480v 40ah lithium ion battery

480v 40ah lithium ion battery

Our 480v 40ah lithium ion battery no need for UPS room and battery room; increase the utilization rate of the computer room space by more than 30%; modular design, deployment on demand; quick design and put in use fast; later expansion is simple. Hot-swappable, easy to maintain; the system can dynamically adjust the load rate, which has a good energy-saving effect.

ITEM TC48040
Charging voltage 480V
Ceiling voltage 547.5V
The lower voltage 375V
Rate Capacity 20Ah 40Ah 60Ah
 rated power 9.6Kwh 19.2Kwh 28.8Kwh
Standard charging current CC-CV model
20A 40A 60A
Termination of the current1.25A
Standard discharge current CC model
50A 80A 120A
Maximum continuous discharge current 60A 160A 240A
Maximum transient current 3S 100A 200A 300A
Maximum discharge power 28.8KW 76.8KW 115.2KW
Backup Time 20min 15min 15min
Weight 130Kg 205Kg 320kg
Operating temperature range -10°C~55°C
Communication methods 485/CAN communication
Cycle ife 2500cycles
 dimensions (mm) W*H*D 9U 18U 30U
443*396*600 443*792*600 443*1320*600


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