The trillion-dollar energy storage market opens

The trillion-dollar energy storage market opens

With the goal of carbon neutrality, the trillion-dollar energy storage market is opening. At present, lithium batteries are the most commercialized new energy storage route, and long-term energy storage installations such as liquid flow and compressed air are accelerated. In 2022, the newly installed capacity of energy storage in Q1 will be 6.7GW, of which lithium battery energy storage is 4.2GW.

Lithium battery energy storage has three obvious characteristics in the process of steady progress: 1) The industrial chain is mature and the scale benefit is obvious; 2) The comprehensive performance is excellent and the investment cost is low; 3) The construction period is short and can be quickly configured. If you want to know what the energy storage lithium battery represents for the company, you can click Top 5 energy storage battery companies.

Trillion energy storage market track opens

The top three installed markets for energy storage in the world are the United States, China and Europe. According to public information in 2021, the installed capacity of energy storage in the United States is 13.1GW, China is 9.2GW, and Europe is 2.7GW.

The rapid development of battery technology and the effect of industrial scale have led to rapid improvements in indicators such as cycle life and cell cost. The energy storage battery is a super independent track and the most dynamic super track in the world in the next decade. In the next three years, the market will enter a new stage of continuous growth with a larger scale; in 2030, the global energy storage lithium battery is expected to reach 2300GWh.

Energy storage technology continues to innovate

In the future, technological innovation will continue to advance. Based on the electrical characteristics, temperature characteristics, mechanical characteristics, and product application of electrochemical energy storage, some unsafe factors will appear. Therefore, the safety design based on thermal runaway – cell selection, step-by-step test verification, thermal runaway of cells & modules, thermal runaway of energy storage units, etc. came into being.

Energy storage technology continues to innovate

The safe lithium battery energy storage solution is to solve the problems of insufficient gas fire extinguishing system and large-capacity battery pack group technology. The technical route of energy storage is a process of continuous innovation.

Grid side energy storage technology route

In the process of new energy development, it is bound to face various problems, such as power and electricity balance problems, transient stability problems, etc. The grid construction technology can improve the system inertia and short-circuit capacity, improve the short-circuit ratio of new energy stations, and improve the impedance characteristics of the power grid. It can effectively reconcile the various problems faced by the development of new energy and is one of the key technologies for the construction of new power systems in the future.

The power system with a high proportion of new energy needs to improve the support level of new energy to the power grid. The first is to participate in the power balance of the power grid (with the help of energy storage), and the second is to improve the synchronous support ability of new energy stations to the power grid. The grid-type energy storage is here. will play an important role in the process.

Grid side energy storage technology route

At present, there are many technical routes of grid type (GFM), and the route based on virtual synchronization technology is dominant, and other routes such as the hybrid route of synchronous machine + existing converter technology. Based on this, NARI has developed five network construction technology carriers: centralized energy storage, liquid-cooled energy storage integrated cabinet low-voltage energy storage, high-voltage direct-mounted energy storage, optical storage integrated device, and flexible direct system.

Large cylindrical batteries are expected to be used more

Except 21700 battery, 26650/26700 cylindrical lithium-ion battery has high energy, high versatility, high economy and high safety, and is a good choice for small power battery systems and home portable energy storage battery systems that are sensitive to volume and weight.

Safer large cylindrical battery design, including mature cylindrical winding process, safer safety valve system, and more reasonable current collector design. The cylindrical winding process can achieve high consistency and less burrs and dust. , No mechanical stress problem;

Its safety valve system can achieve low pressure, high sensitivity, recoverability, and automatically balance the air pressure inside and outside the battery; its current collector design mainly includes full pole lugs, high magnification, and low temperature rise. Large cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries have obvious advantages in the field of energy storage, and can achieve high safety, high economy, and high battery performance.

Large cylindrical batteries are expected to be used more

The competition for technologies used in the industrial chain is accelerating

With the rapid development of the power + energy storage market, the market space of aluminum-plastic film will be further expanded. In terms of energy storage, the application of pouch batteries in the field of household energy storage has accelerated. For example, Pineenergy Technology and LG both use pouch lithium batteries in household energy storage products;

In terms of power, pouch power battery is the mainstream technology route, and the strong downstream market demand drives the increasing demand for aluminum-plastic film.

In addition, pouch batteries are more suitable for solid-state batteries due to the lamination process, higher energy density and more experienced gel state packaging technology, and are expected to bring new demands with the development of solid state battery.

In terms of power, pouch power battery is the mainstream technology route

The improvement of the battery manufacturing process and system integration level has greatly improved the system quality and reliability, but the discreteness of the cells and the risk of thermal runaway are still important factors for the long life and high yield of the system.

The above factors determine the initial conditions, and how to obtain longer life and higher benefits depends on the management capabilities and operation and maintenance functions of the BMS.

Big energy storage opportunity

Lithium batteries have been developing in the direction of higher energy density, longer cycle life and safer, but the current industrialized high energy density battery system options are limited.

Among them, lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium metal batteries and solid state batteries are considered to be the development directions of high-energy-density batteries.

At present, there is a wide range of cathode materials for sodium ion batteries, some of which have been commercialized. The anode is mainly hard carbon, and the electrolyte is mainly organic; Feasibility of chemical anode and organic anode.

Big energy storage opportunity

In general, the core technologies of sodium-ion full battery research mainly include anode material improvement, anode supplementary additives, and electrolyte optimization. The sodium-ion capacity density can be improved, and it is expected to achieve the same performance as lithium-ion batteries in the future.

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