3.7v lipo battery

Summary of 3.7v lipo battery characteristics

Lithium batteries are generally considered some of the best battery options available worldwide and this is due to the many advantages they have over other forms of battery. But there are different types and variations of lithium batteries, one of which is Lithium-polymer batteries.

Lithium-polymer batteries or lipo for short, are a form of rechargeable lithium battery that uses solid polymer materials as its electrolyte and lithium as an electrode. Most of these Lipo batteries are are available in different shapes and sizes most commonly 3.7v lipo battery which is found in electric toys and electric cars, also some of top 10 power battery companies choose to use lipo battery.

In this guide, we would be going through what a 3.7v lipo battery is as well as some of the major pros and cons, how to properly use, store and dispose of them.

What is a 3.7v lipo battery

A 3.7v lipo battery is a type of ternary lithium battery, it is unique the weigh, which is significantly lesser than most lithium-ion batteries. It is also incredibly light and generally more powerful than its lithium-ion counterparts. These batteries have a voltage range between 3.7v to 4.2v with the former being the nominal or average voltage of a lipo battery while the latter is the maximum voltage the battery can reach. As the 3.7v lipo battery is used over time, this voltage rating would drop well below 3.7v and may go as low as 3.0v.

What is a 3.7v lipo battery

The pros and cons of lipo battery

Just like most batteries available, lipo batteries have some major advantages as well as disadvantages attached to them some of which are outlined below.


Most lipo battery cells have a relatively high energy density and can be as high as 5 times higher than most nickel metal hydride or nickel-cadmium batteries.
Lipo batteries are incredibly light and weigh less than other package type like cylindrical and prismatic of the same voltage rating including other lithium batteries.
Lipo batteries are pliable and can be made into a wide range of shapes and sizes making them ideal for several applications.
The pouch batteries are relatively safe. There will be a possibility of expansion, but it will not explode, and the pouch battery can also withstand pressure.


3.7v ternary lipo battery have a slightly less cycle life when compared to other lithium battery types and are commonly less than 800 cycles per battery cell.
Lipo batteries are also more prone to fire hazards and outbreaks when mishandled. This can result from punctures or breakages in the battery seal.
Lipo batteries require strict battery charger conditions overcharging can lead to an increase in the battery’s core temperature which may very well lead to overheating and fire outbreaks.
Lipo batteries are quite expensive and in most cases prices can be as high as twice that of regular lithium-ion batteries.
3.7v lipo battery is a pouch battery with high cost and poor consistency.

What are 3.7v lipo batteries used for

What are 3.7v lipo batteries used for

Lipo batteries have been found to have a wide range of applications and uses and a 3.7v lipo battery can be used in many devices that require high density with a varying range of capacity. Some of the uses of a 3.7v lipo battery include powering commercial drones, toy and model trains, car alarms, radio or remote-controlled cars, car stereo, GPS systems, car keys, and other remote-controlled devices or appliances.

How long does a 3.7v lipo battery last

A 3.7v lipo battery has a significantly higher energy density and capacity compared to othertraditional battery, it still has a relatively longer cycle life compared to these batteries. A 3.7v lipo battery can have a cycle life between800 cycles when discharged to 0 percent and charged to 100 percent.

This cycle life can equally be extended by observing good charging practices like avoiding discharging to 0 percent and charging to 100 percent. This would be highly effective as a 3.7v lipo battery doesn’t have memory effects like other non-lithium rechargeable batteries.

How long does A 3.7v LiPo battery last

How long does it take to charge a 3.7v lipo battery

Being a type of lithium battery, a 3.7v lipo battery doesn’t require long charge times like other non-lithium batteries. Generally, a 3.7v lipo battery can be completely charged in about 1 hour depending on the capacity of the battery. This is of course an estimate and would not only depend on the battery’s capacity but also on the quality and voltage of the charger as well.

If a low voltage charger is used, then it would take a longer time to completely charge the battery, a high voltage charger need less time, however, it is usually not recommended to charge in this way, which may affect the life of the battery.

Is it okay to overcharge a lithium polymer battery

As a general rule of thumb, it is never recommended to overcharge a battery regardless of the type a 3.7v lipo battery is particularly not advisable. Due to the chemistry of a lipo battery, overcharging it may result in highly unstable and unsafe conditions within the battery. This can increase the battery’s temperature as well as its internal pressure.

This could be hazardous as it can lead to overheating and thermal runaway within the battery. Although most high-quality lipo batteries come preinstalled with a BMS that regulates charging current, it is still advisable to avoid overcharging a 3.7v lipo battery when possible.

The ways to store 3.7v Li-polymer batteries

How do you store lipo batteries at home

Battery storage is always one of the major concerns when dealing with lipo batteries and storing a 3.7v lipo battery should be done following professional recommendations. A 3.7v lipo battery should be stored in a fireproof container. This is to protect the battery from materials and objects that a prone to fire or flammable which may result in fire hazards for the battery.

3.7v lipo battery vs 3.7v cylindrical battery

The major difference between a 3.7v lipo battery and a 3.7v cylindrical battery is their overall shape and size. This affects how they can be used and which devices or applications they are compatible with. Since most 3.7v lipo batteries are rectangular in shape, they can’t be used in place of a cylindrical battery.

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