192V 100Ah UPS lithium battery rack type lifepo4 battery for UPS

Our Takoma 192V 100Ah UPS lithium battery is one of the most popular products. Generally, we are equipped with a 10KVA UPS machine to provide 2 hours of backup power, or a 20KVA machine to provide 1 hour of backup power. Of course, you can mix and match according to actual needs. This is the biggest advantage of our UPS lithium battery system. The modularized lithium battery pack can be arbitrarily matched according to the backup time.


192V 100Ah UPS lithium battery is suitable for large data centers and computer rooms. It can provide long-term backup time. As our UPS has the following outstanding characteristics:


  1. Long backup time

Our UPS lithium battery adopts brand-new Grade A battery cell. Each battery cell can reach 6000 cycles, and each battery module has at least 3000 cycles. For backup power, at least 3000 cycles can be used for 10 years or even longer. The capacity of each of our batteries is a sufficient capacity of 50Ah, there is no false standard, so the actual using time will be longer. Excellent Pack technology and perfect structural design make the battery’s voltage difference and internal resistance difference to be the lowest. While reducing the loss, it can also extend the backup time.


  1. Modular design

Each battery pack adopts modular design. The advantage of this design is that the installation is simple, the wiring is neatly arranged, and it is not easy to cause a short circuit due to wrong connection. At the same time, maintenance is free and simple. When a battery fails, the failed battery can be removed at any time and replaced with a new lithium battery pack. Such a user-friendly design is especially suitable for data centers and computer rooms. Because the data center needs to store a lot of information, power outages will cause data loss. In order to ensure the integrity of the data, a UPS lithium battery pack is required. Then when the data becomes more and more, we need longer backup time. The benefits of modularity can be reflected. We can increase the number of lithium batteries at any time to extend the backup time. Of course, the voltage of the lithium battery needs to meet the requirements of the UPS host.


  1. Monitoring system

When you have so many sets of lithium batteries, we need to manage these lithium batteries through a monitoring system. So how to manage it? Then it needs to be transmitted through the data line. We will use a data cable to connect the UPS equipment and the lithium battery, and realize the UPS management of the lithium battery pack through CAN, RS485 or dry contacts. At the same time, our UPS equipment can also read the basic information of each battery, including voltage, capacity, internal resistance, temperature, etc. Through real-time detection, when there is a problem with the battery, the UPS host will report a fault sound, and we can find the broken battery through the monitoring system. Because of the modular design, we can easily find a new battery pack to replace the old battery pack. This is where the monitoring system is powerful.



  • Safe, reliable, long life
  • Standardized design, modular splicing
  • Fastcharging and discharging
  • CAN/RS485/LAN interfacecommunicated with UPS machine
  • Free maintenance
  • 1/5 lighter and 1/3 smaller than VRLA battery
  • Good performance in high temperature


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