, like other batteries, have some unique features, the first of which is their high energy density. And that’s why their self-discharge rate is so low that they last a long time. They do not need much care to ensure their performance.
Lithium-ion batteries require care when charging to protect them from high temperatures. A regular battery management system is required to maintain these batteries. The battery life cycle of this battery, once it reaches between 500-1000 cycles, this battery loses its capacity.


The charging process of lithium iron phosphate battery is divided into two stages: constant current fast charging stage and constant voltage current decreasing stage.

Compare the charging performance of lifepo4 vs lithium ion. The lithium iron phosphate battery has good fast charging characteristics and is relatively stable. It can be quickly charged and discharged, the charging efficiency is as high as 100%, and the output power is large.

No, the LifePO4 battery hasn’t memory. Lithium-ion batteries do not require a deep discharge cycle, which means that unlike other batteries they do not have memory.This means that you can charge and discharge the battery at any time.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are expensive because the material used in them is very expensive,due to the current shortage of lithium resources, the price of the battery pack is also expensive but keeping in view its longer operability, the upfront cost is not much higher.

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