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TYCORUN 500W pure sine wave inverter, a pinnacle of power efficiency and reliability. With a robust 500-watt capacity, this inverter an ideal companion for a wide range of applications. Its advanced technology guarantees low harmonic distortion, making it the perfect choice for those who demand precision and quality in their power source.

Equipped with multiple safety features such as overload protection, over-temperature shutdown, and short-circuit protection, our 500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter prioritizes the safety of both your devices and the inverter itself. Invest in reliability, invest in innovation – experience the power of our 500W pure sine wave Inverter today!

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Specifications of TYCORUN power inverter 500w pure sine wave

ModelTYCORUN 500w Inverter Pure Sine Wave 12V DC to 120V AC Converter for Home, RV, Truck, Off-Grid Solar Power Inverter
Rated Input Voltage12VDC
Continuous Power500W
Peak Power1000W
Input Voltage Range9.5-16VDC
Over Voltage Shutdown16VDC
Low Voltage Shutdown9.5VDC
Low Voltage Alarm10VDC
No Load Current2A
Over Load Protection500W
Output Voltage

¨110V / ¨120V

AC±10%(Refer to label)

Frequency¨60Hz  ±1Hz
Wave FormPure Sine Wave
Efficiency≥ 90%
Over Heat Protection149℉±8℉
Short Circuit ProtectionYes
USB5VDC, 0-2.4A × 2  MAX 3.4A
Type-CMax 18W ( 5V / 3.1A, 7V / 2.4A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A )
Cooling Fan

Thermal controlled cooling fan.

It works only when the inverter housing temperature reaches 104°F.

Operating Temperature (Automatic Recovery/ Shutdown)32-113℉
Storage Temperature14-113℉

500w power inverter

500w 2

500w 2






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Acquiring a dependable and efficient power converter to meet energy demands is not a easy thing.500w power inverter is designed to convert DC power from battery to AC power so you can run different appliances and electronic devices.

Due to its power output, a 500W power inverter is ideal for small appliances and essential domestic devices. It can be used for various purposes like road trips and camping and as a backup power tool during a blackout. In this article, we’ve researched and thoroughly discussed the essential facts and things to note about the power inverter 500W.

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    What is a 500w inverter?

    A 500W inverter is a device built to handle a maximum power output of 500 watts when converting the DC from a battery to AC so that you can power appliances and devices.

    The type and nature of this output waveform, which might be a square wave, a modified sine wave, or a pure sine wave, determines an inverter’s mode of operation. For small to medium-sized loads, like laptops, TVs, fans, lights, and more, you should consider getting a 500w inverter as a portable and reliable AC power source.

    What can 500w inverter power?

    A 500W inverter cannot power strong appliances like air conditioners, heaters, and microwaves. Nevertheless, it can power various portable electronic devices. Below are some examples of what you can run with a power inverter 500w:

    • Blender: A 400-watt blender
    • Computer: A desktop computer of 200–300 watts.
    • Stereo: A 300-watt stereo

    It can also power several other devices, like televisions, laptops, mini-fans, lights, and phones less than 500w.
    Be careful before deciding what to place on a power inverter 500W because some devices may have a power consumption of less than 500 watts and a higher power surge. Hence, consider both the power consumption and its power surge before running it on a 500W power inverter to prevent damaging the inverter.What can 500W inverter power


    What are the advantages of a 500w pure sine wave inverter?

    An efficient, safe, effective, and adaptable power supply for a range of appliances and devices is provided by a 500w pure sine wave inverter. This 500w pure sine wave inverter has many advantages over other types, and here are five of them:

    • Small to medium-sized loads, like laptops, TVs, fans, lights, and more, can be powered by it with a clean, smooth output waveform, similar to grid-supplied AC power. This translates to no noise or distortion and interference-free, more dependable, and efficient operation of the devices.
    • Another advantage of the 500w pure sine wave inverter is that it shields delicate and high-tech devices, including laptops, TVs, stereos, laser printers, and medical equipment, from power surges, spikes, and drops. Because it employs a clean and smooth output waveform that matches grid AC power, it is a better and more desirable option for your power demands.Additionally, it stops electric shocks, fires, and explosions by avoiding the use of unsuitable or unstable power sources.
    • It provides a more significant conversion efficiency and lower power consumption because it consumes less energy and produces less waste while converting DC to AC.Advantages of a 500w pure sine wave inverter

    How long will a 500w power inverter run?

    We have established that a 500W power inverter can run various equipment such as mini refrigerators, laptop computers, LED lamps, and so on. However, the duration of the inverter is determined by the battery capacity and the load linked to it. To determine how long a 500-watt inverter will run, divide the battery capacity (in amp-hours) by the load current demand (in amps).

    For example, if you have a 100-amp-hour battery and a 50-watt load, the inverter will run for around 1.7 hours. Regardless, the efficiency of the inverter, the battery type, and the voltage are all factors that affect how long it should run.


    What size battery do you need for a 500w power inverter?

    The size of battery you need for your power inverter 500w will depend on the needed runtime and the amps required to power your device. The power of the battery must be greater than or equal to the power of the inverter.The size of a battery is usually expressed as Amp Hours, and a 12V battery mostly powers a 500w power inverter. In reality, the battery amp-hours represent overall energy rather than immediate or instantaneous power.

    Hence, you can determine the size of battery you need using the formula below;

    Battery capacity (Ah) = {Inverter capacity (W) x Runtime (h) / battery voltage (V)} x 1.15

    Factor 1.15 takes into consideration the inverter efficiency, which ranges from 85% to 90% on average. If you use a lead-acid battery with a 50% depth of discharge restriction, you must multiply the value by two. Lithium batteries have a 100% discharge point. For example, if you want to run a 500W inverter for 1 hour on a 12V solar system using a lithium battery, you need a battery capacity of:

    Battery size = {500 * 1 / 12} * 1.15 = 47.9 Ah

    If you use a lead-acid battery, you’ll need to double that amount to about 95.8 Ah.


    What factors should I consider when choosing a 500w power inverter?

    • Rated Power Output
      It’s crucial to consider the inverter’s rated power output when selecting one. The rated power output of an inverter is the amount of power that the inverter can provide continuously. A 500W power inverter, for example, may power laptops, LED lightbulbs, small refrigerators, and other equipment that need up to 500 watts of combined power.But it’s also critical to consider surge power because this is the extra power required for certain machinery, such as motors or compressors, to function. You should consider getting a bigger inverter or one that can manage the surge power of your electrical gadgets if you have a lot of them.
    • Efficiency
      Another important factor you must consider when selecting a power inverter 500w is the ratio of output power to input power when selecting an inverter. This ratio is called efficiency; having a higher one means less energy will be lost, which ultimately reduces the heat and noise.What factors should I consider when choosing a 500w power inverter
    • Operating Temperature
      The temperature a 500w power inverter can withstand is another essential consideration to ensure you get one that won’t malfunction or overheat during operation. Selecting an inverter that can withstand the local temperatures of specific regions is necessary if you want to use it in a car or outdoors. Ensuring the inverter has enough ventilation and cooling fans is also essential to preventing overheating.
    • Frequency Output
      When choosing a 500w power converter, one crucial factor you must keep in check is the AC output frequency. Generally speaking, this varies between 50 and 60 Hz according to your location. Ensure the inverter you choose is compatible with the frequency your devices and appliances use. You may use a universal converter in its place if your wants are different.
    • Output waveform
      Furthermore, it’s a good idea to look at the output waveform. Depending on what you need, you may choose between a square wave, modified sine wave, or pure sine wave. We have mentioned that a pure sine wave produces the most sterile, stable, and clean output but is also more expensive and complex. A modified sine wave inverter produces a less smooth output but is cheaper and more efficient, while the square wave is not recommended since it produces a distorted output.
    • Maximum Open Circuit Voltage
      The highest voltage the inverter can handle should be considered when choosing one for your DC supply. By doing this, you can ensure the inverter can effectively manage the voltage from your source.

    How do I maintain a 500w power inverter?

    In order to maintain and keep your 500W power inverter in good condition, do the following:

    • Ensure that you fully disconnect it from all power sources. By doing this, you will eliminate risk of electric shock or harm to the inverter or its attached devices.
    • Wipe the outer shell down with a towel that is moist but not soaked. Refrain from using any chemicals, and make sure no water gets on the outlets or internal components. Doing this helps you keep the inverter free from dust, dirt, and stains.
    • Clean the wire and connectors, including the alligator clips, using a dry towel. Doing this will eliminate oxidation or corrosion that might compromise the inverter’s functionality or safety.
    • Regularly check the operating temperature and inverter efficiency. You can use a power meter to measure the input and output power of the inverter and calculate the efficiency by dividing the output power by the input power. You already know the efficiency of a decent inverter should be between 85% and 90%, so compare that with your computation result. To ensure the inverter’s temperature stays below 40°C, you may also use a thermometer to check it. Replacing or repairing the inverter can be necessary if the temperature or efficiency is very high or low.
    • The storage of the inverter is essential, so ensure you put it in a well-ventilated, non-humid, and cool place. Avoid exposing the inverter to direct sunlight, rain, or extreme temperatures. This will prolong the lifespan and performance of the inverter.

    Why are safety features important in a 500w power inverter?

    When choosing a 500W power inverter, it’s important to prioritize safety features. These features not only protect the inverter itself but also the devices connected to it. Converting DC to AC electricity may be dangerous and difficult; therefore, adopting the appropriate measures is critical to avoid injury or failure.

    Some of the risks and problems are:

    • Power fluctuations: Depending on the load, temperature, and charge level, the battery input voltage can vary. Inverter efficiency, waveform, and frequency variations may also cause variations in the output voltage. These variations can cause overheating and short circuits or damage the devices or the inverter.
    • Temperature extremes: Extremes of temperature may impact an inverter’s lifetime and performance. The inverter may also produce heat from the conversion process, which, if improperly vented or cooled, might lead to overheating or fire dangers.
    • Short circuits: Bad wiring, the wrong polarity, or an overload may cause a short circuit in the inverter. A short circuit may harm the inverter or the devices and result in sparks, smoke, or fire.In order to prevent or minimize these risks, a 500W power inverter should have some safety features, such as low voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection.Why are safety features important in a 500W power inverter

    Recommended 500w power Inverter product

    As discussed earlier, there are several factors you must keep in check when selecting the ideal power inverter 500w. However, it often takes long hours of research to choose the right one due to the multiple options available on the market. the best 500w power inverter ideal for all usage is the TYCORUN 500w inverter.

    Here are some features makes TYCORUN 500w inverter outstanding:

    • Pure sine wave output
    • Very low no-load current, little loss on battery
    • Efficiency of up to 90%
    • RF remote control switch
    • Large LCD screen with customizable boot animation
    • Multiple protection mechanisms, including short circuit protection
    • Aluminum shell for quick heat dissipation

    The TYCORUN 500w inverter offers pure sine wave power to various connected devices and appliances. It has a universal outlet and many USB ports in a compact, light, and robust design. TYCORUN 500w power inverter is a reliable, efficient, and secure power inverter you can trust.



    A 500W power inverter is an efficient and dependable option for meeting emergency or outdoor energy needs. You only need to remember some essential factors when buying a power inverter 500w that will last long and help you solve power issues. The article thoroughly discusses these factors and provides guidance on maintaining the device.


    It is possible to use a 500-watt inverter to power a laptop that uses less than 500 watts.

    The optimal battery for a 500w inverter is determined by runtime, load, and battery type. A 12v deep cycle battery with a capacity of 50Ah is often recommended.


    A 100Ah battery can run a 500w inverter for around 1.2 hours if you use a lead-acid battery with an 85% efficiency rate and a 50% depth of drain limits. But you may consider using a lithium battery instead because it can run for around 2.4 hours when completely depleted to 100% of its maximum.


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