Will square stacked batteries replace large 4680 batteries

Will square stacked batteries replace large 4680 batteries

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Driven by the Tesla effect, the large 4680 battery has become one of the mainstream of emerging battery technology development. At present, battery companies including CATL, EVE, Envision AESC and Hithium are also focusing on the manufacture and mass production of large cylindrical batteries. To get more information of this, you can refer to the top 10 4680 battery manufacturers in the world.

At the same time, leading the global battery innovation of Chinese power battery companies, but also opened up another emerging direction of battery technology development – “long thin cell + stacked process”.

Reviewing the development history of square stack technology can be traced back to 2018, when the newly established SVOLT took the lead in the stack process for square shell battery manufacturing, and the introduction of automotive standards, thus opening up the era of power battery stack.

Tesla 4680 battery

At present, in the China and even the top 10 power battery companies in the world, square stacked sheet has become the general consensus of the industry and the mainstream choice. BYD (blade), SVOLT (short blade), CALB (one-stop battery and full-tag stacked battery), EVE (LF560K energy storage battery) and Sunwoda (SFC48 supercharge battery), which mainly focus on the square path, are gradually adopting the stacking process.

Sunwoda SFC48 battery

Like the large 4680 batteries, the square stacked batteries also cover multiple application scenarios such as power, energy storage and fast charging. Two different technical paths, the future in different application scenarios will also compete.

Square stacked production capacity surging

Power field

Compared to the large 4680 battery that is still in pre-scale mass production, square stacked batteries are more rapid in terms of market penetration and expansion rate.

Square stacked production capacity surging

Industry professionals are concerned that SVOLT, CALB, BYD and other battery companies, which mainly market square cells, are continuously increasing the proportion of stacked equipment purchases in new production expansion projects. It can be assumed that the production capacity of square stacked batteries is growing rapidly.

Among them, CALB’s production base, parts of the production line produce One-Stop (“OS”) batteries, large 4680 batteries, two product lines stacked equipment procurement demand is strong.

CALB One-stop battery

On the market side, recently, the Leapmoto 2023 C01-525 comfortable version is supported by CALB L300 series lithium iron phosphate battery cells. At present, CALB’s L300 series products with full-tag stacking technology have been mass-produced to support the products of the safety system, GMMC Attuko, HYCAN Z03/A06, Changan Lumin and other models.

CALB L300 cell

In addition, SVOLT’s new OS products also use the stacking process. Its main OS product line,lithium iron phosphate batteries, will also go into production in Q1 this year.

SVOLT”s new production capacity expansion is mainly based on “short knives”. Currently, SVOLT’s L600 short-blade lithium iron phosphate cells are already supporting some of GWM’s models.

On the 3rd Battery Day, SVOLT released the Flying Stack based on Super Speed Stacking Technology 3.0 and the Dragon Scale Armor based on LCTP3.0 of the Short Blade battery.

Svolt L600 cellThe battery will be installed on 2023 production models, including an SUV in October 2023 and a coupe in October 2023.

BYD’s factories in many places are blade battery bases, mainly using the stacked cell process.

Energy storage field

In addition to the power field, the application of square stacked chips in the energy storage market is also accelerating the start-up.

At present, BYD energy storage cells are mainly square stacked. BYD has also publicly stated that the blade battery will be applied to energy storage products in the future.

The new generation of LF560K extra-large cells released by EVE has solved the technical problems of LF560K energy storage battery in terms of electronic conductivity collection design and productability through the breakthrough stacking process, which is expected to open global delivery in the second quarter of 2024. By 2025, the company expects to achieve a production capacity of 100GWh of power storage batteries.

EVE LF560K battery

From a comprehensive point of view, the mass production of new generation products using the stacked process in CALB, the SVOLT all-area short blade strategy, and BYD’s all-series application of the blade battery strategy all indicate that the stacked sheet path has become the mainstream choice of many head power battery manufacturers, and as the penetration rate of the stacked process continues to rise, the application ratio of long and thin square stacked batteries is expected to tend to be the mainstream of the market.

EVE LF560K cell

Industry forecasts that by 2025, global demand for long and thin square stacked batteries is expected to exceed 1000GWh.

A leap in square stacked process efficiency

The main reason why square stacking battery can be introduced to the market faster than large 4680 battery is due to the leap forward breakthrough in stacking technology.

From the perspective of the progress of battery stack technology, SVOLT has been focusing on stacked process technology from the very beginning of its existence to highlight the differentiated competitive path.

A leap in square stacked process efficiency

In 2019, SVOLT took the lead in introducing high-speed stacking technology in the production of square batteries, opening up the era of power battery stacking, which then adopted a 45 degree rotating high-speed stacking process to achieve a single-station stacking efficiency of 0.6 seconds/chip.

Since then, SVOLT has continued to promote the upgrade of high-speed stacking technology, and in 2020, it innovated and launched the high-speed stacking process 2.0 with a single-station stacking efficiency of 0.45 seconds/slice and stacking two slices at the same time, so that the production efficiency of stacked batteries can be rapidly improved.

svolt is one of the Top 100 lithium ion battery manufacturers in China and this their battery product

In 2022, SVOLT released the third generation of high-speed stacking technology – “Flying Stacking Technology”, which integrates multi-cutting and multi-cell stacking technologies, with stacking efficiency reaching 0.125 sec/cell, an increase of more than 200% compared to 0.45 sec/cell in the second generation, and at the same time, the unit footprint of the equipment is reduced by more than 40% year-on-year.

In 2019, CALB will launch the first full-tag stacking technology. The battery products applying this technology have the characteristics of high energy, long life and all-weather, and fundamentally solve the safety risk of R-angle lithium precipitation of coiled structure products.

In 2020, CALB will improve the process and launch the “DBW” all-tag technology, which eliminates the lug die-cutting process and avoids defects such as die-cutting residue from the design, thus improving the strength of the lug adhesive. The battery pack can realize the whole pack of ternary lithium batteries without fire. The platform has also become the industry’s first system platform to achieve no fire in the entire ternary pinpricks package.

calb is one of the Top 100 lithium ion battery manufacturers in China and this their onestopbattery

Currently, EVE also shines in the breakthrough of stacking technology. Its 3.0 stacking technology can achieve the ultimate stacking rate of 0.2 sec/chip, matching CTT technology, thanks to the larger pole area, the capacity of a single stacking equipment can reach 1.3GWh.


It can be seen that power battery companies are constantly breaking the constraints brought by the stacking process, and continue to innovate and push forward in improving production efficiency and yield, and improving product performance quality.

It is believed that in the near future, the development of emerging battery technology will have more surprising breakthroughs.

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